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Holiday hang over & Soap highlights of the past year


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Dear Suds Buds,

How was your Thanksgiving weekend?  We visited family and friends, saw a concert of the Bluez Boys, 11, 12, and 13-year olds who play big band, swing, jazz and modern pop.  So adorable.  (I happen to know one of the band members.  LOL)  And ate tons of turkey.  Also, on the west coast, we did get some additional episodes of soaps – previously aired episodes – on ABC Daytime. 

Now that the Thanksgiving holiday is behind us, we have the rush, hustle and bustle of the month of December ahead.  With December upon us, one of the first things I think about (along with all the holiday shopping I still have to do, cards to send, gifts to wrap, etc., LOL), is what events occurred in the world of Soapdom this past year that stand out as most memorable.  At year’s end, Soapdom will feature a story that captures all such moments. All of our editors and contributors will be including a list of their favorites, and later today, check back to Soapdom, because there will be a way for you to nominated your most memorable moments for 2004 and your most memorable soap moment of all time!  We will include Members Moments in our coverage. 

Right now I am off to attend some meetings out of the Soapdom office, but I’ll be back later to fill you in on how you can nominate your most memorable moments. Stay tuned.

Also, has anyone seen the new Bridget Jones movie?  As Bridget lives in a soap-like world, Soapdom will be giving away soundtracks to the Bridget Jones movie.  This is a collector’s item. It’s a “promotional copy, not for sale.”  It’s the complete CD of the soundtrack and you will be able to get one free thanks to  Stay tuned to Soapdom later this week as the promotion goes live to find out how you can get your very own special edition, “promotional copy, not for sale,” Bridget Jones, The Edge of Reason CD.

Off to meetings. I’ll be back later to add to this week’s Top of the Week and add more content to the site. See you later…

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Til the top of next week,

Linda Marshall-Smith
CEO, Soapdom, Inc.

What do YOU think?  Share your thoughts in the "Criticize the Critic" forum  on the Message Boards