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Flipping, Cybercrime and AMC's vocal viewers

Happy Thanksgiving Suds Buds!

Rosie O'Donnell is an ABC soaps person. She admitted this to Maurice Bernard (Sonny, GH, former Nico, AMC) on her talk show several months ago.

My mom loved the Young & the Restless on CBS. From noon till one eastern you could not disturb her. Phone calls were out of the question. She had to see her show! God help my Dad if he forgot and called to say hello at 12:30. LOL

All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital were the shows I watched in high school and college. Graduated school, went off to work and stopped watching soaps altogether until years later when work led me to an affiliation with an actor who worked on a soap. Started watching to support him, got immediately hooked on the entire genre all over again, and several years later, Turtle-Run Online was born.

However, my former viewing habits present a pickle. Now that Turtle-Run is here and dedicated to bringing you news about all the soaps and stars, I am getting a crash course in all 11 shows. It's difficult keeping up with everything, but it is also a lot of fun. I love hearing about your favorite shows from you -- in the email you send and from the messages you post. Call me a sponge, sopping up tidbit after tidbit. In fact, anything you guys share about your favorite show, its characters and stars, helps me acclimate to its history. Take Guiding Light, for example. A CBS soap. Aside from the major story of Reva, Josh and Richard, I am really in the dark when it comes to that show. NBC's Days of Our Lives as well.

Which brings up a question. Are most soap viewers loyal to one network, or do you flip channels? Do you start with Port Charles and watch the rest of the ABC daytime line up, or do you flick to Sunset Beach on NBC, or As the World Turns on CBS? When the magazine Soaps in Depth first launched, it devoted a separate issue to each network's soaps. After several months, it cancelled the NBC issue due to lack of sales. Interesting. Where were the NBC soap fans? (If you haven't guessed, viewing habits interest me. Must be that marketing degree rearing its ugly head. LOL)

As consumers of the internet, here is something that might interest you. ZDTV will be launching a new half-hour show called "Cybercrime." Sponsored by Symantec, it will broadcast weekly, scheduled to begin the first week of February, 2000.

"'Cybercrime' will cover issues that affect consumers on a daily basis, as well as larger issues that could potentially bring the net to its knees," said Greg Drebin, ZDTV's senior vice president of programming and production. The show will also provide a unique interactive experience for viewers. "Cybercrime" will feature news and commentary on a broad spectrum of issues, including hacking, fraud, viruses, privacy, sex crimes, software piracy and censorship. For more information visit

AMC's Michael Nader fans continue to campaign for his return to Pine Valley. Many fans of the show are also working toward saving Trevor Dillon (James Kibred), and other fans, disgruntled by the perceived overall lackluster writing of the show, are being very vocal about their feelings on the internet, and in snail and email to the network, soap magazines, and to Turtle Run.

As the World Turns fans remember to catch the A&E Murder She Wrote Thanksgiving Marathon. Daniel Markel is scheduled to appear in the episode titled "Murder a la Mode," on November 25, 1999 at 5 PM EST. Check local listings. As mentioned last week, JudgeJud brought this ATWT tidbit to our attention, but it was CHESIofMIC who originally posted the information. Thanks Chesi for sharing the news with us.

Which reminds me, in keeping with keeping up with 11 shows at once, if you see or hear anything about your favorite show or star, please share it with me via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or post it on the Turtle Run message boards. Till then -- gobble, gobble!