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We know him as DOOL's Hospital Administrator Doctor Craig Wesley, husband to Nancy, stepdad to Chloe, but for the next three weeks, Kevin Spirtas is also, the charming and demanding Baron De Varille in the Pacific Resident Theatre's workshop production of No. 9, Rue d'Antin. Spirtas stars along with Port Charles ex Claire, Linda Purl, who has the leading role of this musical based on the Alexander Dumas novel La Dame Aux Camellias. The theater is an intimate 99-seat venue in Venice, CA (see below for ticket information), and we had the pleasure of seeing Spirtas and Purl debut opening night. It's not a play for 18 and under, as it deals with some racy content. But the opportunity to see Dr. Wesley in a song and dance role is one I highly recommend. But hurry! The play is only running for the next three weeks! Stay tuned to Turtle-Run for our feature story on Kevin as the Baron coming soon!

Speaking of NBC and ABC stars joining forces, NBC is about to piggyback on ABC's Super Soap Weekend this year!


NBC Daytime, in association with Universal Orlando, is inviting fans of the top-rated daytime dramas Days of our Lives and Passions to the first-ever NBC Soap FanFest to be held at Universal Orlandos Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando, Florida on Saturday and Sunday, November 11-12, 2000, the same days as ABC's Super Soap Weekend which is taking place in adjacent Walt Disney World, Orlando!

Admission to NBC Soap FanFest will be included as part of either days admission to Islands of Adventure. Fans will be able to meet and mingle with more than 30 of their favorite NBC soap stars at the two-day event. Participants in NBC Soap FanFest will have the opportunity to secure their favorite stars autograph, ask questions during the Q&A sessions and possibly have a chance to act out a scene with a soap star at one of Islands of Adventures five dramatically themed islands. A highlight of the weekend will be the official Days of our Lives 35th Anniversary party, hosted by NBC and Universal Orlando for the fans at the Parks Toon Amphitheater

NBC Soap FanFest is the first event of its kind in the history of NBC Daytime. Among the stars from Days of our Lives attending the event will be: Deidre Hall, Drake Hogestyn, Kristian Alfonso, Peter Reckell, Austin Peck and Alison Sweeney. Stars from Passions attending NBC Soap FanFest will include: McKenzie Westmore, Galen Gering, Travis Schuldt, Lindsay Korman, Juliet Mills, Jesse Metcalfe, Donn Swaby and Brook Kerr.

We are delighted to give the fans of Days of Our Lives and Passions this unprecedented opportunity to meet the stars of their favorite daytime dramas, said Sheraton Kalouria, Senior Vice President, NBC Daytime Programs. Our partnership with Universal Orlando allows us to hold this event at Islands of Adventure, a venue as exciting and dynamic as the shows themselves. Interestingly, before coming to NBC Daytime, Kalouria worked for ABC Daytime and was the marketing mastermind behind the creation of Super Soap Weekend. Accordiing to Kalouria, the NBC event is meant not to compete with SSW, but to enhance the experience for soap fans. Market research proves that many soap fans watch shows on both networks.

The Universal Orlando resort destination (www.uescape.com) includes two spectacularly themed adjacent theme parks, the Universal Studios motion picture and television theme park and Islands of Adventure, the most technologically advanced theme park ever created. Universal Orlando also includes CityWalk, a 30-acre dining, shopping, club and live-entertainment venue, as well as premier on-site Loews hotels and world-class film and television production facilities.

Soap Opera Digest, in cooperation with NBC and Universal Orlando, will offer two lucky soap fans the chance to win a trip to NBC Soap FanFest through a national sweepstakes. Entry forms for the contest will be located in Soap Opera Digest magazines on sale from August 28 to September 11, 2000.

More information about NBC Soap FanFest will be available at the official NBC Daytime website at nbc.com/daytime beginning August 29.

Letters to the Editor!

Do you know if Jack and Carly (ATWT) will reunite in the near future? Shawnee

Anything is possible. One thing is for sure. Stay tuned this week! Carly is not about to let the man of her dreams walk down the aisle with someone else.

(I read that) Passions has been talking about casting Antonio Lopez Fitzgerald. I have found the perfect person that is his name is Victor Webster. He played Nicholas Alamain on Days of Our Lives. He is perfect! He is hot, hot and he could pass for the hot brothers of Luis and Miguel. Just a thought. Could you pass it a long? For some reason JAMES E RIELLY LIKES MODELS AND Webster was. Not to mention he is talented. Trust me. We need more viewers to go to #1. This is it!

Thanks for the casting suggestion! Victor Webster is missed on Days of Our Lives and could certainly bring a new dynamic to the Lopez-Fitzgerald family on Passions! From your keyboard to James Reilly's ears! :o)

On Turtle-Run, it states that Taylor Anne Mountz (Kay) has left Passions temporarily due to health issues, but at other locations on the web it states that she has left Passions permanently to attend college. Is that just a rumor, or is there any truth to it? Can you clarify this for me? Thanks.

The official word from NBC Daytime concerning Taylor Anne Mountz is that she is still under contract with NBC. However, Deanna Wright has joined the cast of Passions in the role of Kay Bennett. Deanna's first airdate as Kay is Monday, September 25, 2000!

How old is Maureen Garrett?

Maureen Garret (Holly, GL) was born August 18, 1948.

Thought you would enjoy reading this post! Everytime David (ATWT) manages to show up...there's a fan that will express feelings about Daniel Markel(ex David)! Two years later, new career and the man is still in their hearts! It was a huge mistake, firing Daniel...any intelligent ATWT fan knows... there was more to the reason than storyline purpose! I will never forgive or forget what the powers did to this kid.

<<You all remember when David was first introduced on the show he was a straight arrow, self-righteous, Dudly Do Right D.A. A fine, upstanding citizen. Then he found out that he was James' son and suddenly, for no apparent reason, began to become evil. It was soooo pointless and such an unnecessary assassination of a great character not to mention firing one of the best actors in daytime!! (I'm still in mourning over the loss of Daniel Markel) I think a much more interesting take on the whole James' son thing would have been if David stayed squeaky clean in spite of his father's attempts to bring him over to the dark side. They should have left his character alone, let him fall in love, have a family & become even more self-righteous than Tom Hughes. Our town needs all the upstanding citizens it can get!!
Originally posted by La Fajita.

And then, via email she continues: I'll never get over Daniel's firing and now that he's left acting, none of us can enjoy him in anything else. It's a cryin' shame. :'-(
La Fajita

It certainly is a wonderful testament to the work of Daniel Markel that several years after he has left ATWT, fans still miss him. He left an impact on the hearts of many, and that is fantastic. His tenure on ATWT was before my time watching the show, and I regret that I never got to see him work. Who knows. One day he may tire of the corporate business world and return to the cameras. We can only hope!

When Another World ended, did any characters managed to cross over to other soaps? I was under the impression that Jake and Vicky went to another show together, as did Linda Dano's character. Where are they now?

When Another World first ended, four actors, Tom Elpin, Jensen Buchanan, Stephen Schetzner, and Lisa Peluso all crossed over to As the World Turns. Tom Elpin (Jake) is the only one who still remains on ATWT. Linda Dano switched from NBC to ABC in an unprecedented marketing move, and starred on all four ABC soap operas, beginning with One Life to Live, then to All My Children, then General Hospital and Port Charles. Dano took her character, Rae Cummings, on a quest to find her estranged husband and daughter. She is now back on One Life to Live, where her character is embroiled in a front-burner storyline.For an in-depth recap of all the Another World actors and where they are now, get a copy of Soap Opera Weekly, issue 27, publication date, July 4, 2000.

More letters next week!


Jack Wagner has joined the cast of NBC's new Spelling Soap Titans, where he'll play Perry King's brother.

Debbi Morgan has signed on to a recurring role in David E. Kelley's new FOX series, Boston Public.

All My Children: Bruce Kirkpatrick joins the cast in Pine Valley in the recurring role of Henry Collins, beginning Tuesday, August 29, 2000. Along with newcomer Tim Duffy (Ricky Collins) Henry will stir up trouble for Brooke and Eliot.

General Hospital: Last week we reported that Russ Tamblyn, Amber Tamblyn's (Emily) real life dad, would be playing the role of Dr. Jacoby on Friday, September 15, Monday, September 18 and Tuesday, September 19, 2000. However, ABC made a faux pas with the name of the character. Mr. Tamblyn will indeed be appearing on the show as originally reported, but his character is not Dr. Jacoby, it is Dr. Rose! The role of Zander Smith has been recast and will now be played by Chad Brannon. His first airdate is Friday, September 14, 2000. As previously reported, Kin Shriner returns to town as Scott Baldwin on Friday, September 22, 2000. Anthony Geary returns on Wednesday, September 6, 2000. Kristina Wagner returns on Thursday, September 7, 2000. Lynne Moody has been cast in the role of Florence, Taggert's mother. Her first airdate is Thursday, September 14, 2000.

One Life to Live: Beatrice Ambre has been cast in the recurring role of Emma, an American boarding school girl who befriends Will in Ireland. Her first airdate is Wednesday, August, 30, 2000. NHL Hockey players Scott Gomez, Jeremy Roenick, Sheldon Souray, Chris Therien and Kevin Weekes appear on Thursday, August 31, 2000.

Port Charles: Jill Murray North has just been cast in the role of Melanie. Melanie is a colleague from Doctors Without Limits, and will interact with Dr. Ian. Melanie will make her appearance in Port Charles on Wednesday, August 30, 2000. Josette Prevost has been cast as Natalie, a young French woman. Her first airdate is Thursday, September 7, 2000. Gregory Paul Jackson has been cast as a French policeman. His first airdate is Friday, September 8, 2000. Brian Presley has been cast in the role of Jack. His first airdate is Friday, October 6, 2000.

Days of Our Lives: John Apicella is the diner manager where Hattie works. Mark Paredes, a former U.S. diplomat who speaks seven languages, appears as Vito, the Italian Chef, at Moroni's Restaurant in Italy. Days casting Director Fran Bascom called Parades in to read for Vito after he appeared on the game show Greed. Besides being an actor, Paredes has been a soccer commentator in Mexico, a DJ in Italy, and a tour guide at Disney World!

Seeing Stars!

Kevin Spirtas (Craig, DOOL) and Linda Purl (ex Claire, Port Charles) star in the musical workshow, No. 9 Rue D'Artin, a musical based on La Dame Aux Camellias by Alexander Dumas Fils. Performances are for three weeks only, Wednesdays-Sundays, at 8 PM beginning Wednesday, August 23, 2000 at the Pacific Resident Theatre Ensemble, 703 Venice Blvd., Venice, CA 90291. Tickets are $10.00 for subscribers and $20.00 for non-subscribers. Call 310 822-8392 for further info.

Days of Our Lives star, Jason Cook will be at the following Sears stores:
September 2, 2000: Rosevile, CA. 1-3 PM. Peter Rekell will be signing autographs at the 154th Annual Canfield Fair in Youngstown, OH from 1-4:00 PM. Call 330 744-8611 for more information. Lauren Koslow and John Aniston will be appearing at the Bakersfield KGET Health Fair 2000. On Saturday, September 9, 2000. They will sign autographs and answer fan questions in intervals between 11 and 4 PM. For more information call KGET at 661 283-1700. Matt Cedeno will be appearing at Sears in Greendale, WI from 11 AM to 1 PM on Saturday, September 16, 2000. Sears is located in the Southridge Mall, 5200 S. 76th Street. Kevin Spirtas will sing the National Anthem for the Phoenix Suns at Portland Trailblazers game at the America West Arena, located at 201 East Jefferson in Phoenix, AZ. Tickets for the game can be purchased through ticketmaster.com

Speaking of DOOL, don't forget to book your tickets for SalemFest on September 16, 17, 2000, Salem, IL. Contact: Days Fest, 215 E. Main Street, Salem, IL 62881, or call 618 548-0878. Steve Blackwood, Bryan Datillo, Arianne Zuker, Jason Cook, and Nadia Bjorlin are scheduled to attend.

Passions stars Jesse Metcalfe (Miguel) and McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan) will participate in the First Annual Ronald McDonald House Celebrity Mini Grand Prix and Vintage and Custom Car Show on Sunday, October 1, 2000 at the Inland Center Mall in San Bernardino, CA. All proceeds from this event will benefit the Ronald McDonald House, a "home-away-from-home" for families of critically ill or injured children receiving treatment at Loma Linda University Children's Hospital. Galen Gering (Luis) and McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan) will be chatting online at TalkCity via www.nbc.com/passions on Tuesday, August 29, 2000 at 8 PM Eastern time (5 PM Pacific.) Lindsay Korman (Theresa) and Travis Schuldt (Ethan) will chat live at www.soapoperadigest.com on Thursday, August 31, 2000 at 8 PM Eastern (5 PM Pacific), hosted by Yahoo.

Louisiana Days of Our Lives fans! Make a date to ring in the New Year with Kevin Spirtas (Craig). On New Years Eve, 2000 at the Central School Arts & Humanities Center Auditorium in Lake Charles, LA from 10:00 PM - 1:30 AM, Kevin will pay tribute to Broadway musicals and share his unique stories of how the Broadway stage influenced his life. Did you know that prior to melting Nancy's (Patrika Darbo) heart on DOOL, Spirtas starred on Broadway in A Chorus Line and Meet Me in St. Louis? Well, Lake Charles fans get ready to hear all about Kevin on Broadway. Plus, included in this magical evening is a FREE post show champagne reception where you are invited to meet Kevin for autographs and pose with him for photos. Limited seating and tickets can be purchased by mail. Please include your phone number and address so you can receive a confirmation prior to the event. Mail your ticket request to: Kevin Spirtas c/o New Year's Eve with Kevin Spirtas, 8033 Sunset Blvd., Suite 637, Los Angeles, CA 90046. Single tickets: $85.00. Two or more, $75.00 each. All orders MUST be placed by December 15, 2000. Make checks payable to Kevin Spirtas. And when you see Kevin, be sure to tell him his friends at Turtle-Run wish him a very Happy New Year! :o)

Soap News

Congratulations to Passions Casting Director, Jackie Briskey, for her nomination for an ARTIOS Award. Briskey has been recognized with a nomination from the Casting Society of America for the outstanding job that she has done casting Passions. The16th Annual ARTIOS Awards will be held on November 1, 2000 at the Century Plaza Hotel in Century City, CA.