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Port Charles Demise
Top Ten Reasons to Live in Soapland
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Hi Suds Buds:

The big news in soaps this week is the cancellation of Port Charles.  Let me begin by saying how disheartened I was when I learned this news.  It raises a number of questions about the world of soapdom in general. 

Are audiences just not that interested in continuing drama anymore?  If that is the case, you’d never know it by the fan support at events like Super Soap Weekend, Fan Fest and Fan Fair. 

Is the 30-minute format a thing of the past?  Not if you look at the Bold and the Beautiful, a 30-minute soap with a world-wide audience.  Not if you take into account that both 30-minute soaps garnered and won a number of Emmy nominations and awards between them this year.  

Are costs just too high?  That’s the reason ABC daytime prez, Brian Frons gave in his official statement regarding the show’s cancellation.  Whatever the reason, it’s a shame to see one of our favorite soaps bite the dust. We wish everyone connected with the show much success in their future endeavors. Read the whole story on the cancellation of Port Charles here.  

One of the fun aspects of soapdom is the escapism.  Although soap operas do introduce socially relevant stories (like Emily’s breast cancer on General Hospital, AMC’s involvement with Habitat for Humanity, and the groundbreaking Bert’s Pap Smear storyline that began it all many moons ago on Guiding Light celebrating it’s 51st anniversary today,  I like to watch soaps for the mere implausibility of them.  For example:  AMC’s Kendall, Greenlee, Simone and Mia decide to start a cosmetics company. Suddenly they have a building, a bank roll, inventory to spare, and a marketing campaign, not to mention employees. All in a blink of a strategically batted eye. 

Soap characters get convicted of crimes like kidnapping, embezzlement, even murder. Their trials last but weeks, sometimes even as short as days. They may or may not go to jail, and even if they do, they are out in a matter of months or even weeks. Take the case of Lindsay on One Life to Live. She was convicted of a myriad of sinister crimes, and now she is free again to menace some more. 

In light of the above, here is my list of the “Top Ten Reasons to Live in Soapland.”

10) Getting convicted of a crime doesn’t mean anything because your intentions were upstanding in some way.

9) Getting divorced only means you will get married again and maybe even to the same person.

8) Falling in love is as easy as meeting a new person in town.

7) You have an evil twin at some point in your life that will do your dirty work for you.

6) You have someone else’s baby, but all will work out in the end to everyone’s benefit until -- your evil twin arrives in town.

5) You don’t work much at your job but have oodles of money.

4) You meddle into everyone else’s life and they don’t mind.

3) Your children age rapidly but you never get older.

2) You look beautiful from the moment you get out of bed in the morning to the moment you fall asleep at night, regardless of how long the day may be and how many air days you may be wearing the same outfit.

1) And the number one reason why it’s great to live in soapland is:   you will most likely get what you want although you may have to use your manipulation skills occasionally, but when you do, you will ultimately be forgiven.

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