Living in Soapdom

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"No experience necessary", A return to ABC and Theresa's diary

Still working at 9:47 PM on the Thursday before this column is uploaded, I can't help but acknowledge just how tired and maybe even creatively burnt I am at this very moment. I am working hard on so very many things. With each phone call made to research the answer to a pending question, ten more questions are born that all need answers. Oy! What I am learning is how much more I need to know. Which, I suppose, is a valuable lesson in itself.

When suddenly the thought hits me!

Wouldn't it be great to live in Pine Valley or Genoa City? Salem or Port Charles? Llanview or Springfield? Oakdale or Harmony? To be recruited for some high level, top notch management position at a TV station, a major cosmetics company, a law firm, a fashion conglomerate without so much as a day of college or any prior experience in that particular business and have the job just handed to you? Or, to earn a law degree in six months, and begin to immediately represent high visibility clients?

Better yet, to be pursued by at least three of the most handsome men you have ever seen in your life, who are all madly in love with you, but you would still not be satisfied. You'd have your heart, and bank account, set on the single most unattainable man in town, and would stop at nothing to win his affections, and his bank account. Regardless of the repercussions. Even if there were repercussions, You'd probably only receive a mere slap on the wrist, and a trial that lasted two weeks tops from start to finish! Then, once you won his total and complete affection, you'd throw him over for the man who stole your heart when you first came to town, and whose child you are now carrying. All of your problems, accomplishments, struggles, misdeeds, good deeds would be the center of attention and everyone, at every waking moment, would be discussing your current situation. Talk about being the talk of the town! LOL

Don't know about you, but I've often thought how delicious it would be to live in soapdom. So I may have had eight husbands (but numbers three and seven were the same guy. Does that count?), one illegitimate child who came to town to haunt me and expose my mysterious past, and a number of murders, hostile takeovers, and betrayals under my belt, but just think about it for a minute. I'd have full use of soapdom's favorite mode of travel: the Transporter. I'd be in the best physical shape of my life, and at what's now 10:02 PM, I can bet you (and we are talking considerable dollars here) that I'd be nowhere near a computer working. I'd in the throes of some - um what's that All My Children phrase? Red hot monkey something or other LOL!

Enough daydreaming about daytime. Back to work...

Soap News

Speaking of All My Children, there has been some talk on the net regarding Felicia Mini Behr returning to the show as Executive Producer replacing Jean Dadario Burke. Well this rumor is only half true. I've heard nothing about Ms. Burke leaving AMC, but Felicia Mini Behr did return to the network as Senior Vice President, programming, ABC Daytime on May 30, 2000.

In making the announcement, Angela Shapiro, president ABC Daytime, said: "I have always had great respect for Felicia. Her extensive producing, storytelling and leadership experience will be a strong asset for ABC. I am thrilled to have her as an integral member of our daytime team."

Mini Behr is excited to be returning to ABC. "...especially since it will give me the opportunity to work with Angela Shapiro," she said. "I have known Angela for many years and have enormous respect and fondness for her. It is a challenging time for all of us in daytime, and I'm looking forward to bringing my many years of experience back to the daypart."

Over at NBC, in the first on-air/online interaction of its kind, NBC Daytime viewers will be allowed to see beyond what is happening on their television screens at in Theresa's Diary, launching June 9, 2000. Passions will take its fans beyond-the-scenes giving you an exclusive look into lovelorn Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald's personal thoughts and feelings in her online "virtual diary."

The story began on air June 9, 2000 when viewers saw Theresa, played by Lindsay Korman, expressing her secret thoughts in her laptop diary. Viewers only had access to a small portion of what Theresa was writing, but the rest of the diary entry was available only online.

This unique website is designed to model a standard computer desktop. The main screen on the site will be the manuscript of Theresa's Diary, detailing all of her innermost secrets, which will be revealed on the screen before the viewer's eyes. The diary entries will be accompanied by voice over narration by Korman as the character is typing. The web page will have additional features such as links to Theresa's business and personal files, including her plans for Ethan and Gwen's wedding, and digital photos of Theresa and dream man Ethan in Bermuda.

If you missed the first installment, fear not. On June 14, 2000 the site will relaunch with a second beyond-the-scenes drama when the diary is discovered by another character on the show!

Seeing Stars

More big news for Passions. The first annual Passions fan club luncheon has just been announced, and Passions has extended a personal invitation to Turtle-Run to join in the festivities at the Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City on Saturday, August 12, 2000. For those of you who would like to attend, tickets are $40.00 for fan club members, and $65.00 for non members. Send a SASE with check or money order to Passions Fan Club Luncheon, 4024 Radford Avenue, Studio City, CA 91604 Attn: Sonya (Hi Sonya!)


Days of Our Lives: Watch for Karen Lew, Kelsey Leigh, Elea Bartling, Linda Sanders and Lisa Long as nurses in the Maternity Ward. Twins Joshua and Jacob Rips portray Baby Isaac, Abe and Lexie's son. Twins Alyssa and Lauren Libby are portraying Hope's son. Tammy Tavares returns as Dr. Bader. Glenn Taranto is the strip club manager on Friday, June 16.