Life After Cancellation

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The show goes on, Passions' hall of famer, AMC in NYC & more

Linda Marshall-SmithDear Suds Buds:

You know what they say. Vacations are always too short! We just got back from a lovely few days in Santa Barbara! It's easy to see how a soap opera was created around the arena of this picturesque central California town. As many of you may know, the soap Santa Barbara still airs in dozens of countries overseas. Louise Sorel (ex Vivian, DOOL), who played Augusta Lockridge on Santa Barbara on and off from 1984-1991, told me that she was invited to Russia a few years ago for a Santa Barbara event! She was treated royally to the point of being whisked around Moscow by horse and carriage! An experience she will treasure always. 

Here's another interesting tidbit. The film commissioner of the town of Santa Barbara was contacted several years ago to host an international reunion of Santa Barbara soap fans. They had to cancel the event because they could not find a venue in the town of Santa Barbara that was large enough to accommodate all the international visitors who wanted to attend the reunion! Wow. 

As we strolled Cabrillo Blvd., the main drag that goes along Santa Barbara harbor and beaches, I couldn't help but remember the days of Eden (Marcy Walker) and Cruz (A Martinez) and what an amazing run that couple had on the soap. Do you remember the actress, Kristen Meadows? She played the character of Victoria Lane Capwell on Santa Barbara (she was also Mimi King on OLTL on and off from 1979 to 1986). Well, get this! In real life, she was married to my cousin for a while ;o) Small world, huh?

Enough reminiscing about a soap gone to Soap Heaven, let's get on with the latest in the current daytime lineup! 

Congrats to Passions' Rodney van Johnson!

Rodney Van Johnson (TC, Passions) will be inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame on September 19th at the University of Cincinnati for his top-ranked Track and Field records. Rodney was a National and Olympic Track and Field Qualifier and his competitive records for the High Jump, Sprints and Relays are still unbeaten at his alma matter to this day!  Rodney, who plays the Harmony High School Athletic Coach on NBC's hit daytime drama PASSIONS, also volunteers as a real-life track and field coach at Notre DameHigh School in Los Angeles, CA.

All My Children On Location

On Tuesday, September 17, All My Children will air another special episode including scenes shot in WashingtonSquarePark in New York City. 

In the story, Leo (Josh Duhamel) and Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) return to New York on a spontaneous whim, just to escape the mayhem in PineValley. They get to the big city and recapture the romance the newlyweds shared during their recent honeymoon. Question is, what exactly is going on in PineValley that causes their hasty retreat? We will have to tune in to AMC on Tuesday, September 17 to find out!

Speaking of AMC...

AMC's Marj Dusay is Released from AMC Contract

This just in from the webmaster of Marj Dusay's (Vanessa, AMC) website:

"According to an official spokesperson for Marj Dusay, the actress has been released from her contract to portray Vanessa Cortlandt on ABC television's All My Children. "Marj's final appearance as Vanessa will be announced at a later date.

"Marj expresses her sincere thanks for the support her fans have given to her over the past several years."

Eva LaRue and John Callahan on The View

Eva LaRue (Maria) and real-life husband, John Callahan (Edmund) appear live on The View on Thursday, September 12. Check your local listings for times in your area.

Passions Nominated for Shine Award for 2nd Consecutive Year

Passions has been selected as a nominee for the 18th Annual SHINE Awards in the category of "Daytime Drama" it was announced today. Presented by The Media Project, The SHINE Awards are presented each year to honor television programs that present the complicated issues surrounding sexuality with frankness and sensitivity.

Passions' nomination this year is for scenes from shows that aired in December, 2001, where characters Ethan Winthrop and Chad Harris discuss sexual responsibility with their friend Gavin. In the scenes Ethan and Chad have a heart-to-heart conversation with Gavin and talk to him in earnest about taking responsibility, both emotionally and financially for his girlfriend Lisa and the baby that they had together. "Personal Responsibility" is the title of the nominated clip package. This is the second consecutive nomination Passions has received from The Media Project. Last year the show was nominated for a SHINE Award for a story line entitled "Let's Talk About Sex."

Recipients of the 18th Annual SHINE Awards will be announced at a gala dinner that will be held in Los Angeles, CA in the fall of 2002. For more information go to

Congrats to GL's Yvonna Kopacz!

Yvonna Kopacz (Mel, GL) and her fiancé Brett Wright welcomed their newborn daughter Lola Athena May Wright to the world on Sunday, August 18. Lola was 7 pounds and ¾ ounces and 20 inches long. Mother and daughter are resting comfortably.

ABC Super Soap Weekend

Have you made your room reservations yet? If not -- fear not. There's still room at the inn! The Comfort Inn at LakeBuena Vista, to be precise. "We are just across the street from Downtown Disney, and have free shuttles to the Disney Parks, including Disney-MGM," said Comfort Inn manager Alex Cooke. "We have a special rate of $49.95 for the weekend of November 8." 

You can't beat the price but the shuttle ride to Disney/MGM is about 15-20 minutes depending on traffic. The first shuttle leaves the hotel at 8:50 AM. For more info call the hotel at 1-800-999-7300, or visit Tell them you heard about the Comfort Inn at LakeBuena Vista from us here at!

TV Land Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Groundbreaking Sitcom Soap with a 20-Episode Marathon on Friday, September 13, 2002

TV Land celebrates the groundbreaking satirical comedy, Soap, on Friday, September 13 with a 10 1/2-hour marathon (8:00pm-6:30 am ET/PT) featuring the unforgettable trials and tribulations of the irrepressible Campbell and Tate families. Regarded as the ultimate soap opera parody, Soap spent four seasons in primetime on ABC from 1977-1981.

TV Land will relive some of television's memorable plot twists including the shortest pregnancy in television history, Jessica Tate's spellbinding murder trial, Billy's strange religious cult membership, Jodie's alternative lifestyle, Danny's secretive mob connections and Chester's shocking disappearance.

"Soap pushed the envelope in terms of topics once deemed off-limits and subsequently paved the way for many of the ingenious satirical comedies on television," noted Larry W. Jones, General Manager and Executive Vice President, TV Land/Nick at Nite. "It is truly one of television's most notable series and deserves to be lauded once again on its 25th anniversary."

Soap focused on the wacky lives of two families -- the wealthy, upper crust Tates and the blue-collar, hard-working Campbells. The controversial half-hour series featured constant sexual overtones, salacious plot twists, and the first openly gay character, Jodie Dallas, portrayed by up-and-coming actor/comedian, Billy Crystal. The show also starred Katherine Helmond (Jessica Tate), Cathryn Damon (Mary Gatling Dallas Campbell), Robert Mandan (Chester Tate), Richard Mulligan (Burt Campbell), Robert Guillaume (Benson), Jennifer Salt (Eunice Tate), Jimmy Baio (Billy Tate), Arthur Peterson (The Major), Ted Wass (Danny Dallas), Detective Donahue (John Byner), Gordon Jump (Chief of Police Tinkler), Rebecca Balding (Carol David), and Joe Mantegna (Juan One).  

If you're old fans of this nutty show, or have never seen it before, nows your chance to catch a glimpse. It's a little dated (wait til you see the wardrobe!) but tons of fun. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the episodes in TV Land's Soap marathon which include:

Jodie's friendship with Carol takes a confusing turn, while Jessica awaits the jury's verdict in her trial for the murder of tennis pro Peter Campbell.

Lefkowitz threatens to kill the entire Campbell clan and startling announcements by Father Tim and Mr. Mallu are temporarily overshadowed by the return of a verdict in Jessica Tate's murder trial.

9:00pm (one-hour episode)
The real murderer of tennis pro Peter Campbell is revealed after Jessica is sentenced to prison; Burt is unprepared for the shock of meeting Jodie's boyfriend; Corinne meets Tim's mother, and Chester tries to end it all.

Dutch drags Chester along when he escapes from prison; Elaine drags Danny to the altar; Jodie achieves something rare for a drag queen, and a mysterious intruder is about to make life miserable at the Tate house.

Romance blossoms between Eunice and the gangster who holds her family hostage. Jodie has troubling news to tell Mary, and an unexpected guest attends the wedding of Tim and Corinne.

Mary and Jessica are bored, but for different reasons. Corinne and Tim refuse to let his mother spoil their honeymoon; Chester spoils his birthday party by dropping unconscious

Danny tries to Kill Elaine with kindness. Tim and Corinne visit Mrs. Flotsky. Burt and Danny's secretary is up to no good. Chester's doctor has some good news and some bad news for Jessica.

The Flotskys bring their luggage and possibly a curse to the Tate home. Jody discusses his marriage plans with Dennis while Mary brings her professor home for coffee. Dutch and Eunice are briefly reunited, and Chester snaps out of his coma with a few things missing.

Elaine explains the reason behind her nastiness to Danny and begs him for a second chance. Carol makes an important decision by agreeing to marry Jodie. Burt and Mary face a new problem and Jessica discussed sex with her daughters and sister over an apple walnut coffee ring.

Chester comes home minus his memory. Jodie leaves Dennis with bitter feelings. Corinne tells Jessica she's pregnant. Burt mistakenly thinks Mary is in love with her professor.

Burt has suspicions about Mary and her professor. Mary has suspicions about Burt and his secretary. Tim has a tough first day at work and Chester has a new identity.

Eunice elopes with Dutch, Chester disappears, Sally continues manipulating Burt; a doctor has shocking news for Corinne and Elaine is kidnapped.

Eunice elopes with Dutch, Chester disappears, Sally continues manipulating Burt; a doctor has shocking news for Corinne and Elaine is kidnapped.

While Danny prepares to free Elaine and Jody prepares to marry Carol, Detective Donahue makes a shocking confession to Jessica.

The Campbells pay Elaine's ransom, not knowing she has escaped. Burt apologies for his act of adultery, not knowing if he really did it. Jessica has a startling reason for firing Detective Donahue.

Burt agrees to help Danny find Elaine's killers. Benson helps Dutch elude the police. A Train wreck helps Chester in an unexpected way.

The Campbells and the Tates gather at a party in memory of Chester. Sally tells Mary she's been having an affair with Burt. Carol tells Jodie that he should never see the baby she is expecting. Chester has a sudden, but imperfect, restoration of memory.

Tim leaved Corinne to live in a cave. Dutch is caught by the police. Jodie befriends Alice, who is also gay. Mary leaves Burt and moves in with the Tates. Eunice returns home and Corinne begins to go into labor.

Corinne has the baby. Jody and Alice decide to live together. Burt tells Mary that Sally lied to her. Jessica has dinner with Detective Donahue and Chester starts for home.

Mary Campbell is shocked by the sudden change in Burt. Burt meets another human in space a 4,000 year old man and the Tate men set out to rescue Billy from the Sunnies cult.

Now seen in over 76 million U.S. homes, TV Land was created in April, 1996. The network's broad mix of sitcoms, dramas, westerns, variety shows and classic commercials - which TV Land refers to as Retromercials® - have made TV Land the highest-rated cable channel launched in the last six years on both a household and A25-54 demo basis. Nick at Nite and TV Land and all related titles, characters and logos are trademarks of Viacom International Inc.

Coming Up in Soap Opera Digest

Soap Opera Digest celebrates famous stars that started in daytime in a unique Hollywood issue, on sale 9/17. Check out interviews with Anne Heche, Julianne Moore and Sarah Michelle Gellar and catch up with 50 other stars who made it big.

And be sure to pick up Soap Opera Digest's special wedding issue on sale 9/24. The issue includes soap stars' real-life wedding and honeymoon, memorable soap vows and plenty more. For those planning a wedding or just in love with soaps, it's one you'll want to hold on to.


All My Children: Shayna Levine has been cast in the recurring role of Lily Montgomery. Mary McCann plays the role of Mrs. Neff, her teacher. Jennifer Eng, Matthew Wheway, and John Cleary play Lily's classmates. In real life, the three actors live with Autism. Shayna, Mary, Jennifer, Matthew and John will air on Tuesday, September 24, 2002.

As the World Turns: Matt Samson plays a waiter on Monday, September 9. Diane Neal plays Lindsay, a hospital intern, beginning on Tuesday, September 10. Joe Holt plays hospital intern Gordo beginning on Tuesday, September 10. Jennifer Rae Beck plays a fashion designer on Thursday, September 12, 2002.

Days of our Lives:Veronica Lauren (Cynthia) is now on contract. Cynthia starts appearing again on Monday, September 9th as a Salem University freshman.
Jonathan Bouck portrays "Dozer," Shawn's new college roommate, beginning on Monday, September 9th. The role is recurring. Charlie Dell portrays shady Virgil Dawson Brady's court appointed lawyer in Dry Creek, on Tuesday, September 10th. Rob Moran portrays Arthur Shepherd, the mayor of Salem, on Tuesday September 10th and Wednesday September 12th . Raye Birk is back as Judge Broe in Dry Creek, on Thursday August 12th, 2002.

Guiding Light:Stephen Bogardus plays editor Mike Masterson on Monday,
September 9. Masha Abaturova plays a young Eden on Tuesday, September 10. Tara Gibson plays a store clerk and Joan Baker plays a customer
on Thursday, September 12. Omar Koury plays a mall security guard on Thursday, September 12. Stephen Barker Turner returns as Mr. Deveraux on Friday, September 13, 2002.

One Life to Live: Sean Martin Hingston will play the role of Gordon Cash. He is an original cast member of the musical "Contact." His first airdate is Monday, September 16, 2002. Regina Hilliard Bain plays the role of a nurse airing on the same day.

Passions:  On Friday, September 13, Robin Strasser returns as HECUBA
On Monday, September 10, Kathryn Hancock portrays Alistair's Assistant.

Seeing Stars

All My Children:See James Kiberd (ex Trevor) as he does Shakespeare at the Pacific Repertory Theatre in Carmel, CA. Various performances all summer and into the early fall. Call (831) 622-0100 for info and tickets. On Saturday, September 14, John Callahan (Edmund) and Eva LaRue (Maria) appear at Sesame Place in Langhome, PA from 12-2 PM. Call 215 752-7070 for info. On Saturday, September 14, Rebecca Budig (Greenlee) and Aiden Turner (Aidan) appear at WSCO-TV/WAXN-TV Future &You Expo in Liberty Hall at the Charlotte Merchandise Mall on East Independence Blvd. in Charlotte, NC from 12:30-2 PM. Call 704 333-7709 (hit "0" for operator) for info. On Friday, September 21 it's the 3rd Annual Tea at the Marquis with Vincent Irizarry. Ticket prices vary depending on when you purchase. Call 614 899-1711 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for info. The 7th Annual AMC Fan Club Luncheon , Saturday, September 22 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, NYC. Fan Club members only.  $90 per ticket. $20 to join fan club ($25 outside the US.) Make Money Orders for US funds only to Carol Dickson, 948 North Main Street, Glassboro, NJ 08028-1319. Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for further info. On Saturday, September 28 meet and greet Michael E. Knight (Tad) and real-life wife, Catherine Hickland (Lindsay, OLTL) at Filene's in Farmington, CT from 3-5PM. For more info call 860 284-9157. On September 28-29, 2002 it's the first Annual Jack Scalia Fan Club Gathering at the Oglebay Family Resort & Wilson Lodge in Wheeling, WV. Movies, auctions, terrific food and more all weekend long to benefit Jack Scalia's "Lest We Forget Foundation" for the victims families of 9/11! Registration fee is $60 plus the cost of the room. 25 rooms are being reserved at Oglebay Resort at a cost of $99 per night. For info contact the Chrisagis Brothers at 740-859-2344. (Some appearance info provided by SEAHAAS.)

As the World Turns: Kristina Sisco (Abigail) plays Juliet in Romeo and Juliet at the Calgary, 61 East 21st Street, New York, NY. Performances run September 3-7 at 8:00pm. Tickets are $12; call to order them at 212/414-5408.

Bold & the Beautiful: 

Days of Our Lives: Peter Reckell will participate in the celebrity relay at the Nautica Malibu Triathlon on Sunday September 15th in Malibu, CA. In the second leg of his celebrity team, Reckell will bike 18 miles on the rolling hills of the Pacific Coast Highway. Proceeds raised from the Nautica Malibu Traithlon
will benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Kyle Lowder (Brady) will sing the National Anthem at the LA Dodgers game on Thursday, September 19th. Game time is 7 PM. The Dodgers will be playing the Giants that evening. Celebrity Softball Game and Events, September 29, 2002, in Greenville, SC. Scheduled to appear are Alison Sweeney (Sami), Bryan Dattilo (Lucas), Justin Melvey (Colin), Farah Fath (Mimi), Matthew Ashford (Jack), and more. Call 864-268-9232 for ticket info. Hotel accommodations by Hilton Greenville and TowersFor reservations, call864-232-4747. CRUISE WITH THE STARS: Set sail with the stars from Days and Passions for a Soap Opera Cruise Weekend aboard a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship. Fans will depart from Los Angeles on Friday, October 25 and sail down to Baja and Ensenada, Mexico returning to Los Angeles on Monday, October 28. Actors scheduled to participate are Matt Ashford, Kyle Lowder, Kevin Spirtas, and Passions' stars.  Fans aboard the ship will attend cocktail parties with the stars and take part in autograph sessions and interactive programs hosted by soap columnist Lynda Hirsch. Rates begin at $459.00 per person and can be booked by calling Landfall Travel at 1-800-835-9233 or by logging on to

General Hospital:

Guiding Light: Saundra Santiago (Carmen) and Paul Anthony Stewart (Danny) will perform a cabaret to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation on Friday, October 18 at 8:00 pm and Saturday, October 19 at 7:30 pm. The
performance will take place at The Triad Theatre, which is located at
158 West 72nd Street. For reservations call 212/474-5833.The GL Fan Club Luncheon will be held on Sunday, October 20, 2002, from 12-4 PM at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in NYC. Tickets are $90.00 for non-fan club members and $85.00 for current GL Fan Club Members. A $15.00 non-refundable deposit per person will reserve your seat in the order it is received. Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more info.  Kim Zimmer (Reva) stars in Three O'Clock in Brooklyn, a
new comedy written by Israela Margalit (wife of GL Executive Producer
Paul Rauch). Performances begin at the Access Theatre and run through
Saturday, November 2. Performances are Mondays and Thursdays through
Saturdays at 8pm. Tickets are available by calling SmartTix (212) 206-1515.

One Life to Live: On Sunday, September 15, Erika Slezak (Viki) makes a guest appearance at the Susan B. Korman 5K Race for the Cure beginning at 9 AM in Central Park, NYC. For info call 212 293-CURE. On Saturday, September 21 meet and greet CatherineHickland (Lindsay) and get a Cat Cosmetics make-up demonstration at Fargodome Fargo, ND in Little Rock, AK from 1-3 PM. Visit for info. On Saturday, September 28, 2002 meet and greet Catherine Hickland (Lindsay) and real-life husband, Michael E. Knight (Tad, AMC) at Filene's in Farmington, CT from 3-5 PM. Call 860 284-9157 for info.

Passions: James Hyde (Sam) will be walking the "catwalk" at The Fourth Annual
Celebrity fashion show "FASHION LA STYLE" on Thursday, September 12.
FASHION LA STYLE will benefit LOVE OUR CHILDREN USA, an anti child abuse organization committed to preventing child abuse and lobbying for stronger legislation for child abuse offenders. Other celebrities confirmed to
attend are Kellita Smith and Camille Winbush of The Bernie Mac Show,
Beverley Mitchell of 7th Heaven, Kiko Ellsworth of Port Charles, Traci
Bingham, Ken L. and Dorien Wilson of The Parkers and Kelly Perrine & Kyla
Pratt of One on One. Fashion Show begins at 9 PM at the SOHO Club 333 S. Boylston in Downtown, Los Angeles.  Call (323) 964-5203 for info and tickets. Jesse Metcalfe (Miguel), James Hyde (Sam) and Ryan McPartlin (Hank) have
formed a team and will be participating in the 2002 NAUTICA MALIBU
TRIATHLON on Sunday, September 15 at Zuma Beach, CA. The 2002 Nautica Malibu Triathlon will be raising money for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS
Foundation, a leading non-profit organization committed to creating a
healthier future for children worldwide. James will start the team off with
a 1/2-mile ocean swim. Ryan will complete the second part; an 18-mile bike
ride on Pacific Coast Highway and Jesse will complete the competition with a
four-mile beachside run! The fun takes place beginning at 7:30 a.m.
Spectators are welcome!Justin Carroll (David) will be performing stand up comedy on Sunday, September 15 at The Belly Room at the infamous Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard in LA. The show begins at 8:00 p.m. Galen Gering (Luis) and James Hyde (Sam) will play celebrity golf to raise money for WeSPARK (which stands for Support, Prevention, Acceptance, Recovery and Knowledge) at actress Wendie Jo Sperber's 4th Annual Celebrity Golf Classic on Saturday, September 21 at the Glen Annie Golf Club in Santa Barbara, CA. WeSPARK is a cancer support center that is devoted exclusively to providing emotional and spiritual support for cancer patients and their friends and families. For more information on how to support the Golf Classic, or WeSPARK call (818) 906-3022 or visit Join and support Andrea Evans (Rebecca), the City of Hope's Celebrity Ambassador for the Walk for Hope to Cure Breast Cancer. October is breast cancer awareness month. Andrea will be heading the walk at the City of Hope's headquarters in Duarte, CA on October 6. You can obtain more information or register online at More details to come as we get closer to this charity event.  McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan) will host 'SoapStyle' on ShopNBC on Saturday, October 5. Tune in! (Check your local listings).

Port CharlesKiko Elsworth (Jamal) will be walking the "catwalk" at The Fourth Annual Celebrity fashion show "FASHION LA STYLE" on Thursday, September 12. FASHION LA STYLE will benefit LOVE OUR CHILDREN USA, an anti child abuse organization committed to preventing child abuse and lobbying for stronger legislation for child abuse offenders. Other celebrities confirmed to
attend are Kellita Smith and Camille Winbush of The Bernie Mac Show,
Beverley Mitchell of 7th Heaven, James Hyde of Passions, Traci
Bingham, Ken L. and Dorien Wilson of The Parkers and Kelly Perrine & Kyla
Pratt of One on One. Fashion Show begins at 9 PM at the SOHO Club 333 S. Boylston in Downtown, Los Angeles. Call (323) 964-5203 for info and tickets. 

Young & the Restless:DonDiamont (Brad) plays a supporting role in the Adam Sandler/Jack Nicholson film, "Anger Management." The film is still in production, so look for it to hit theaters, oh, I'm guessing something like Summer 2003. MichelleStafford (Phyllis) just completed production in a starring role in the independent feature "Lost," which will be touring film festivals. No release date is yet set. Peter Bergman (Jack) and Michelle Stafford will hit the "airwaves" when they host an upcoming "Eye on America" for CBS. "Eye on America" is broadcast on American Airlines. No airdate for this episode has been determined as of yet. 

Email the Stars

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Bubbles Busted?  Snail Mail TPTB! 

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Bold & the Beautiful: CBS TV, 7800 Beverly Blvd, LA, CA 90036
Days of Our Lives: NBC TV, 3000 W. Alameda Ave, Burbank, CA 91523
General Hospital: ABC TV, 4151 Prospect Ave, Hollywood, CA  90027
Guiding Light: CBS TV, 51 W 52nd St, NY, NY 10019
One Life to Live: ABC TV, Audience Information, 77 W. 66th St, NY, NY 10023
Passions: CBS Radford Studios, 4024 Radford Ave, Studio City, CA 91604
Port Charles: ABC TV, 4151 Prospect Ave, Hollywood, CA  90027
Young & the Restless: CBS TV, 7800 Beverly Blvd, LA, CA 90036