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The inner workings of Soapdom

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Dear Suds Buds, 

Well, here it is late Monday night and I am just getting to write this column. Not enough hours in the day for me, I’m afraid.  But I thought I’d take this opportunity to detail the way Soapdom works. In other words -- the schedule of our uploading new and fresh content.

It’s really quite simple. We publish as we get it and as it breaks.  So at any given time we may add to a column like Suds Buzz or Soap Seen or Casting or Seeing Stars.  At any given time we may upload a new feature or news flash story.  So, your best bet is to check Soapdom a few times a day for new stuff.

For the most part, however, we do major site updates on Mondays.  That means that the Casting Column and the Seeing Stars and Soap Seen and Suds Buzz and Feature stories and First Looks and Inside the Bubble mini interviews and of course, the Top of the Week column, are all produced and uploaded on Mondays.

However, as noted above, when we get a breaking story, we publish it right away.  For example, last Friday we learned that Days of our Lives had recast the role of Belle, currently played by Kirsten Storms, but soon to be played by Charity Rahmer.  Soon as we got the word, we published the story

We may also do a fair amount of site updating over the weekend, so be sure to check Soapdom on Saturday and Sunday, too. You may get a sneak peek at Monday’s columns on Sunday!

The daily episode guides we try to do daily. However, some soaps do not provide the recaps for the week until the week is almost over.  We upload those as soon as we can. We are still negotiating for B&B and Y&R daily recaps. Keep your fingers crossed.

Sneak Peeks are uploaded sometime on Thursdays for the next week’s shows.  The way it’s been working lately, they’ve been going up Thursday evening LA time. 

Sneakier Peeks are one-line blurbs that shed some light on what you can expect about a week from now.  They are uploaded sometime on Mondays.  For example, today I published Sneak Peeks for the week of July 5.  Some shows, like B&B and Y&R do not like us to publish story material that far ahead, so we honor the request to hold off until Thursdays, when we do our more extensive sneak peeks for the upcoming week.

The Soapdom News goes out at least once a week, and is usually in your email box on Tuesday mornings.  If we do a second mailing in the week it would probably go out late Thursday night to be in your email box on Friday morning.  I recommend that you save The Soapdom News to a folder on your hard drive as then, you can always return to articles that have been previously published, just by clicking on the links (or copying and pasting) the links in the old newsletters.

Which reminds me, when you click on a link from the newsletter, odds are it’s a story that free registered members may access. But you must log in first.  Rule of thumb every time you visit Soapdom – enter from the home page and log in before navigating the site. 

However, as you know, some content is reserved for our loyal all-access paid members.  Subscriptions keep the site operating and we appreciate all of you who have given us that vote of confidence by subscribing.  If free registered members click a link either from the newsletter or on the site itself and it brings you to your member account summary page, it means you need to upgrade to all access paid status to see that story.  Follow the prompts on your account summary page to upgrade.

If an unregistered visitor clicks a link and gets taken to the Membership sign up page, that means that the content you are trying to access is membership based. 

Speaking of the Soapdom News, I am off to write it now, but before I do, here’s a little secret. I was hoping to publish the results of the Cybby Awards today.  But I am just about out of steam and it’s almost 10 PM my time.  With the long 3-day 4th of July holiday weekend coming up this weekend, I will spend my holiday on the Cybbys and get those results to you early next week.

Til the top of next week,

Linda Marshall-Smith
CEO, Soapdom, Inc.

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