Holiday Tips for Socializing

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Dear Suds Buds:

Another Turkey Day has come and gone. Did you get to spend time with friends and family?  I sure hope so. Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where it is so much fun to just hang with the homies.  Not to mention partake of some great home cookin.  We visited family in Arizona and were treated to a number of scrumptious meals.  Think I’ll be staying away from turkey for a few days, however.  LOL 

Since we are now smack dab in the middle of the 2003 holiday season, we thought we’d share more holiday tips.  This one’s on dating!  We hope these tips will prevent your holiday from turning into a soap opera.  For you married members, many of these tips can work for you as well.  Enjoy!

Reduce the Stress of Holiday Dating When You Strive for Quality Over Quantity

Single people navigating the increasingly complex world of dating may experience the stress and frustration of trying to make a love connection even more intensely during the holiday season.

"Single people of all ages complain to us that their dating life is the
subject of much greater interest by friends and family between Thankgiving and
New Years than at any other times of year combined," says Robert Fisher of
Great Expectations, a group of more than 50 dating centers operating
nationwide.  "When added to the extra stresses that people often feel during
the holidays, the social pressure to bring along a significant other to
seasonal gatherings can turn into a nightmare if approached haphazardly."
While many people go online to browse a bounty of potential suitors,
Fisher recommends a more orderly, off-line approach during a time when being with high quality partners is of paramount importance.
Here are some tips to help singles reduce the stress of holiday dating and help married couples make the most of their holiday:

   1.  Stop, think and plan
    Many professionals have an implementation calendar at work; they also need
    one for their personal lives as well.  "Think in advance about the
    business, religious, community and neighborhood events that you'd like to
    attend, and start thinking now about which ones you'd like to bring a date or mate to," says Fisher.

    2.  Take time for a "reconnaissance date"
    An important office or family holiday function is the wrong place for a
    first date.  Schedule a "reconnaissance date" before the event.  Fisher
    notes that even if it's just a cup of coffee or lunch, a reconnaissance
    date gets the preliminary awkwardness out of the way and gets some
    chemistry going.  This simple strategy can make all the difference before
    one is "on stage" in front of co-workers or family.

    3.  Hold your horses!
    It's natural to do some "what if" thinking when meeting someone new, but
    remember to pull in the reins.  "Although there's no better time to arrive
    with the perfect partner, this is not the time to pin all of your hopes on
    meeting your dream mate," cautions Fisher.

    4.  Go easy on the spirits
    Holiday party drinking stories are almost as much a part of the seasonal
    lore as are Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman. "Go easy on the alcohol,"
    warns Fisher. "Adrenaline from nervousness or jitters can amplify
    alcohol's effect. If you're going to drink at a holiday party with your mate or
    date, a good rule of thumb is to cut in half the amount you'd normally
    consume in a given period of time."

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