Heads Roll at General Hospital

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GH axes several mainstays & Help interview Josh Duhamel


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Not Quite Top of the Week!

Dear Suds Buds:

Well, here it is Tuesday afternoon in Los Angeles and I am still reeling about all the news of heads rolling on a number of shows. 


On As the World Turns, Soap Opera Weekly reported last week that Cady McClain (Rosanna) was being let go due to budget cuts and the fact that she never signed a contract made her an easy victim.


Over at General Hospital, we’ve heard not one, not two, not three, but news of four actors walking the plank. One by choice (Chad Brannon, Zander, who is interested in pursuing other ventures), but the other three, John Ingle (Edward), Kin Shriner (Scotty) – two veteran mainstays of the show, and Lane Davies (Cameron) who is still unconfirmed as leaving – were reportedly given their walking papers by the show.


However, in the case of ATWT and Cady McClain, I wouldn’t hold my breath that reports of her leaving are gospel.  We are still awaiting formal confirmation from the production company, but we have a feeling that she may be off for a while, but will return.  Rumors of her going back to All My Children are just that. Only rumors. At least, that’s what our sources are reporting at this point.


On General Hospital, first they put Anna Lee (Lila) on recurring status.  Now, they are giving John Ingle (Edward) his walking papers. (See his letter to fans here)  Could this mean the ultimate demise of the Quartermine family?  A source close to the show thinks that Leslie Charleson (Monica) and Stuart Damon (Alan) could likewise be on the chopping block.  It would make sense. Aside from Emily’s breast cancer storyline in which Monica played an integral role, when have we seen a major story for Alan and Monica?  In interviewing Stuart Damon last Spring, I couldn’t help but detect a hint of sarcasm in his tone as we discussed GH’s Emmy win for Outstanding Writing.  He was quick to note that they weren’t writing anything for him or Leslie. Time will tell!


Here is what GH is saying about the departures of Kin Shriner (Scott) and Chad Brannon (Zander):


“Kin Shriner has been an integral member of the ‘General Hospital’ cast for over 25 years and his work has been exemplary.  However, the storyline of Scott Baldwin will soon move in a direction that will take him away from Port Charles for the foreseeable future.  With the door always open for Kin and his character to return to the series, we wish him all the best with his career and all his upcoming endeavors.


"Chad Brannon has decided to leave the cast of ‘General Hospital’ and in the coming months, the storyline of Zander Smith will be written accordingly.  The entire cast and crew appreciate all his hard and dedicated work over the past 3 years and wish him all the best for his future… both personally and professionally.”


Speaking of ABC soaps – All My Children fans -- if you had the chance to ask ex Leo (Josh Duhamel) one question, what would you ask him?  Let me know on the AMC Message Boards at Soapdom.com.  I will have the opportunity to chat with Josh in early January as we participate in the press junket for his upcoming feature film, “Win a Date with Tad Hamilton” and will ask him your questions then.  


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