Happy Thanksgiving! The Osbournes as Soap?

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Holiday tips, SOD does reality & Holidays with the soaps

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Dear Suds Buds,

Happy Turkey Week, oh royal denizens of Soapdom!  We’ll be running special holiday tips on how to stay happy and healthy and this holiday season.  Watch for them this week.

Let’s talk The Osbournes, a quirky, reality-based show about an aging heavy metal rock star and his dysfunctional family.  Wacky, irreverent, over-the-top language coupled by an inordinate amount of “bleeping,” has catapulted this MTV “sitcom” to ratings heights.  But would you call it a soap?  Even a prime time soap?  Isn’t it a reality-based sitcom?  Okay, so it’s a continuing saga in that we follow the same real-life family every week, but is this the kind of coverage you want in your weekly soap magazine?  What do you think?  Let us know in the Criticize the Folder at Soapdom.com’s Message Boards.

The Osbournes on Jay Leno (c) NBCWe know what Soap Opera Weekly thinks.  This week, The Osbournes are the cover story of this soap opera industry consumer publication, revealing the secrets of the second season. According to Weekly Features Editor, Joanne Gallo, fans will get a handy review of Season One, followed by insider gossip about the new season including how Sharon's colon cancer impacted the family, a glimpse at the newest member of the clan, follow up on Sharon's comments to Barbara Walters, the next big deal for the Osbournes and Ozzy's spacey charm, highlighted by the family's trip to meet the president, "It's hysterical to watch President Bush say 'Ozzy Osbourne is in the house.'" 

As you are well aware, Weekly has been expanding it’s coverage from all daytime, into primetime, focusing primarily on prime time soaps, like the Sopranos. But The Osbournes?  The one thing I do think is great fun about this coverage is the clever way they have tried to tie it into the daytime world by having Weekly’s editors cast which daytime stars should play The Osbournes. Editor pick number one is Kelly Ripa, whose early All My Children headshot bears a striking resemblance to Kelly Osbourne.  Yipes, they even have the same first name! LOL

Also in this issue is an investigative report by Weekly News Editor, Mark McGarry examining how ratings have increased in spite of recent bloodshed in storylines on all three broadcast networks and HBO; networks who committed to be kinder, gentler in a post 9 /11 era.  "We pin our action -- which is what I prefer to say instead of violence, because it's life-and-death -- to a romance, or we don't do it," says General Hospital's co-head writer Charles Pratt, Jr.  This feature report is definitely daytime soap related and interesting reading! 

Here is the question.  Published every week since 1989, Soap Opera Weekly is positioning itself as the only weekly television news magazine that covers all 10 daytime soap operas as well as primetime reality, drama and comedy series with continuing storylines.  Should they change their name to something like TV News Weekly?  Let us know here... Click to launch   

Speaking of daytime soaps (great segue, huh? LOL), many of your favorite shows are pre-empted either Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) and/or Friday this week due to holiday programming on the respective networks.  Check your local listings.  But not to worry. Even though you’ll miss a day or two of your show, rest assured that most shows have tons of exciting intrigue, heartwarming touches, and/or funny business planned for their Thanksgiving episode.  Be sure to tune into Passions as Theresa hosts her first Thanksgiving Dinner at the Crane Mansion.  Check out All My Children as Erica opens her heart to an old woman and David reaches out to Greenlee.  Tune into General Hospital as time stands still.  Flip to Guiding Light as Olivia hosts Thanksgiving diner to prove herself to the Spauldings, and it is Thanksgiving at the Snyder farm on As the World Turns.

Happy Gobble Gobble to everyone, may you have many blessings to be thankful for this week and throughout the coming year. 

Til the Top of Next Week,


Linda Marshall-Smith
CEO, Soapdom, Inc.

What do YOU think?  Share your thoughts in the "Criticize the Critic" forum  on the Soapdom.com Message Boards or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it