Happy Labor Day and Come Chat With Me!

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It's Labor Day & Dish the soaps with Soapdom

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Dear Suds Buds,

Like many of you, I am enjoying the 3-day Labor Day holiday weekend.  Soapdom is still being updated, but more will be online on Tuesday.  Stay tuned and Happy Labor Day.

One other thing. I am delighted to announce that Soapdom has a brand new chat room. We are still developing it's features, but the rooms are online now.  The new chat room uses Flash.  To chat, you must have the latest Flash player installed in your browser.  To get the new Flash player, go here:

Free Download Flash

In honor of our new technology, I am hosting an Editor's Chat on Wednesday, September 8th at 8 PM eastern time (5 PM pacific).  You must be an all access paid member to chat.  If you are, look for me in the "Meet the Editors" chat room. 

To access the main chat lounge and the various rooms do this:

Log in to Soapdom.  Click the "Chat" tab on the left of every page.  Make sure you have downloaded the newest version of Flash.  Once on the main chat page, click to launch the "chat client."  It will ask you to log in again. Please log in again.  You will be taken to the "Lounge."  On the right side you will see two options:  Rooms and Room Occupants.  Select "Rooms"  Then, select "General."  Then, select "Meet the Editors."  The path is Rooms>General>Meet the Editors.  

I am looking forward to meeting you in chat. We can dish about your favorite soaps and stars, you can submit requests for interviews and celebrity chats, and we can all get to know each other a little better.

See you in chat on September 8th at 8 PM ET (5 PM Pacific).

Til the top of next week,

Linda Marshall-Smith
CEO, Soapdom, Inc.

What do YOU think?  Share your thoughts in the "Criticize the Critic" forum  on the Soapdom.com Message Boards