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Happy Halloween!

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The soap ropes, Bid for charity, The View in Pine Valley & more

Dear Suds Buds:

Boo! And other salutations of the season, my pretties!   I hope you all have a wonderfully fun and festive Halloween.  Don't eat any candy bestowed by ghosts or goblins. Remember to drink every drop of your witch's brew, and stay away from any and all eye of noot!   If you are intending to party, please don't drink and drive.  Happy Halloween!  Muahahahahahahaha.

Now to fessing up to a major faux pas. Last week Turtle-Run reported a story about the webmistress for Marj Dusay's (Vanessa, AMC) website.  I kept referring to her as E.J. Weiss.  Well, she is and was E.J. Weiss, but not any more.  Weiss is her maiden name.  She has been happily married as  E.J. Haas for many years.  Where did I dig up the Weiss?  From E.J.'s Seahaas.com back pages, of course.   My apologies, E.J.  But I am glad you got a giggle and a blast from the past from my boo boo.  

Did someone say, "Boo?"

How to Make it in Soaps with GH's Jacklyn Zeman

OnOctober 18, 2001 in beautiful, downtown Santa Monica, CA, I had the pleasure of covering an amazing seminar presented by Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie, GH) on how to break into and make it in soaps. Turtle-Run, in association with the Learning Annex/LA, offered a five-dollar discount on the course registration.  However, most in attendance were not fans.  Although many had in-depth knowledge of the show, its characters and storylines, and one woman's dream was to be the "new" Brenda, they were serious actors looking for tips on how to get their start in soap opera acting.  They came equipped with headshots for Zeman's review, and tons of industry-oriented questions for which Zeman had all the answers.

One striking 60-year old woman with the aspiration to play a soap grandmother, commented at the end of the session: "I've taken quite a number of these seminars, but never have I learned so much.  I've gotten quite a lot of information tonight."

So, what did Zeman discuss?  From how to pose for your various headshots, to how to dress for your audition and what to expect when you read for the casting directors and producers of GeneralHospital, Zeman covered the gamut.  She brought at least 20 of her own headshots, all with different hair and make-up looks and poses to share as examples. She gave out phone numbers and contact information of acting coaches and photographers.  She even agreed to personally hand over headshots and acting resumes to the powers that be at GeneralHospital. Just think. The very next new hot starlet in Port Charles could be from this seminar!

Zeman also shared some interesting information about GH.  Did you know that she has starred as Bobbie on the show for 24 years?  According to the feedback Zeman gets from audience research, "Bobbie is the person people think that they could be on a good day, AND on a bad day!" she said with a laugh.  "With her nursing background, Bobbie's character is very real. They (the powers that be) tend to give her very real-life stories. " 

However, Zeman acknowledged that the current fierce fight for daytime ratings as likewise being very real, and was quick to mention that soaps were trying everything to get viewers to watch. "GeneralHospital alone has lost over 1 million viewers in the past ten months," she revealed. "Soaps are now experimenting with vampires, witches, anything to get ratings."   She shared that the head of ABC Daytime, Angela Shapiro, is a marketing maven. So, too is Sheraton Kalouria, Senior VP Daytime for NBC. Formerly, he was VP Daytime Marketing & Promotion for ABC.  Kalouria is credited with being the brainchild behind both Super Soap Weekend for ABC and FanFest for NBC. 

As a result of the dependence on marketing, Zeman stressed the use of focus groups in determining story direction and casting. "Not sure how it will go now, given the events of 9/11 and the anthrax scare," Zeman said, "but up until just recently, every letter mailed in was weighted as the opinion of 1000 viewers."  (After the 9/11 tragedy, ABC is now requesting that viewers send postcards or email the actors. See below.)

Which brings me to the writing/taping tap dance that GH was forced into after September 11.  As Zeman explained there were storylines on GH that had mentions of biotoxins.  There were two ways the powers that be could have gone with it. Either they could have taped a disclaimer at the beginning of each show saying that these shows were taped prior to September 11, and any reference to biotoxins was completely coincidental and that no insensitivity was intended. Or they could pull the shows and rework them. TPTB chose the latter.  "They collapsed 35 shows," Zeman explained.  "taking out any mention or reference to biotoxins. But then, once they eliminated those references, they realized that they didn't really have a story.  Now they are pitching the networks new ideas for story."

Which led to Zeman's discussion on how a soap opera is written, detailing for the aspiring actors the long-term story development, the breakdown writing and the script writing.   She shared that GeneralHospital, under the rather recent Megan McTavish headwriting regime, is being written in a unique way.  "Megan McTavish writes events, and fills in the action with the actors," Zeman said.  For example, McTavish might decide there is going to be a major car crash.  Then she figures out who is going to be driving, who is going to be injured, who is going to survive, and who is going to find them.  Although she did not come out and say it, Zeman seemed to imply that she was not that fond of McTavish's event-based storytelling technique.  "McTavish writes events as opposed to a long-range, overall journey for the character," Zeman said.  "Story should grow out of character."   Zeman also noted that the current crop of writers will not talk to the actors.  "First time in 24 years," Zeman shared.

Speaking of writing, Zeman revealed that ABC Daytime does indeed have a writer's program where they are training a new crop of daytime drama storytellers.  "Writing for daytime is a difficult thing for most writers, who are trained to write a beginning, middle and end," Zeman said.  As we all know, daytime stories don't end.  There may be aspects of a story that end, but then the character goes on in some other story. This is a difficult challenge for writers and one that the network is addressing via their writer's fellowship program.

The petite, yet buxom Zeman was asked how she kept in such great shape and if she was a size 00.  "Maybe 20 years ago," she said with a laugh. "I am a size 4 on top and a size 2 on the bottom."  She keeps her gorgeous figure by her religious regime of running three miles every day.  "I get up at 4 AM in the morning, and I am out the door by 4:15.  I drive to the studio, and do my run. I bring my sides with me and that's when I learn my lines for the day," she said.  "And because I run so much, I eat anything I want. I have sandwiches for lunch. I eat french fries.  I love doing my run in the morning. It gets me energized for the day."

She is also enjoying working with the new Carly, Tamara Braun, and shared how Braun came to remain on the soap.  "Tamara was hired as a replacement for Sarah Brown. Sarah had decided to move on, and the producers realized that opps, they still had story for the character of Carly, so they needed someone to come in and tie up the loose ends for Carly," said Zeman.  Braun was given the difficult task of trying to fill Sarah Brown's shoes, a fan favorite.  "She was given these huge speeches," Zeman said.  "Far more than anyone should be asked to do. Especially when they are just coming on the show. Tamara came in and did such a good job. The powers that be said why are we writing her out?"  Zeman also said that Maurice Benard (Sonny) went in and fought for Braun.  "He told them that he loved working with her, and wanted her to stay on."

For the most part it was evident that Zeman has a strong working relationship with her producers.  "I play a grandmother on the show," she said. "When they were considering that story direction for me they came and asked me if I'd mind playing a grandmother.  I said of course not.  Bobbie is getting older and that makes sense for her character." Then, Zeman laughed a hearty laugh.  "Some actresses will NOT play grandmothers," she said. But she wouldn't say who.  Darn!

A Pices with Leo rising, Zeman is very positive and upbeat about her career in soaps.  She is very happy to have had such a long career, and is very happy that she made the choice to work in daytime.  "I could have done sitcoms," she shared.  "Fred Silverman, (a top network executive) wanted to put me in a sitcom," she said. "But to be perky and say five lines and be on a show five years, was not for me.  Soaps afford a great opportunity to stay in town, have a home and a family."  And still be a working actor. 

Zeman is married to Glen Gordon who is a "marketing informerical kinda guy," she said.  "He loves the numbers."  They have two daughters, Cassie 11 and Lacy, 9.  Her final advice for the aspiring actors in the room? If they are lucky to get on a soap be sure to negotiate a workable contract, and if you have an idea for your character, share it. "Rules can change at any minute," she said.  "If you have an idea, tell them what it is.  Maybe they will take it."

ABC Daytime Wants Postcards and Email

As a result of the new mail delivery guidelines recommended by the Chief U.S. Postal Inspector, as well as local and federal law enforcement agencies, it is likely that much fan mail will not be deliverable to ABC Daytime talent.  Instead, ABC recommends that fans send postcards or email their favorite actors at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Also, you can always post your comments to a your favorite ABC daytime actor on the Turtle-Run.com Message Boards, and it will be our pleasure to email them to the proper contacts at ABC who will pass on your comments to the actors. 

NBC SoapFan Help

Last week we reported that NBC Daytime was teaming with ShopNBC to offer items from Days of our Lives and Passions, along with donations from the actors themselves for an online auction.  Please note the revised times for bidding and the revised url as noted here:

The auction at http://www.shopnbc.com/fanhelp will open for bidding on Friday, November 2 at 9:00 a.m. EDT and will close on Monday, November 5 at 5:00 p.m. (ET). There will be something for everyone to bid on from ball gowns to calendars to cookbooks, and all just in time for Christmas.  Items already donated include Hope Brady's gown from the Harriman Ball and Chloe Lane's famous red dress from the first "Last Blast Dance" on "Days of our Lives" and a pair of magical Timmy gloves from "Passions" (magic not included). The actors themselves are also donating many personal items to help raise funds.

As The World Turns Fans -- It's Getting to that Time Again!

The As The World Turns Fan Club Luncheon will be held on Saturday, April 13, 2002 at 12:00 Noon to 4:00 pm.  The luncheon will be held at the Marriott Marquis, 1535 Broadway (between 45th and 46th Streets) in New York City.  Tickets are $90.00 for non-fan club members and $85.00 for current ATWT Fan Club Members.  A $15.00 non-refundable deposit per person will reserve your seat in the order it is received.  The final payment is due no later than March 5, 2002.  Checks and money orders are payable to:     As The World Turns Fan Club Luncheon Tickets, PO Box 647, Merrick, NY 11566-0647.    How many Turtle Girlies are going in 2002?  ;o)

A New View on All My Children

On Monday, November 12, Meredith Vieira of ABC's "The View" guest stars on "All My Children" as June Bellwether, the wedding planner who works with Laura and Leo on their upcoming wedding. However, when a snafu arises in the wedding plans, June falls prey to Laura's emotionally unstable wrath!

Behind the scenes at "All My Children," Vieira obtained acting advice and tips from many of the shows stars, including Kelly Ripa (Hayley) and Julia Barr (Booke).  "Pine Valley is a great place to visit!  I came prepared for a love scene with Leo du Pres, but instead, I got Laura, his psychotic bride, who loves to throw things!  But I had a blast," joked Vieira. 

On "The View, Vieira has expressed interest and enthusiasm for learning the craft of acting. In recent months she performed opposite John Ritter in a scene from Neil Simon's "The Dinner Party," and played the part of Belle in a scene from Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" on "The View.  She has also appeared as herself in ABC's "Spin City" and "Bette."

Throw a Halloween Party, Passions Style

In honor of Tabitha and Timmy's favorite holiday, visit http://nbc.com/nbc/Passions/Exclusives/ex_halloween.shtml to get tips on how to throw a goulish Passions-like Halloween bash.  Muahahahahahahahaha -- Happy haunting!

I Can't Believe it's Almost Christmas!

Well, we still have a few months to go, but don't let that stop SoapNet from beginning to publicize their Classic Christmas Episodes Marathon.  From 7:30 -11 PM ET( 4:30-8 PM PT) on Tuesday, December 25, 2001 you will be treated to a special 3.5 hour programming block featuring classic Christmas episodes of Ryan's Hope, All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital. Will there be any sightings of Christmas stars?  Tune into SoapNet on December 25th!  As ABC will not be running regular daytime programming on Christmas Day, these special Christmas episodes will air in place of the same-day repeat airings.  The Classic Christmas episodes will then be re-aired at 11:30 PM ET (8:30 PM PT) and again on Wednesday, December 26, 2001 at 7:30  AM ET/4:30 AM PT.  Ho ho ho and Happy Holidays from SoapNet.

New SoapCenter Correspondents Bring a Fresh Look to SoapCenter

SoapCenter, the original weekly half-hour daytime magazine show that airs on SoapNet, announces two new correspondents -- Beggy Bunker and Tanika Ray.  Bunker and Ray will help SoapCenter usher in a new format, with an on-the-scene focus.

Peggy Bunker will cover stories about the stars and shows on the east coast including All My Children, One Life to Live, Guiding Light and As the World Turns.  Ray will cover the west coast dramas including General Hospital, Port Charles, Young & the Restless, Bold & the Beautiful, Days of our Lives and Passions. 

Both Bunker and Ray have honed their hosting and reporting skills on a variety of television shows. Bunker is a veteran journalist who has covered much broad-ranging topics as news, documentaries, and the internet in Los Angeles, New York and Seattle.  Bunker has also covered the entertainment beat, including appearing nationally as an interviewer for MTV, and traveling the United States for four months interviewing celebrities for Showtime Network's Free Preview Weekends.  Most recently Ray has been tapped as a co-host for the new Lifetime weekly magazine show, Lifetime Now with Linda Dano and Sloan Lindermann. Viewers may also remember Ray as co-host of Robotica on TLC, Rude Awakenings and Wheel of Fortune 2000, as well as television roles in NYPD Blue, Living Single, Family Matters and The Wayans Brothers. 

Now on SoapCenter as of Friday, October 26, 2001

New Faces   SoapCenter proudly welcomes new co-hosts Peggy Bunker, who will be based in New York and cover the behind-the scenes stories of the daytime dramas produced on the east coast, and Tanika Ray, who will be based in Los Angeles covering the shows on the west coast.

Spotlight: Familiar Faces on NBC's Passions  Amelia Marshall (ex-Gilly, Guiding Light; ex-Belinda, All My Children) and Christopher Douglas (ex-Dylan, One Life to Live; ex-Sean, Young & the Restless) have joined the cast of Passions. In this segment, the actors talkabout their new characters and the difference in the various roles they have played.

Feature Report: "Women of Style" Preview It's time for SoapOpera Digest's second annual "Womån of Style" fashion show.  Go behind the scenes as four of the actresses-turned-models have their gowns fitted and prepare to work the runway. Next week: Highlights of the star-studded fashion show, which benefits Dress For Success New York.

At Home with Guiding Light's Laura Wright Actress Laura Wright (Cassie, Guiding Light) gives you a tour of the tranquil rural Pennsylvania home she shares with her husband and their two young children.

Spotlight: All My Children's "Laura/Leo/Greenlee" Triangle
The conflict between All My Children's Leo and the two women in his life, truelove Greenlee and estranged wife Laura, explodes as Leo makes a decision that could destroy both women. SoapCenter talks to actors Josh Duhamel, Laura Allen and Rebecca Budig (Leo, Laura and Greenlee") and head writer Richard Culliton about what's ahead for these troubled characters.

Premiering on SoapCenter, Friday, November 2, 2001

Spotlight: Second Annual "Women of Style" Fashion Show
Get your backstage pass to Soap Opera Digest's Second Annual Women of Style fashion show. The event, a benefit for Dress For Success New York, was hosted by Finola Hughes and Cameron Mathison (Anna and Ryan, AMC). Celebrity models include Kim Onasch (Jennifer, As the World Turns), Laura Wright (Cassie, Guiding Light), Michelle Stafford (Phyllis,"Young and the Restless) and Julianne Morris (Greta, Days of Our Lives).

Spotlight:  Passions' star Andrea Evans Marches for Breast Cancer Awareness
Unlike her selfish character on Passions (Rebecca), actress Andrea Evans is quite generous. She and her mother -- a breast-cancer survivor -- joined hundreds of others walkers in Chicago to raise money and awareness for The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and you getto follow them every step of the way.

Spotlight:  Y&R and B&B stars "Feud" for Charity
Ten actors from The Young and Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful competed against each other on Family Feud, the popular game show, donating their winnings to 10 different charities. (These episodes of Family Feud air the week of Nov. 5). SoapCenter's cameras captured the action and the fun of their friendly rivalry.

Feature Report: Guiding Light's Fan Club Weekend
The Guiding Light fan club recently held its 20th annual gathering in New York and the cast came out in force to meet its fans. First, actors from Guiding Light  and As the World Turns teamed up with viewers at the annual bowling fundraiser; proceeds from the event benefited the Twin Towers Fund. The next day, hundreds of loyal GL fans gathered at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York for the club's annual luncheon. SoapCenter takes you behind the scenes at both events.

At Home with All My Children's Walt Willey

He may be at home in Pine Valley, but where is Walt Willey's (Jackson, All My Children) heart when he wants a perfect getaway? His beautiful bed and breakfast, Crystal Mesa Farm, in New Mexico. He takes viewers on a private tour of his rustic retreat. 

**TRO Disclaimer: The above SoapCenter segments are scheduled in advance and may be bumped without notice for airing at a later date. The above segments may then be replaced with other segments. Check your local listings.**


All My Children: The recurring role of JR (Adam Chandler, Jr.) has been recast. The role will now be played by Jonathan Bennett. Bennett's first airdate has not yet been set. Lauren B. Maron has been cast in the recurring role of Susan.  Her first airdate is Monday, November 5, 2001. Meredith Vieira stars as June Bellwether, the wedding planner, on Monday, November 12, 2001.

Days of our Lives:  For the week of October 29-November2, 2001, Ryan Scott continues in the role of Harold, a man who sets his sights on Jack. Austin Miller portrays Hawk, a high school jock who falls prey to Belle in her attempts to make Shawn jealous.

Guiding Light: BradleySchmidt plays a country club waiter on Monday, October 29.  Conor Dubin plays Jeff, a law student of Ross', on Tuesday, October 30.  Susan Clarke Lopez and Terry Maratos play Michelle and Danny look-a-likes on Thursday, November 1.  Carl DiMaggio plays a Spaulding security guard on Friday, November 2.

One Life to Live:  Guenia Lemos plays the part of Whitney on Monday, November 5, 2001.  Bobby Moat plays the recurring role of a boy . His first airdate is Tuesday, November 6, 2001.  Ilene Kristen will play the recurring role of Roxanne.  Her first airdate is Wednesday, November 7, 2001. Wortham Krimmer makes several appearances as Reverend Andrew Carpenter beginning Thursday, November 8, 2001.  Tonja Walker Davidson reprises her role as Alex Olanov beginning Thursday, November 15, 2001.  Walker Davidson played the manipulative Ales on and off from 1990-97, receiving a 1993 Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actress.  She last appeared on OLTL for several episodes in May, 2001.  Prior to joining OLTL, she starred as Olivia Jerome on GH, and Lizbeth Bachman on "Capital."  In addition to her daytime success, she has appeared in several primetime series, commercials, and feature films, starring alongside actors such as Matt Dillon, Bernard Hughes, Michael Nouri and William Shatner. Several of Asa's ex wives return beginning November 15, 2001. Watch for Tonja Walker Davidson (ex Alex), Mary Gorgon Murray (ex Becky Lee) ShellyBurch (ex Delila) and Christine Jones (ex Pamela).

Young & the Restless:  Rick Hearst appears as Matt and Dante Henderson appears as choreographer on Friday, November 2.  Anita Finlay is Dr. Nora on November 2 and 5.  Lise Simms is Connie on Monday, November 5.  Jonathan Bray is Johnny and Tracey Bregman is Lauren on Tuesday, November 6, 2001.

Seeing Stars

ABC's SuperSoap Weekend November 3-4, 2001. NBC's FanFest Cancelled

Join stars of the ABC Daytime lineup at Disney/MGM Studios for ABC's SuperSoap Weekend taking place November 3-4,2001. For info on SuperSoap call the SuperSoap Hotline(407) 397-6806.   FanFest has been cancelled.  For travel arrangement changes call Universal travel package hotline at 1-877-912-3838. A representative will verify your information, and you will receive a full refund.  Refunds will take approximately 4-6 weeks to process.

AMC: On Sunday, October 28, 2001 see Marj Dusay (Vanessa), Cameron Mathison (Ryan) Walt Willey (Jackson) and more at Jane Elissa Endorsement Fund for Leukemia Research, the Marriot Marquis Hotel, Broadway &45th St.  NY, NY  Also appearing, Louise Sorrell (Judge Camponera) Thom ChristopherRobert Woods (Bo,OLTL), Ron Raines and various other Soap and AMC & OLTL stars. Meet and Greet and cocktail hour reception with the stars. Call 212-245-7070 OnNovember 5, 2001 see Susan Lucci (Erica) performing on stage at Carnegie Hall in honor of the Lauri Strauss Leukemia Foundation. The evening is entitled Accentuate the Positive'. Susan will grace the stage along with other esteemed performers such as The NY Pops, Marvin Hamlisch, Holly Berger, Rex Reed to name a few.  Call (212) 903-9600 for info. On November 10, 2001Susan Lucci and Regis Philbin appear at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, CT from 9 PM.  Tickets are $55. & $66.  Call 800-200-2882 or 860-312-3352. On November 9-10,Walt Willey (Jackson) appears at Babylon Comedy Cabaret, 9 North 3rd Street, Grand Forks, ND 58201 Call  701-775-5555 for time. On Sunday, November 17, 2001 at 4 PM see Josh Duhamel (Leo) along with Patrika Darbo (Nancy, DOOL), Jeanne Cooper (Katherine, Y&R), and Jerry ver Dorn (Ross, GL) at Joyce Becker's Soap Opera Festival at the Oneida Bingo and Casino in Green Bay, WI in the Radison Hotel Ballroom. Call 800 238-4263.  On November 18, 2001 see Josh Duhamel (Leo) at the North Riverside Park Mall in North Riverside, IL from 1-3 pm.  Call (708) 442-7552.  (Some appearance info provided by SEAHAAS.)

As the World Turns: Lea Salonga (Lein) has been cast in the leading role of Mei Li in "Flower Drum Song," which will open in previews at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles on October 2, 2001.  The opening is currently set for October 14, 2001. For further information call 213 628-2772. Paul Leyden (Simon) appears at Sears, Roebuck & Co., Polaris Fashion Place, 1400 Polaris Parkway, Columbus, OH 43240 on Saturday, November 10 (new date) from 1:00-3:00pm.  For more information, call 614/797-2054.Paul Leyden (Simon) will appear at Sears, Roebuck & Co., Arcadia Crossing, 4531 East Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ  85008 on Saturday, November 17 from 2-4 pm.  For info, call 602/956-1263.  Michael Park (Jack) will appear at Sears, Roebuck & Co., Arcadia Crossing, 4531 East Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ  85008 on Saturday, December 8 from 1:30-3:30pm.  For info, call 602/956-1263.

Days of Our Lives:  Watch for Blackwood as Det. Leon on Judging Amy on Tuesday, November 6 at 10 pm.   On Saturday, October 27th, from 2-4:00 PM, Matt Cedeno appears at the Sears Store in the St. Louis County Mall in St. Louis, MO.  The Mall is located at 250 S. County Center Way. Wednesdays, November 14 and 28 see SteveBlackwood at Jax in Glendale, CA from 9 PM-1AM.  Call 818 500-1604 for info.  On Sunday, November 17, 2001 at 4 PM see Patrika Darbo with Jeanne Cooper (Katherine, Y&R), Jerry ver Dorn (Ross, GL), and Josh Duhamel (Leo, AMC) at Joyce Becker's Soap Opera Festival at the Oneida Bingo and Casino in Green Bay, WI in the Radison Hotel Ballroom. Call 800 238-4263.  On Sunday, November 18th, Matt Cedeno will be appearing at the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mount Pleasant, Michigan from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM.  For more information, please call 888/732-4537. Your Holiday Wish Come True -- Our "Passions" for unity in America will guide us for all the "Days Of Our Lives."  A percentage of this benefit will be donated to the World Trade Center Relief Fund. Lunch, pictures, autographs, celebrity auction and much more! See Passions' JesseMetcalfe (Miguel), and DOOL's Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip), Jason Cook (Shawn), and Kyle Lowder (Brady) on Sunday, December 2, 2001 at The White Sands Oceanfront Resort and Spa Point Pleasant, NJ from 12-4:00pm.  Tickets $85 per person.  Send S.A.S.E. to S.T.A.R.S., PO Box 195, Adelphia, NJ 07710  For further info call: (732) 294-1682

General Hospital: Tava Smiley (ex Chloe) will co-hosting an event with Hockey great, Mario Lemiuex, for the charity Cystic Fibrosis at the Winter Garden PGA in Pittsburgh, PA on November 2, 2001. To order tickets please call (412) 321-4422  Luke & Laura wedding 12-episode marathon Soapnet, November 23, 2001 from 11 am to 11 pm, ET. Leslie Charlson leads SoapNet's team in the 2001 Komen Los Angeles County Race for the Cure at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on Sunday, November 4, 2001 from 7:30 am - noon.  Sign up to race with Leslie at SoapNet.com

Guiding Light: Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus) will appear at Danbury Fair Mall in Danbury, CT on Saturday, November 3 from 1:30 - 2:30 pm.  For further information, call 630-897-9951.  Jordi Vilasuso (Tony) appears at Sears, Roebuck & Co., The Mall at Robinson, 1000 Robinson Town Center Drive, Pittsburgh, PA on Saturday, November 10 from 12:00-2:00 pm (new date). On Sunday, November 17, 2001 at 4 PM see Jerry ver Dorn (Ross) with Patrika Darbo (Nancy, DOOL), Jeanne Cooper (Katherine, Y&R), andJosh Duhamel (Leo, AMC) at Joyce Becker's Soap Opera Festival at the Oneida Bingo and Casino in Green Bay, WI in the Radison Hotel Ballroom. Call 800 238-4263. Jordi Vilasuso (Tony) will appear at Sears, Roebuck & Co., Arcadia Crossing, 4531 East Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ  85008 on Saturday, December 1 from 1:30-3:30pm.  For info 602/956-1263.

One Life to Live:  On Tuesday, October 30, 2001 meet Ty Treadway (Colin/Troy) at Filene's Charity Benefit Day at the Galleria at Crystal Run, Middletown, NY from 10 AM-10 PM. A full day of fun and activities are planned.  Filene's will match your $5 admission dollar for dollar and donate it to the New York Police and Fire Widows and Children's Benefit Fund.

Passions: Jesse Metcalfe (Miguel) signs autographs and greets fans at the opening of SEARS in Wasilla, Alaska on Saturday, November 10 from 12-2 p.m.  Also on November 10 join Galen Gering (Luis), Mackenzie Westmore (Sheridan) Dana Sparks (Grace) Lindsay Korman (Theresa), Eva TamargoLemus (Pilar) Deanna Wright (Kay), Justin Carroll (David) and James Hyde (Sam) at the Westfield Shopping Town Promanade in Woodland Hills, CA from 12-2 PM for autographs and dog adoptions benefitting Galen's pet charity, New Leash on Life.  Many of the men and women who have been called to service for our country due to the events of 9/11 have left their dogs with New Leash on Life.  The organization needs to raise money to care for these animals. Galen, James and Justin hope to see you on November 10. Call 818 594-8740 for info.  James Hyde (Sam), Rodney Van Johnson (T.C.), Juliet Mills (Tabitha) and her husband, Maxwell Caulfield (ex Pierce, AMC), Eva Tamargo Lemus (Pilar) and McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan) will be attending "An Evening with the Stars" for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network on Saturday, November 17 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. We will have ticket information available at a later da

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