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Home Features Top of the Week Happy Easter and Happy Passover

Happy Easter and Happy Passover

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Skipping Easter, A respectable finish, ALMA awards and More

Soapdom's Linda Marshall-SmithHi Suds Buds:

Another major holiday is upon us! However (and I could be wrong as it is admittedly rather difficult for me to watch each and every scene of all ten soaps every week), but it seems that not one of the soaps is really expounding on the Easter or Passover holiday season in the storytelling this year. Has there ever been an Easter or Passover-themed story that you can recall? If so, please share it with us on the TRO message boards in the appropriate show's folder.

I know I promised that the ballots for the TRO 3rd Annual Cybby Awards would be posted here this week. However, we received such an amazing response from those of you who nominated your favorites for the TRO Special Fun Categories, it is taking a little longer to determine the final nominees! Only so many hours in the day, and all that. LOL I hope to have the ballots ready soon. Stay tuned to this column for info on how to cast your vote for the official 3rd Annual TRO Cybby Awards.

AMC fans will be delighted to learn that Mark Consuelos (Mateo, AMC) dragged with the best of them last weekend in the 25th anniversary of the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Grand Prix in Long Beach, CA and did quite well, despite lack of prior experience. Aside from the mandatory 4-day training session provided by the Toyota Grand Prix, "PlayStation and video games" were his only other form of preparation for the event. LOL Here is our exclusive coverage of Mark's racing debut. Hope you enjoy and a very Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all. :o)

On Your "Mark," Get Set, Go!

Who says daytime lags behind primetime? Not in this case as Turtle-Run was off to the races with All My Children's Mark Consuelos!

Consuelos finished the Toyota Celebrity Grand Prix in Long Beach, California in eighth place, a pretty impressive feat considering that three of the professional drivers competing finished in spots one through three. Mark completed all ten laps with a time of 19:23. Even without warp speed, he beat Star Treks William Shatner by almost 20 seconds and also had faster times than Erik Palladino (Dr. Dave Malucci of ER), Jim Kelly (Former Buffalo Bills Quarterback), and Entertainment Tonight correspondent, Mark Steines. Proof positive that daytime is alive and well in the form of an All My Children superstar!

Consuelos had been preparing for the race for several weeks prior to the big weekend. And those preparations didn't end on Friday, April 6th, the day of the qualifying race. Minutes before he was scheduled to take some practice laps, he received last-minute support from former AMC co-star Michael Lowry (ex-Jake), and last-minute car modifications from Toyota Motor Vehicles Assistant, Tom Steger. Steger adjusted the gas pedal so it would be closer to Mark's break pedal. "(It's important for him) so he can heel-toe; it's a driving style using your feet to apply the gas and break at the same time," Steger said.

As photographers snapped away, Consuelos gave numerous thumbs up to the fans in attendance, signed autographs, and stressed the excitement of the moment. Although his other half, wife Kelly Ripa, was unable to fly in from New York for the event, close to four-year-old son Michael, as well as Mark's father, joined him for his dream adventure. In fact, Michael must have known that only good things lay ahead for his dad since he predicted Mark to win the race! Ok, so maybe Michael was a little off, but he still has great intuition!

Not only a racecar driving aficionado, we learned that Consuelos is also the consummate protective dad. When we asked to speak with Michael, Consuelos laughed and said no way. Both he and Ripa have decided to keep their family out of the spotlight as much as possible. Consuelos did share, however, that Michael and Grandad had fun visiting the Long Beach Aquarium during race downtime.

Now that Consuelos is a veteran of the sport, is it possible that the writers of All My Children are in tune? Did he think they might consider a storyline that would include racecar driving for Mateo? Not according to the actor. "There s no way they could do (a story like that) in a small studio! I think it would be pretty cheesy. Mateo owns a nightclub," Consuelos said. "Where would he find the time?!" Would Consuelos ever suggest a story for his character? "No, absolutely not. The writers do their job, a tough job at that, and I let them do it. I might change a line here or there, because you know your character better than anybody else at this point. But (as far as pitching them story ideas?) No, absolutely not."

Along with his newfound racing achievement, and his continued work as Mateo on AMC, what else does the future hold for the actor? Consuelos told Turtle-Run that he had auditioned for and landed a leading role in a pilot for a new primetime series, but as of this writing, the location of the series was still undecided. "If it's shot in Canada, then I can do it," he said. "But they may take it to Australia. That would be out of the question." He is therefore in a holding pattern, waiting to see where the new series will ultimately go into production. If it doesn't work out for him this time, he remains optimistic that something else will come along. "I'm always looking though," Consuelos revealed. He notes, however, that it's a tough subject to discuss since the industry can be so unstable and change so frequently.

Far as things on the home front are concerned now that wife Kelly is not only his co-star on All My Children, but the new sidekick for Regis Philbin on Live with Regis & Kelly, it's as though life couldn't be better. "Well, Kelly and I haven't really been working that much lately on All My Children. And she's often done with her responsibilities at the studio by noon. So we see each other a lot more in a different way. Being at work together is great,I wouldn't change it, but yet I also wouldn't recommend it. We now see each other in a different capacity and it's nice. It's like we're actually having a normal relationship," a laughing Consuelos admits. "I am so proud of her though. She's doing a great job."

After Consuelos' respectable finish in the race, we're sure Ripa feels the same way about him. Reported by: Jessica Radloff with Linda Marshall-Smith

Brittany Snow (Susan, GL) wins Young Artist Award

Congratulations to Guiding Light's Brittany Snow (Susan) for receiving the Young Artist Award in the Best Performance in a Daytime series category. Hayden Panettiere (ex Lizzie, GL) also picked up an award for best Supporting Young Actress for Best Performance in a Feature Film for her role in Remember the Titans.

ALMA Awards Announced

The National Council of La Raza has just announced the nominations for the 2001 ALMA Awards. Passions, along with General Hospital, Guiding Light and One Life to Live have been nominated for Outstanding Daytime Drama. Matt Cedeno(Brandon, DOOL) was nominated in the category of Outstanding Actor in a Daytime series. The American Latino Media Arts (ALMA) Awards were created as part of the National Council of LaRaza's strategy to promote Latinos in television and film. The 2001 ALMA Awards honors Latino performers in film, music videos, and television for their outstanding artistic achievement, impact and enhancement of the image of Latinos. Along with being nominated, Matt Cedeno has also been invited to present. The ALMA Awards will be televised nationally on Friday, June 1, 2001 on ABC. Check local listings for time and stations.

What's Up with The Sopranos?

Airing this week is episode #34, titled "He is Risen" where Tony's feud with Ralph reaches the fail-safe point. In the meantime, Meadow and Jackie, Jr. find that they have more in common than they thought. Back to Tony, whose generosity in giving his time slot with Dr. Melfi to another patient pays off big time.

Premiering Sunday, April 22, 2001 is episode #35, titled "The Telltale Moozadell" where Tony is king of the road when he checks out a new Mercedes, and the Mercedes-Benz dealer, Gloria Trillo. Could Tony's interest in the car saleswoman lead to a collision at home? Later, Tony gives Carmela a sapphire ring for her birthday, and Christopher gives Adrianna her very own music club. In the meantime, Anthony, Jr. is busted for vandalizing the school swimming pool.

Premiering on SoapCenter, Monday, April 16, 2001

Behind the Scenes: AMC's Hungarian Wedding Go behind the scenes at Ryan and Gillian's glamorous wedding. Expect lots of lavish shots of the gowns and sets, as well as revealing, intimate interviews with Esta Terblanche (Gillian), Cameron Mathison (Ryan) and director, Conal O'Brien. Plus, get an exclusive look at the video album in which Ryan and Gillian's friends and family help them celebrate their special day.

EMMY Spotlight #3 The Third in a series highlighing some of this year's talented Emmy nominees. This week, get closer to the contenders for Outstanding Supporting Actress Cady McClain and Rebecca Budig (Dixie and Greenlee, AMC), Maura West, Lesli Kay and Colleen Zenk Pinter (Carly, Molly, and Barbara, ATWT).

Catching up with Robert Foxworth Sit down with the Falcon Crest veteran (ex Chase) to discuss his memories of acting on and directing the classic nighttime soap, as well as his role in the current Broadway production of "Judgement at Nuremberg."

Soap Stars at Big Bear Don't put away your snow boots just yet. You're about to get one last blast of winter! Travel to Apples Bed and Breakfast in Big Bear Lake, CA for a wild weekend of winter fun with Justin Torkildsen (Rick, B&B), Patriko Darbo (Nancy, DOOL), and Tracey E. Bregman (ex Lauren, Y&R).

As the World Turns 45th Anniversary Part 2 The conclusion of the tribute this milestone for this fine show. See interviews with the soap's stars, fond and bawdy recollections of years past, and salutes to late head writer Douglas Marland and current writer Hogan Sheffer.

**TRO Disclaimer: The above SoapCenter segments are scheduled in advance and may be bumped without notice for airing at a later date. The above segments may then be replaced with other segments. Check your local listings.**


All My Children: Ralph Waite's (Bart) last airdate is Thursday, April 19, 2001. Newcomer Eric Dearborn has been cast in the contract role of Gabriel. His first airdate is Friday, April 20, 2001. Colleen Dion's (Leslie) last airdate is Friday, April 27, 2001.

As the World Turns: Harry Sutton, Jr. plays the Assistant Manager at the Lakeview on Thursday, April 19, 2001. Stephen Schnetzer returns as Cass Winthrop on Friday, April 20, 2001.

Days of Our Lives: Robert Benvenisti continues as high school nerd, Kevin Lambert and Lindsay Hollister continues as plus-size high school student, Susan Adamson.

General Hospital: Sarah Brown's (Carly) last airdate is April 24, 2001. Tamara Braun assumes the role of Carly. Her first airdate is May 2, 2001.

Guiding Light: Bryan Michael Maguire plays Police Chief Franklin on Wednesday, April 28, 2001. Elizabeth Hobgood's last airdate as May is Friday, April 20, 2001.

Passions: Chrystee Pharris joins the cast in the role of Simone Russell. Her first airdate is Tuesday, April 17, 2001. Ryan McPartlin joins the cast as Hank Bennett. His first airdate is Thursday, April 24, 2001.

Port Charles: Susan Haskell joins the cast as Granya. Her first airdate is Wednesday, April 18, 2001. Skye McKenzie will play Mr. Silver on Wednesday, April 18, 2001. Kevin McCorkle will be a bartender on Monday, April 23, 2001. Laura Skill has been cast in the role of Summer and appears on Tuesday, April 24, 2001. Willie Carpenter plays the Chief, and arrives in Port Charles on Tuesday, May 1, 2001. Beverly Garland will be in cahoots with Rick Kyler on Tuesday, May 1, 2001.

Seeing Stars

AMC: On April 21, 22, 2001, Josh Duhamel (Leo) appears at the Gala Benefit for Children's Cancer Foundation along with Kevin Spirtas (Craig, DOOL), Matt Cedeno (Brandon, DOOL), Stephen Schnetzer (Cass, ATWT) at the Hunt Valley Marriott in Hunt Valley, MD, from 7:30 PM-Midnight. Tickets: $210 (tax deductible and covers both Saturday's and Sunday's festivities including a gourmet sit-down dinner with fine wine and auction and receiving line with stars. Professional photos will be taken with guests and group of stars for $25 (mailing charges included) Call 410 486-4744. On April 28, 2001 see Cameron Mathison (Ryan) at Funny Farm Comedy Club at the Holiday Inn in Youngstown, OH. Call 330 759-4242 for info. Also on April 28, 2001 see Josh Duhamel (Leo), Soap Star on Tour, at the King of Prussia Mall, Philadelphia, PA. Call 610 265-5727 for info. Again on April 27-28, see Walt Willey (Jack) at the Comedy Forum, St. Louis, MO. Call 636 498-1234. On May 5, 2001 see Josh Duhamel (Leo) Soap Star on Tour, at the Northshore Mall, Boston, MA. Call 508 531-3440 for info.

As the World Turns: On Saturday, April 21, 2001 it's the ATWT Fan Club Luncheon 2001 & 45th Anniversary Celebration, Hosted by Martha Byrne and Michael Park from noon till 4 PM. (Doors open at 11:00 a.m.) at the Marriott Marquis, 1535 Broadway (between 45th and 46th Streets) New York, NY. Tickets are $85.00 for non-fan club members and $80.00 for current As The World Turns Fan Club Members (U.S. Funds Only). Make checks and money orders payable to: AS THE WORLD TURNS FAN CLUB Luncheon Tickets, P.O. Box 647, Merrick, NY 11566-0647 Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope. After March 15, 2001 only money orders will be accepted. For info email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit the As The World Turns Fan Club website at . Also on April 21-22, 2001, Josh Duhamel (Leo, AMC) appears at the Gala Benefit for Children's Cancer Foundation along with Kevin Spirtas (Craig, DOOL), Matt Cedeno (Brandon, DOOL) and Stephen Schnetzer (Cass, ATWT) at the Hunt Valley Marriott in Hunt Valley, MD, from 7:30 PM-Midnight. Tickets: $210 (tax deductible and covers both Saturday's and Sunday's festivities including a gourmet sit-down dinner with fine wine and auction and receiving line with stars. Professional photos will be taken with guests and group of stars for $25 (mailing charges included) Call 410 486-4744. On Saturday, April 28, 2001 in Naples, FL at the Forest Glen Country Club, and on Sunday, April 29, 2001 at the Eagle Creek Country Club, join Michael Park (Jack) along with many cast members from Guiding Light (see Guiding Light below) for the Celebrity Pro-AM Golf Tournament beginning at 8 AM each day. For info call 914 642-3378.

Days of Our Lives: On Saturday,April 19, 2001 at 1 PM on the Game Show Network, Matt Cedeno appears on the show Lovers Lounge. Cedeno will give advice on romance, even revealing secrets from his own love life! On April 21, 22, 2001, Josh Duhamel (Leo, AMC) appears at the Gala Benefit for Children's Cancer Foundation along with Kevin Spirtas (Craig, DOOL), Matt Cedeno (Brandon, DOOL) and Stephen Schnetzer (Cass, ATWT) at the Hunt Valley Marriott in Hunt Valley, MD, from 7:30 PM-Midnight. Tickets: $210 (tax deductible and covers both Saturday's and Sunday's festivities including a gourmet sit-down dinner with fine wine and auction and receiving line with stars. Professional photos will be taken with guests and group of stars for $25 (mailing charges included) Call 410 486-4744. Seating is limited. Also on April 21, 2001, Jason Cook, Jay Johnson, Kyle Lowder and other DOOL stars join stars of Passions for the 2nd Annual Charity Celebrity Basketball Game at Herbert Hoover HS, Glendale, CA beginning at 7 PM. Proceeds benefit the Children's Bureau of Southern CA.

General Hospital: On Saturday, April 21,2001 Wally Kurth will be participating in a Soap Operas' AIDS Response benefit at the Poughkeepsie Galleria in Poughkeepsie, New York from 12:30 -1:30 p.m. Tickets are $30.00 and can be purchased by calling 845-255-3685. You can also find out more information by visiting http://www.soar8.com. Later that same day, see Wally Kurth at Brokerage Comedy Club in Bellmore, New York at 7:30 p.m. and again at 10:30 p.m. Tickets are $26.00. Call 516-785-8655 for info.

Guiding Light: On Friday, April 20, 2001 Ron Raines (Alan) performs with the Cattanooga Symphony at 8 PM. For tickets call 423 267-8583. On Saturday, April 28, 2001 in Naples, FL at the Forest Glen Country Club, and on Sunday, April 29, 2001 at the Eagle Creek Country Club, join George Alvarez (Fr. Ray), Frank Dicopoulos (Frank), Mark Dobies (Noah), Maureen Garrett (Holly), David Andrew Macdonald (Prince Edmund), Michael O'Leary (Dr. Rick), Victoria G. Platt (Vicky), Susan Pratt (Claire), Wesley Ramsey (Sam), Brittany Snow (Susan), Nancy St. Alban (Michelle), Terrell Tilford (David), Jordi Vilasuso (Tony), Kim Zimmer (Reva), plus Beth Ehlers (Harley), Justin Deas (Buzz), Laura Bell Bundy (Marah), and Michael Park (Jack, ATWT) for the Celebrity Pro-AM Golf Tournament beginning at 8 AM. For info call 914 642-3378.

One Life to Live: On April 21, 2001, David Fumero (Cristian), Soap Star on Tour, appears at the Aventura Mall, N. Miami Beach, FL from 2-4 PM. Call 305 935-1110.

Passions: Now thru April 22, 2001 see Travis Schuldt (Ethan) starring in Lone Star Ensemble's production of Shakespeare's Venus and Adonis at the 2nd Stage Theatre, 6500 Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood, CA. Tickets are $15.00. Call 323 650-5111 for reservations. Watch for Natalie Zea (Gwen) as she guest-stars on CSI, tentatively scheduled to air on Thursday, April 19, 2001. Check your local listings. On Saturday, April 21, 2001 join Galen Gering (Luis) and McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan) at the Westfield Shopping Town Mall (formerly the Topanga Plaza Mall) from 11 am to 1 pm. Autographs are at a cost of $5 each and all monies raised will go to one of Galen's favorite charities: "New Leash on Life" an organization that supports dog adoptions. Dog adoptions will be available at the Mall from 11 am to 4 pm. The Westfield Shopping Town Mall is located at 6600 Topanga Canyon Blvd, Canoga Park, CA. On Sunday, April 15, 2001 see Eva Tamargo Lemus (Pilar) presenting at the MovieGuide Awards, airing on the PAX Family Channel. On April 28, 2001 join Natalie Zea (Gwen), Dana Sparks (Grace), Jade Harlow (Jessica), Deanna Wright (Kay) Josh Ryan Evans (Timmy), Galen Gering (Luis), James Hyde (Sam), Lindsay Korman (Theresa), Eva Tamargo Lemus (Pilar), Ben Masters (Julian), Jesse Metcalfe (Miguel), Tracey Ross (Eve), Travis Schuldt (Ethan), Rodney Van Johnson (TC), and McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan) at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center for William Shatner's 11th Annual Hollywood Charity Horse Show. Tickets are $15, $25, and $50 (including dinner). Call 818 840-9066. See Galen Gering (Luis) as he participates in the Annual Soap City week on Wheel of Fortune, scheduled to air the week of April 30 to May 4, 2001. Gering will be playing for Passions' favorite charity, St. Margaret Mary School in New York. Wheel is a syndicated show, so check your local listings. Join the entire cast of Passions at the 2nd Annual Passions Fan Club Event on Saturday, July 14, 2001. Stay tuned to TRO for further details!

Bubbles Busted?

Snail mail TPTB!

All My Children: Audience Information, ABC TV, 77 W. 66th St, NY, NY 10023
As the World Turns: CBS TV, 1268 East 14th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11230
Bold & the Beautiful: CBS TV, 7800 Beverly Blvd, LA, CA 90036
Days of Our Lives: NBC TV, 3000 W. Alameda Ave, Burbank, CA 91523
General Hospital: ABC TV, 4151 Prospect Ave, Hollywood, CA 90027
Guiding Light: CBS TV, 51 W 52nd St, NY, NY 10019
One Life to Live: ABC TV, Audience Information, 77 W. 66th St, NY, NY 10023
Passions; CBS Radford Studios, 4024 Radford Ave, Studio City, CA 91604
Port Charles: ABC TV, 4151 Prospect Ave, Hollywood, CA 90027
Young & the Restless: CBS TV, 7800 Beverly Blvd, LA, CA 90036

For those who are disappointed that NBC cancelled Titans, send snail mail to:
Mr. Scott Sassa, President, NBC West Coast, 3000 W. Alameda Avenue, Burbank, CA 91523

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