Happy Birthday!

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AMC goes back in time, DAYS on Friends and Stars on new shows

Hi Suds Buds!

Big news! Our very own Bob, the Purple Turtle celebrates his first birthday today. Valentine's Day. It's hard to believe a whole year passed since Bob took his place of honor as the Turtle-Run mascot. His bright little face and cheery disposition always makes me smile, and I hope he helps make your visits to TRO a little more fun. He's been dreaming about his birthday cake for a week! LOL Bob? Care to put the fork down and say a few words to our online friends?

"Oh, sure. Hehehe. Hi everyone. Thanks for visiting us at Turtle-Run and participating in our interactive eZine. We love having you and look forward to bringing you lots more cool stuff. I may still only be a baby, but even Mickey Mouse had to start somewhere. Please stick around and help us grow! Find out more about how I was born by clicking here. But for now, enough about me. Linda, tell them about all this week's soap stuff!"

Thanks Bob, I will. Happy Birthday to you. Here's to many, many more. ;o) Now for the soap stuff...

All My Children surprised me last week with an extremely delightful bit. They took the Martin family back in time to the fifties, a la the feature film Pleasantville. Jake looked like a dead-ringer for Buddy Holly, complete with coke-bottle glasses; Dixie was the perfect June Cleaver; Joe Martin a "father knows best;" and Tad Martin as "the Beaver." Even thinking about it now makes me giggle. Well performed by the actors, and creatively conceived by the writers, it just goes to show you that when they want to, soaps can still deliver.

TRO's featured celebrity, Kevin Spirtas (Craig, DOOL), makes a guest appearance on a special two-part episode of Friends this Thursday, February 17, 2000 on NBC from 8-9 PM ET. Along with Kristian Alfonso (Hope) the two DOOL's stars play themselves as the show's regular characters ponder what life might have been like had they taken a different path. Joey's story (Matt LeBlanc) involves his still starring as the hunky Dr. Drake Ramoray on Days of Our Lives.

Speaking of which, Joey starring on Days of Our Lives was something that never made sense to me. How can Joey, who lives in New York, work on a show that tapes in Los Angeles, and still be home every night in time to hang with his friends in New York? Talk about stretching the suspension of disbelief :o) Wouldn't it have made more sense if Joey worked on a New York based soap like All My Children? He could be yet another love interest for Hayley, driving Mateo completely off the deep end. Or One Life to Live? He could save Tea from Todd! Or As the World Turns? He could be the one who secretly impregnated all the women of Oakdale! LOL But as we all know, Friends is an NBC show, so they had to use an NBC soap, regardless of the commuting situation. Guess the suits can make anything happen on TV. Or maybe Joey has an evil twin? :o)

Timothy Paul Perez (Relax... It's Just Sex) has signed on to a recurring role of a male nurse on Port Charles.

Former As the World Turns actors Donnie Keshawarz and David Zeaman have signed on in supporting roles in the new mob genre drama film, Growing Down in Brooklyn. Set in the mid-70's, it's a coming of age story about four young wiseguys who seek revenge for a friend's death, and become entangled with murder and the mob, and also stars Vincent Pastore (Big Pussy Bompenserio, The Sopranos).

PassionsLindsay Korman (Theresa) and Travis Schuldt (Ethan) will be online at http://www.nbc.com tonight, Monday, February 14, 2000 at 9 PM ET. Join them for a Valentine's Day chat, and find out what's been happening in Harmony.

Maree Cheatham, Port Charles lovable Aunt Charlene, has been recognized by the First Americans in the Arts with the Outstanding Performance by an Actress in Daytime Television Award. The ceremony takes place Saturday, February 26, 2000 at the Century Plaza Hotel in Century City, California. A daytime television veteran, Cheatham created the role of Marie Horton on DOOL, then moved to NY and joined the cast of Search for Tomorrow as Stephanie Wyatt, a role that garnered her three EMMY nominations. She's appeared on the stage, in films and prime time television, and beginning this month, can be seen in a new Lee Murphy play titled Monkee Grass at the Victory Theater in Los Angeles.