Happy 5th Anniversary Passions!

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Five years of Passions & Passions Caption Contest

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Dear Suds Buds, 

Last week, soapdom celebrated a milestone when Guiding Light, the longest running daytime serial, celebrated its 52nd anniversary on CBS Daytime. 

This week, NBC Daytime’s freshman soap, Passions, is celebrating five years on the air! 

I can’t believe that it’s been five years for Passions already.  A few months before Passions inaugural episode, I had launched my first web site. It was called Turtle-Run.com and was originally meant to be – believe it or not – an online marketing tool for my writing, marketing/pr and production business, Turtle-Run Entertainment.  As I was also a working journalist, having written for the entertainment industry press, I made the decision to republish some of the articles I’d written, just to have some content on the site.  Some of those early articles included coverage of prime time’s Law and Order for Location Update Magazine, and a story I wrote for Soap Opera Weekly on how I helped All My Children’s Michael E. Knight (Tad) reach out and touch his online fans.  Read that story here.   

Subsequent articles published at Turtle-Run.com included more that I’d written for Soap Opera Weekly, and before long, Turtle-Run.com was the buzz of soap fans.  It was then the decision was made to focus primarily on the soap opera-related content.  And guess what?  

It was at that same time that NBC daytime was gearing up to launch Passions.  I remember seeing the first episode. It aired five years ago this very day (July 5, 1999).  Many fans were up at arms when NBC cancelled Another World to make way for Passions.  Many refused to even watch the new soap.

But I couldn’t wait to tune in and be there from the beginning. Those first episodes were a tad too campy, but groundbreaking in the use of multi-cultural storytelling.  The character of Timmy, the literal "living doll" was priceless.  Plus, I predicted that Sheridan was meant to be with Luis. Yup, Shuis fans. On the very first day, I could see where TPTB were heading with those two characters.  

To make a long story short, Passions is very dear to my heart, as its launch coincides with the decision to make Turtle-Run.com a site for soap fans. Five years later, here we are still going strong with our reborn web presence, Soapdom.com, and Passions is celebrating 5 years on the air.

If you want to relive some of those early moments of Passions, visit Soapdom.com’s Daily Episode Guides.  Find Passions and then type in the day July 5, 1999.  It will definitely take you back!

And five years later, Passions fans, the question Passions is asking is "have you been paying attention?" Tabitha's Attic at http://www.nbc.com/passions tests your trivia knowledge with 100 questions, including brand new ones!  Plus, beginning on July 5, celebrate Passions' Fifth Anniversary by entering the Caption Contest at nbc.com/passions. For five weeks, four winners will be chosen and each one will receive a special Passions fifth-anniversary poster!  Good luck!

Til the top of next week,

Linda Marshall-Smith
CEO, Soapdom, Inc.

What do YOU think?  Share your thoughts in the "Criticize the Critic" forum  on the Soapdom.com Message Boards