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Working behind the scenes & Constructive criticism

May 5, 2003

Jessica RadloffHi everyone!

As Linda mentioned in last week’s column, I’ll be taking over just for the week (don’t worry–she’ll be back before you know it!).  In the meantime, though, I am really excited about writing my first ever TOW column and corresponding with all of you. 

Soaps–and sitcom television–were staples in my house growing up.  In fact, it is what made me want to be an actress today.  As a youngster, studying was my life, and it seemed all I ever did was homework and prepare for tests and exams.  As a release, I would watch All My Children with my mom after school.  She taught me who the characters were, and how the storylines were socially relevant.  AMC was pure entertainment, and it made me want to entertain people in the same way. 

Fast forward about ten years or so, and although I am Soapdom’s editorial asst., I am also an aspiring actress in LA.  I started off interning for St. Louis’ NBC affiliate in the sports department, and then moved onward and upward to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, ABC News, and CBS News.  In addition, I also interned for “Young and the Restless” and even got myself a summer gig in their teen storyline.  Yes, that would be me helping J.T. stuff the prom ballots to make sure Mackenzie didn’t win prom queen!

Through each and every one of my experiences, it gave me a better insight into the world of news and entertainment, and what really goes on behind the scenes.  I have such respect for the team effort that is put into taping a show most days of the year.  It is truly an enormous undertaking, but one that is often carried off effortlessly by gobs and gobs of talented people.

As such, soaps are the epitome of what I like to call “team effort.”  From the actors to the production assistants to the publicists to the breakdown writers, there is no easy task on a soap.  Everyone must put in their full effort to make the show appear flawless on screen.  And yes, although the writing may be cheesy, and the acting can sometimes appear a bit lazy, it is never the intention of the performer or crew member to make it look that way.  Constructive criticism is good, but remember the effort that goes in to putting your favorite soap on the year each and every day of the year. 

After all, we may long for the classic soap days of yesterday, but it is still great to turn on the TV and see Erica Kane come into our homes each and every day of the year.  That, is what we call, “team effort.”  Plus, I can only hope to one day entertain you guys in the same way that my favorite actors and actresses did for me. 

Till Next Time,

Stay tuned!  Jessica

P.S. Due to some technical difficulties, there will be no sneakier peeks on Monday.  But sneak peeks for the Week of May 5th are already online and sneak peeks for May 12th will be online on Thursday.