Getting Emmy Fever as DOOL Gets Snubbed

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Daytime EMMY numbers problem for DOOL

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The QueenRuler Solution

Dear Suds Buds,
Don’t know about you, but here at Soapdom Emmy fever is everywhere. We’re interviewing quite a number of the nominees and will be publishing those interviews as we get closer to the day.  I can’t wait to read all about how each of them learned they were nominated and what this nomination means to them.

But amid all the Emmy excitement, I can’t help but feel badly for Days of our Lives. They never seem to get nominations. Yes, they receive nominations in the Creative Craft Achievement Categories, but hardly ever garner nominations for acting, writing, or directing. What’s the reason for that? I believe there is a reason, and two Days stars agree with me.

It’s not really that big a mystery. It all comes down to one thing. Numbers -- or the lack thereof. 

The CBS network has four soaps.  ABC has three.  NBC only has two. A large part of the voting process has to do with casts and crews of the shows voting.  If NBC only has two soaps, that’s only two casts and two crews that can vote.  CBS has twice that.  ABC has 25% more eligible voters. 

“I think sometimes the numbers thing comes into play,” admitted Days of our Lives Arianne Zuker (Nicole). “Especially if the networks don’t know each other. Or (there are) newcomers that come in to vote. A lot of times you vote for who you know and who you really love.  So, I can agree that (the numbers issue) will outweigh it from that respect.  But we’re given a chance to do our work and we do, and we’ll get it.  We have quite the fan base. We win the People’s Choice Award and the Cybby.  Quite the faithful fans and that’s just as important to us.”

Days Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) is likewise perplexed as to why her show doesn’t garner more nomiations.  “Years ago it was because there were so many shows in NY. But now there are five here and four there, but I’d hate to think it’s that an east coast/west coast thing comes into play. That would really upset me if I thought that was the case. I don’t know. It’s not from not trying. We certainly have tried. We certainly work hard. The scripts we get we really work hard on them to make them sing. And make them believable. I don’t understand it.”

Rogers agrees that the biggest problem was the numbers: CBS has four shows, ABC has three. NBC only has two. “That’s probably our biggest problem our only having two shows. Even if everyone from those two shows voted for those two shows it’s still not enough.”

So, NBC, I have a suggestion. If you want to receive more nominations in the Daytime Emmys, you have to produce another soap opera. Sheraton Kalouria, are you listening?

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Linda Marshall-Smith
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What do YOU think?  Share your thoughts in the "Criticize the Critic" forum  on the Message Boards