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Dear Suds Buds,

Soapdom gets a fair amount of email from our members on a daily basis.  Much of it is customer-service oriented, helping people get logged in. I’d like to take this opportunity to digress for a moment to share these important member tips regarding logging in: 

1) Always click GO after typing in your user name and password; and, 2) periodically clear your browser’s cookies. Cookies get corrupted for no reason, and if your browser’s cookies get corrupted -- Soapdom’s software will not be able to recognize you, even though you are a member.  So, as a rule of thumb, delete your browser’s cookies at least once a week to make sure you can always access  Now, back to the topic at hand! ;o)

There are fans that write us telling us how they feel about certain storylines, actors, shows in general.  Other members write to say how much they enjoy getting the Soapdom News newsletter. 

Today I received a note from Christopher K. in Minnesota.  His question was quite interesting so I decided to respond to it here in this column.  Here is what his email said:

“If I wanted to try out for a part in Days of our Lives, how can I do that, and if I live in Minnesota, is it possible?”

Well, Chris, your aspirations are commendable.  Are they possible?  Yes, absolutely.  Easy?  Not at all.

First of all, are you already an actor?  You must have some kind of experience performing drama -- high school and/or regional theater, and as much of it as you can manage.  The more leading roles in plays you have on your acting resume, the better.

Next, you need current headshots. Headshots are 8x10 glossy photos of – well basically and no pun intended – your head, from the shoulders up. A headshot is a close up of your face.  You need your headshot taken by a professional photographer to be taken seriously. 

Naturally, as Days of our Lives is shot in Los Angeles, it would be most desirable if you already lived in Los Angeles.  You would need to come to LA in order to audition, which could be on a moment’s notice. Should you be the right actor for a particular character spot on Days, you would need to move to LA in order to accept the role and work the part.

All that being said, you could and should still try to get the attention of the casting director of Days, even though you live in Minnesota.  If you have any performances on video tape that’s great. They may want to see those – eventually.  But first, you need to get their attention.  Do that by writing a brief, but clever (not too clever) cover letter explaining why you feel you as an actor would benefit Days of our Lives.  Note your age range. Are you a teenage?  A 20-something?  A retired business man?  Let them know.  Then, include a copy of your current headshot, the one the professional photographer took of you and you had duplicated so that you could send it to a number of casting directors, not only the one on Days, and your acting resume.  Tell them you have a tape of your performances ready to send should they request it, but don’t send it until they ask. 

If they like what they see, and if they have a part that would meet your “look,” age range and skill level, they could very possibly want to see your “reel.” (That video tape of your acting performances, I mentioned earlier.)  If they like the reel, they may ask you to either do a taped audition, or to fly out to Los Angles to audition in person. 

However, if there is no current part that would fit your look, age range and skill level, they will probably toss your headshot in the garbage pail. Which is precisely why, you should send it again, with a new and different clever cover letter a few weeks later. In fact, keep sending it to them every other week.  Eventually, you may get their attention.  Eventually, they may get a role that you would be right for.

Keep in mind that landing an acting role on a soap or any other genre, is 10% preparation and 90% luck. What they say about being in the right place at the right time couldn’t hold more true for actors auditioning.  Even if you get called in for an audition and ace it, any one of a number of reasons could preclude you from getting the part.

Still, it certainly doesn’t hurt to try.  Send your head shot, cover letter and resume to:

Ms. Fran Bascom
Casting Director
Days of our Lives
c/o NBC TV
3000 West Alameda Avenue
Burbank, CA 91523

And remember, when you get your first role on a soap opera, whether Days or any other, I hope that you will grant Soapdom your first interview. Keep us posted on your progress and break a leg!

For other aspiring soap opera actors out there, take the same advice and send your headshots, cover letters and resumes to the casting directors of your favorite soap. Snail Mail Addresses.  Just address them “Attn:  Casting Director.”

Til the top of next week,

Linda Marshall-Smith
CEO, Soapdom, Inc.

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