From Soap Opera to Country Star: Why You Should See Taylor Swift in Concert

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Taylor Swift (c) Kathy HutchinsYou may or may not know that beautiful and talented Taylor Swift, multiple award winning country singer, once acted on a soap opera.   It was an uncredited role.  She also did a few stints on primetimers.  

It isn’t often when we have a young entertainer who can act and sing, but there are some who are able to achieve success in both.

Singer and boyband member, Justin Timberlake, surprised the world with his on-screen skills,

More recently came the...

... artist Taylor Swift. Swift first made her acting debut in the soap opera ‘The Bold and the Beautiful,’ though she was not mentioned in the credits. Then she played a rebellious teenage girl in CBS’s ‘CSI.’ Swift went on to make a few more onscreen appearances, but she is best known for her musical abilities as one of the best country music singers to grace the stage. If she happens to be performing in your city, jump on those tix because they will sell out quickly!

She has class

When some people apply stereotypes to country singers, they will often imagine them as right-wing "rednecks" who parade around in clodhoppers and speak with appalling grammar. However, Taylor Swift is not your average country singer. In fact, to read about her sounds as off the wall as the screenplay for one of the soap operas she appeared in.

The truth of the matter is that Swift is elegant, very liberal and quite the progressive thinker. She has donated funds and charitable items to Elton John’s AIDS Foundation, she donated to the LGBT to help fight for marriage equality, and she recorded a commercial for the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network to combat hate crimes. And “it get’s better,” as she said in her ad: I am referring to the 2009 VMA awards in which she won a Moon Man for best female music video. Kanye West stormed the stage before Swift could even deliver her acceptance speech, yanked the mike from her hand, and whined and pouted that Beyonnce deserved the win. Taylor Swift handled the entire incident with class while it happened, and continued to be classy about the situation when asked about it by the media. Not only is it impressive that such a young artist handled herself like an industry veteran, but that a country singer was able to break through the VMAs and win an award over one of the hottest pop stars on the planet is an impressive feat to say the least!

A target for gossip

AKA, living her own real life soap opera!  Author Oscar Wilde once said that it is better to be talked about, than not talked about at all. When you are on the cover of The Enquirer for funding Columbian drug lords or for being probed by aliens, you know you have made it to stardom. Taylor Swift can identify, as The Huffington Post has stuck up for the young singer, calling gossip columns “ridiculous” for claiming such stupid rumors like the one in which Swift was allegedly dumped by her boyfriend Harry Styles from the band True Direction because she kept nagging him to fix his uncircumcised penis. And what does Taylor Swift do about these silly stories? She ignores them like a pro and refuses to throw fuel on the gossip fire.

Her voice

Behind her classy and generous demeanor, is a singer with a powerful, beautiful voice. Be sure not to miss Swift when she makes her touring rounds to your city; this elegant, talented singer/songwriter will provide you with a great evening of entertainment, and provide a glimpse into the life of a well-rounded, multi-talented artist who will continue to move us both on and off the stage.