Forget real life; all of us in soapdom know soap operas are way more exciting!

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Elizabeth Taylor as Helena Cassadine (c) ABCAs every die hard soap opera fan knows, it's fun to escape into the world of soapdom, living vicariously through the lives, loves, joys and heartaches of our favorite soap opera characters.

People have an innate desire to be entertained. Some people acquire pets, others find their daily joy playing bingo games online and fans like us become involved in absorbing soap operas.

Soap operas are among the most-loved and watched television shows of all time. Here are a few memorable moments from soaps past...

Where were you when these iconic storylines played out?

General Hospital 1981

The wedding of the century did not take place in any royal palace.  It actually happened on General Hospital in front of millions of viewers.  No one watching that soap opera episode will ever forget the beauty of that stunning wedding, not to mention the starring appearances of film legend, Elizabeth Taylor who played the dastardly role of Helena Cassadine back then.

There was Luke, the good looking guy, and Laura, the gorgeous young bride, who were finally getting married after a long and tumultuous relationship.  The romance itself was a magnet for the masses. 

The wedding drew a mega crowd of viewers:  People from every walk of life stayed home to watch the magical moment.  Shopping malls, work places and university classes were devoid of people.  Nurses watched the wedding in patients’ rooms. 

This was a once in a lifetime event.  One college student reported giving a bit too much blood when the blood donor room nurses became glued to the TV.  Luckily, the nurses remembered their patients before anyone feinted.  As a result of the fabulous General Hospital wedding, thousands and thousands of new viewers began extending their lunch hours to watch the ongoing soap opera in the Sears television sales room on a daily basis.

General Hospital 1994

B.J.’s death on General Hospital marked another memorable moment in soap opera history.  This is the intricate story of Maxie Jones who was in need of a heart transplant due to a grave illness.  A child, B.J., the little daughter of Bobbie Jones, was involved in a major bus accident and became clinically brain dead.  Without being immediately aware of the donor, Maxie Jones lived on with the transplanted heart of B.J.  The scene that grabbed the television audience involved the mother of Maxie falling on the floor when Bobbie told her that B.J. was the donor, at which point Bobbie also landed on the floor in emotional distress.

Guiding Light – Reva’s Clone

Viewers of soap operas have the pleasure of seeing much of futuristic medicine unfold in life-like situations.  As with the movie audience of Multiplicity, starring Michael Keaton, viewers of Guiding Light were treated to a cloning.  Josh thought his Reva was dead.  Therefore he asked a doctor to clone her from her frozen eggs.  Somehow her eggs had been frozen.  Well, the clone grew up instantaneously due to a special aging medicine.

When the clone learned of Reva’s life, she abducted Reva.  Josh, in the meantime, married Reva’s clone.  Reva then sent a tape informing Josh of her living state.  Reva, being a very forgiving soul, pretended that the clone was her cousin Dolly.  As Dolly, she moved to Italy to begin life anew.  However, like Romeo’s Juliette, Dolly was madly in love with Josh; therefore she fatally overdosed on the aging serum.  Happily ever after was the scenario for Reva & Josh. 

The Young and the Restless - Katherine's Plastic Surgery

Jeanne Cooper (Y&R's Katherine Chancelor) whose brush with the plastic surgeon's scapal made soap opera history. She went under the knife in both her real life and her soap character life.

All My Children - Erica's abortion.  

Soap opera diva of diva's Susan Lucci who played the iconic character of Erica Kane, portrayed the first soap character to have an abortion on daytime television. 

What are some of your most memorable soap opera storylines or moments?  Stone's death on General Hospital?  Tad's return from the dead on All My Children?  Lily and Holden's love story on As the World Turns?  Luke and Noah's love story on As the World Turns?  Sally Spectra's antics on The Bold and the Beautuful?  

Let us know in the comments below!