Fan February, Fan Fest, Soapdom & The Power of Love

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Fan events, Celebrity charities, & Soapdom gets in on the act

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Soap Fans Rule!

Hi Suds Buds:

Wow, that’s all I can say!  It’s February and there is so much going on for fans in the world of soapdom that it’s hard to know where to start! 

First off, ABC is in full swing with its Fan February episodes. The first in the series of three airs this Wednesday (February 12, 2003) on All My Children.  This episode promises to be a real blast, so AMC fans be sure to tune in.    I mean, come on. Tad marrying Erica, and also fending off the entire female population of Pine Valley to boot?  How is the former cad gonna handle all that attention? 

Then, on Wednesday, February 19, 2003, its One Life to Live’s turn as the Buchanans Ride Again and the entire town turns into musical theatre! 

Finally, on Wednesday, February 26, 2003 tables turn at General Hospital when Sonny and Jason switch places and the Quartermaines have their own reality TV series!  Wonder if there will be as much “bleeping” as there is on the Osborne’s?  LOL  The real question is -- will Alan mumble? 

I really have to hand it to ABC for executing such a fun premise, engaging the fans and delivering back to you what you asked to see on your favorite show.  ABC Daytime gets 5 Stars from me this month!

Speaking of stars, have you checked Soapdom’s Seeing Stars section lately? There are a number of major fan events in the works, beginning with The Celebrity Charity Weekend in Las Vegas, NBC’s Fan Fest in Los Angeles, and of course, ABC’s Super Soap Weekend West.  Although there are no definitive plans yet announced on when SSW West will take place this year, rumor has it that it will happen. Stay tuned to for the latest in where to go to check out your favorite stars!

In more star news, many of Daytime celebrities find it in their hearts to head up campaigns for charities.  Most recently, Passions’ Andrea Evans (Rebecca) has been named Ambassador to the City of Hope’s Cancer Walks for the third year in a row, and GH’s Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie) is the spokesperson for the American Heart Association’s “Power of Love” campaign.  Be sure to check back to Soapdom this week for our exclusive interview with Zeman. 

Zeman is just so passionate about this cause, her fervor rubbed off on us.  Soapdom has signed on to sponsor the “Power of Love” campaign.  For every member who upgrades to a 6-month paid subscription, or for every new member who subscribes for 6-months at $19.95, we will donate $2.00 of your subscription fee to the American Heart Association. 

When we told Jackie Zeman how much she inspired us, and that we were signing on to sponsor the campaign, she could not be more touched.  "Thank you Soapdom Members for your good intentions," she says to all of you. "Thank you for taking this important action to support the American Heart Association!"

Right Now at

Our exclusive coverage of ABC Daytime’s Fan February, with photos from AMC’s Fan February episode. Double click on each photo and it opens to a photo gallery page. Print them out. They are suitable for framing! 

Our exclusive interviews with OLTL’s Clint Ritchie and AMC’s newest antagonist, William deVry as Michael Cambias.

Plus tons of casting, public appearance, breaking news, weekly horoscopes, and more!

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Our exclusive interview with Jackie Zeman (Bobbie, GH) on her role as spokesperson for the AHA’s “Power of Love” campaign, her role on GH, her first encounter with nuLucky, Greg Vaughan, and saying good-bye to current Lucky, Jacob Young.

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Our exclusive interviews with Greg Vaughan, (nuLucky, GH) and Northwest Afternoon’s Cindy Rinehart and more!  Stay tuned.

Til the top of next week,

Linda Marshall-Smith
CEO, Soapdom, Inc.

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