Enjoy your daily soaps with the top five girliest drinks

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Soap operas have been a daytime necessity since the 1930s, when the soaps originally aired on AM stations across the country. As tech evolved, so did the prevalence of daytime soaps. They made the move from AM to "the tube" and were sponsored by the major "soap" giants, such as Lever Bros. as well as Proctor & Gamble.

Drink responsibly!While the times and characters have changed, the basic concept of a soap opera has stayed the same. These soap operas combine a lot of drama, sex and comedy that has fans across the country getting together to share the times with their friends. What better way than to share the fun with some "girly" drinks?

Here are a few ideas from your friends at Tantra Restaurant Lounge in Miami Beach, Florida.


Let's face it—martinis are probably just too hard for the middle of the day when you watch your soaps. Instead, try a twist on the drink with an appletini. Also called an apple martini, the drink contains the usual vodka along with apple liquer. You may also make the drink a little less strong by including  some apple juice, cider or brandy.


The cosmopolitan may have increased in prevalence after Sex & the City, but it has always been a favorite among femmes. This famous drink is made hard with vodka and triple sec, but it is also sweetened with a splash of cranberry juice. You also have the option of squeezing lime juice directly into the drink or including a slice on the side.

Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple was the ultimate girly girl, and a drink was named after her to suit the needs of kids when they went out to dine with their parents. While you might have sipped on these drinks as a child, there is a more grown-up version you can take on now. Alcoholic versions of the Shirley Temple drink include the classic ginger ale mixed with vodka, cherry-flavored bar syrup and orange juice.

Sex on the Beach

Some of the characters on the soaps might be having sex on the beach. While this might not be your personal forte, you can certainly participate by imbibing to it. A "sex on the beach" is a sweet cocktail comprised of vodka, cranberry juice, orange juice and peach schnapps. This is a refreshing daytime drink that goes down easy, so make sure you don't sip on it too fast as you are watching your riveting soap programs!

Sparkling Wine

While wine is considered a favorite among both genders, sparkling wine tends to be more with women. At the same time, if you are looking to sip on some wine during the day, you should choose a sparling version. These types of wines are more refreshing during the day, especially when they are chilled. To lighten up the alcohol level, you can even add a splash of orange juice or other beverage. One of the most common examples are mimosas, which are a combination of champagne and orange juice.