Emmy, Emmy, Emmy and a Whole Lot More!

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Creative Craft Emmy Awards, DAYS fan weekend, and inside scoops

Dear Suds Buds!

Stay tuned to Turtle Run's Top of the Week next week for our exclusive Inside the Bubble™ coverage of the 28th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, and for the results of Turtle Run's 3rd Annual Daytime Cybby Awards!  But before I say another word, a great big congratulations to all those who took home the coveted Emmy statue this year!  For a list of the winners, click here!

Inside the Bubble™ at the Creative Craft Achievement Awards for the Daytime Emmys

By Linda Marshall-Smith (LA) with C. G. (NY)

With stars and show technicians all decked out in their tuxes and gowns, the Creative Craft Achievement Awards for the Daytime industry were presented simultaneously on both coasts on Saturday, May 12, 2001.  (For the winners, see Top of the Week, May 14, 2001).

On the West Coast, the event was hosted at the Universal Sheraton Hotel in Universal City, CA.  The stars arrived and were greeted with the requisite line of paparazzi snapping away. "Entertainment Tonight," and a few other broadcast outlets were present with camera crews, snagging soundbites from the assorted stars. 

The ceremony began with an amazing montage of some of the fantastic moments in Daytime from the past year.  Carly Schroeder (Serena, PC) and Bryant Jones (Nate, Y&R) presented the first award, and were on hand distribute the statues to all the winners. Peter Bergman and Michelle Stafford (Jack and Phyllis, Y&R), the next set of presenters, were a striking pair onstage. Constance Towers and John Ingle (Helena and Edward, GH) were adorable as presenters, Towers commenting on how they are the two meanest people in Port Charles and here they are on stage together.  "True," said Ingle.  "But I am more ruthless."  "I am more RICH!" was Towers immediate retort! 

Kevin Spirtas and Patrika Darbo (Craig and Nancy, DOOL) gave a touching tribute to the work and research that has gone into finding a cure for AIDS. "Wear your red ribbons on the air next week (at the 28th Annual Daytime Emmys broadcast)," Spirtas asked the stars in the audience.  In the meantime, Darbo could not hold back tears after telling a story of young girl who would not still be alive today if it weren't for the progress in AIDS research and a particular broadcast.

Jon Lindsrom and Kelly Monaco (Kevin and Livvie, PC) presented three awards. As the flip of the coin would have it, all of the winners for these categories were New York-based shows. "The same thing happened to me last time I presented," Lindstrom said with a laugh.

But the highlight of the awards ceremony had to be the presenting team of John McCook and Darlene Conley (Eric and Sally, B&B).  It's no secret that Conley languishes in her flamboyance. McCook did not let this go unnoticed. "When I get to the set," he shared, "I get into wardrobe.  SHE gets into COSTUME!"  Huge laughter from the audience, as Conley played the moment perfectly, as only she could.  They presented an award that went to New York-based "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," and again Conley stole the show with her comment:  "More food for us!"

Turtle Run took the opportunity to catch up with a few stars.  Arianne Zuckor (Nicole, DOOL) shared a scoop. She will be participating at the Days Fan Weekend, "Cabaret with the Wesley's" on Friday night, June 1st. (See Seeing Stars below.) "I will be attempting to sing again this year," she said.  Julianne Morris (Greta, DOOL) also had a scoop regarding "Cabaret with the Wesleys."  "I will be there to support (the show)," she said, "but I am sparing the audience a great, horrible tragedy by sitting in my seat and NOT performing!" 

Emmy nominee, David Tom (Billy, Y&R) let us in on the fact that his storyline will really be heating up the summer.  "There are a couple of things I am very excited about," he said. "And unfortunately, I am not really quite sure how to say them without giving them away!"  But he did say that there were a lot of interesting things that would be revealed this summer.  According to Tom, not only is it going to be a very hot summer in Genoa City, "it's going to be a very hot next few weeks!" So, stay tuned!

Passions' Ben Masters (Julian) looked absoposilutely dashing in his tux! He couldn't wait to share with Turtle Run what's in store for the ever-devious Julian Crane this summer.  "He does some of the most hideous things," said Masters.  "I don't know if he will ever be redeemable after what he does this summer."  What hideous things lie in story for Harmony at Julian's hand? Masters could not share the specifics, but if he hasn't sparked your interest, what would? Masters also confided that he tries to make Julian "loveable" on a day-to-day basis, and from where TRO sits, he's doing a darn good job! 

John McCook (Eric, B&B) and I reminisced about his one-episode stint on the primetime show, "Moonlighting," the one that made a household name out of then newcomer, Bruce Willis (David Addison), and totally revived Cybill Sheppard's (Maddie Hayes) acting career.  "You remember me on 'Moonlighting,' McCook said with a hearty laugh.  "(In the scene) I was talking with Maddie Hayes at a bar.  I never even met Bruce Willis.  He didn't work that day.  But finally, at the end of the day, he came over and I did get to meet him. I had great fun working on that show!"

Emmy nominee Peter Bergman and Michelle Stafford (Jack and Phyllis, Y&R) are members of a mutual admiration society. Both could not have said more flattering things about working with each other.  "Michelle is a doll!" said Bergman of his co-star. "She is clever, creative, and comes in (to work) well-prepared. I couldn't ask for anything more than that."  Stafford shared similar sentiments about Bergman.  "He's prepared.  He's a stand-up guy.  He's good. He's normal, as far as normal goes," she said with a laugh.  "He is professional, and that is really great!"  Speaking of Bergman, he couldn't be happier with his current storyline.  "Things are going awfully well right now," he said.  "They've got Jack involved with Phyllis, and up to his ears in corporate troubles with too many people in the Jabot boardroom."  As compared to -- too many cooks in the kitchen? "Yes!" he bellowed.  "It's been great fun to play, and work with actors that I really like.  So this is nice."   Be sure to catch Bergman and Stafford in action this summer on Y&R.

Juliet Mills (Tabitha, PAS) couldn't be more delighted to be in her current storyline.  The summer is going to prove to be quite interesting for Tabitha.  "There is a big production," Mills revealed. "A big disaster, if Tabitha's got anything to do with it," she said with a laugh. Mills also revealed a scoop.  There are rumors that Tabitha will be losing something very important!  "Heads up" to that (hint, hint!).  Tune into Passions this summer to see if Tabitha loses her head over something and just what that might be!

After the awards presentation, the festivities adjourned to an outdoor buffet where stars and show technicians mingled with the press and the Emmy Committee over a delicious catered dinner.  Linda Marshall-Smith, LA

While simultaneously on the East Coast...

...the media blitz and pageantry of the "Twenty-Eighth Annual Daytime Emmy Awards" would be reserved for the televised "main event" on Friday, May 18, 2001, but the heart and soul of what keeps Daytime TV on the air was on display the Saturday before NBC's live broadcast. The Creative CraftAwards for the East Coast were presented at a banquet ceremony at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. Daytime turned out to honor the technical side of the industry, and show their gratitude for the hard-working people behind the scenes of the Talk Shows, Game Shows, Service Shows, Children's Programming, and Daytime Dramas. 

The first presenter, Emeril Lagasse ("The Essence of Emeril"), opened up the event with a quip about accepting any "last minute offers" to auction the coveted statuette to the highest bidder. "I'm always really excited about coming to these events because if I really can't kick it up a notch and do it for all of you sitting down, on the way out I can always apply for the waiter or banquet captain's job, the way I'm dressed. It's an easy fit for me."

The Broadway Ballroom was filled with a sumptuous buffet dinner and poshly decorated for the Emmy nominees and presenters. The pressroom served sodas and coffee and an occasional finger sandwich. As the winners were announced, they made their way back to the pressroom to take their "official" Academy sanctioned photos.

"Bob" McGrath from "Sesame Street," which took home three awards, teased, "Big Bird was supposed to be here, but the costume was hijacked. So, if you should catch him looking over his shoulder or reciting the alphabet wrong, it's [actually] Paulie from 'The Sopranos.' He's hiding out from the Russians for the next week or two." The Emmy winning writing team from "Sesame Street" made sure to thank... "the letters B, C, D, and Z..."

Tom Eplin (Jake, ATWT) didn't stay long, but managed to briefly attend the ceremony in support of ATWT. With ATWT winning a total of 4 awards, many prophesized that it was a good indication of what would happen during Friday's televised awards. And rightly so, as things turned out! 

Lisa Peluso (Gina, OLTL) and Mark Derwin (Ben, OLTL) made sure to add their voices to the raucous cheers when OLTL won for Technical Direction, later joining the winners in a group photo. "We're so grateful to be here tonight. They work so hard," Lisa added.

"I'm very thrilled to be here. I've never been to the technical awards before," confessed Marj Dusay (Vanessa, AMC) to all the nominees. "I want to tell you that you are all my heroes and have been for years. I think it's apropos that on the eve of Mothers' Day, and, I hate to be 'puniful' here but we're all your children as actors, and you are all -- and don't take this the wrong way -- mothers, to us. So we thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Emmy winners were warned that when a group wins, only one person may do the speaking. When someone said two words beyond what the "one" official acceptor said, they were reprimanded and sound was cut -- in the Press Room! The sound remained off for twenty minutes as the press was left in the dark and constantly questioning, "Who won?"

"Next week is my eleventh anniversary in daytime TV," proclaimed AMC's J. Eddie Peck. (Jake)  "I don't walk off the stage one day early when I don't look back at the crew, feel guilty at all the people who are putting in such long, hard dedicated hours to really make us look good, and I just want you all to know that we recognize it, we appreciate it, and we thank you all for all your hard work and dedication."

Stalling for time as the winners of the Outstanding Writing for a Children's Special, RATZ!,  were making their way to the stage, Martha Byrne (Lily, ATWT) remarked, "Ratz! Very fitting for New York, by the way. Come out to Brooklyn and see a couple of rats right at the parking garage. We like it out there, one and a half hours from home. The rats greet you in the morning and they give you bagels and coffee and they clean tires, apparently." For those who may not know, ATWT tapes at a studio facility in Brooklyn, NY! 

It was plenty evident that the presenters were plenty proud of their backstage support. Jennifer Bassey (Marian, AMC) even joined in jumping up and down in the press room with the award winning AMC hairdressing team, thereby showing the much touted "family feeling" amongst the cast and crew in daytime.

And as usual, Turtle Run caught up with a few of the stars.  Laura Allen (Laura, AMC) couldn't be happier working with Emmy nominee, Julia Barr. "I love working with Julia," said Allen. "She's so easy to work with. It's like coasting."  Allen also shared a scoop about what's in store for Laura on AMC.  "As far as I know, I'm in the hospital and it's getting very serious. I've been diagnosed with pneumonia, at this time. I'm just trying to capture as many 'moments' as I can with my friends and family."

AMC's Eden Riegel shared a little insight into the relationship of Bianca and Laura.  " Bianca is totally devoted to Laura," she said.   "I mean, really. She loves her on so many different levels. I think she will definitely stand by her and support her even though she knows that Laura cannot feel the same way."

J. Eddie Peck, AMC's new Jake, is loving the scenes he gets to do with Rebecca Buddig (Greenlee.)  "I don't know for sure [whether or not Jake will end up making a play for Greenlee], but Jake has taken on this nurturing attraction for Greenlee," admitted Peck.  And working with Buddig is almost a dream come true for the actor.  "When I first started working on the show they asked me 'Who'd you like to work with?' I didn't even know Rebecca, and I'm like, 'I like her. I like that spunkiness in her. She's got a great thing going on and I think it's a great energy for J. Eddie.' So, I hope I get to do more with her." We'll all just have to tune in and see if Peck gets his wish!  C.G., NY

The Emmy Partying Begins with Michael E. Knight, Catherine Hickland, Darlene Vogel, George Alvarez, a Couple of Cute Puppies & More!

By Karen Wolitzer (NY)

On Saturday night, May 12, 2001 while most soap stars were in NYC attending the Creative Craft Emmys, five fabulous daytime celebs (and one sweet ex-OLTLer) braved terrible traffic to attend a Pre-Daytime Emmy Party, thrown by soap party planner Marcia Tovsky, at the swanky Garden City Hotel (in Long Island, NY).

The event was held to raise money for Long Island's North Shore Animal League (NSAL), an animal shelter that has been finding lost and abandoned pets loving, safe homes for 55 years. The stars, all pet lovers, were happy to donate their time.

Fans paid $55 to attend, and for this they got to mingle with "One Life to Live's" Catherine Hickland (Lindsay), Darlene Vogel (Melanie) and Christine Toy Johnson (ex-Lisa), "Guiding Light's" George Alvarez (Father Ray) and Billy Kay (Shane), plus everyone's favorite actor, "All My Children's" Michael E. Knight (Tad).

The fun began with a lavish buffet and drinks, followed by a question and answer period with the stars. When all the questions were answered and some very funny stories were told, the lucky fans got to go up on stage and talk with, get autographs from, and take pictures with the stars. 

Knight arrived late. He was signing autographs at another fan event in New Jersey.  ("Soap Stars on Tour" at the Garden State Plaza Mall.)  He sat in incredibly horrible traffic for hours and finally arrived about an hour and a half into the event. Everyone squealed with delight when he walked into the lavish ballroom.  It really was worth the wait. He is an adorably sweet and funny guy.

Since he had missed the first round of Q&A, Knight and his beautiful wife (Catherine Hickland) sat down on the stage and answered even more fan questions. Some of the questions asked by the fans were fantastic, not to mention the candid responses of the stars! Here a few of the best quotes of the day:

"I'm taking Tony Adabbo (AMC's new Dimitri) to the Daytime Emmy's. He's my date." Who said this? Vogel? Toy Johnson? Hickland? Nope! George Alvarez. And what a handsome couple they would make!

When a fan asked if the stars would want to play dual roles, there was a unanimous "No!" "I did it on 'Capitol' said Hickland. "Never, ever, again. It's really hard to pull off." Alvarez agreed. "I saw Jon Lindstrom (Kevin, "Port Charles") do it on 'General Hospital' and he was always wrecked." Knight later answered the same question, "I was terrified playing Tad and Ted. It's the hardest job in the world." Everyone agreed that AMC's David Canary (Adam/Stuart) does it better than anyone else.

Another fan asked if Knight and Hickland ever get jealous of each other's love scenes.  "I don't have a jealous bone in my body," Hickland told the audience. Knight just sat there rolling his eyes, shaking his head and making faces, letting us know we shouldn't believe her. "I was jealous once in high school," she continued, "and it made me sick. I promised myself I'd never feel that way again.  Plus, I know what love scenes are like," she continued. "But he hates when I do them. Of course, that's not really a problem, because nobody wants to hold Lindsay's hand, let alone kiss her, but I got a lot of lovin' when I was on 'The City...'"

"Yeah, she was constantly taking off her clothes..." Michael added, then changed the subject. 

George Alvarez told us that his fantasy for his character would be:  "Father Ray ripping off his collar and getting the girl. But that doesn't happen with priests." Doesn't he know he's on a soap opera and anything's possible?

A fan of Kale Brown's (ex Sam) wanted to know why OLTL had suddenly recast the character. Hickland didn't know the answer, but she did say, Larry Lau (the actor who took over the role, formerly Greg Nelson on AMC) is going to grow on you. "When I first found out he had the part I thought he was too young," she admitted. "But he's great. Every woman in the studio has a huge crush on him."

Knight told fans that he'd love to go back to being 'Tad the Cad,' but the love handles get in the way! On Tad's problems with Dixie, he quipped, "Twenty years ago I was sleeping with everything that moved, now I can't even get my own wife into bed!"

A happy fan asked Hickland if she had a favorite scene: "The Thanksgiving food fight with Nora," she answered without skipping a beat.  Her least favorite? Injecting Nora with a memory-erasing drug.

A subject weighing heavily on all OLTL fans' minds was who killed Collin? Vogel and Hickland both swore that they had no clue. "It's really very cool," Hickland revealed. "Eight of us filmed the same scene killing him, so we won't know until you do. I really hope it's not me!" Talk about keeping the stars in the dark!  Guess we will all have to tune in to find out. Even the actors!

One woman professed her love for Roger Howarth (Todd) and wanted to know what he was like. "I don't know," confessed Hickland, who has been on the show with him for three years. "He's never said a word to me. His dressing room is across from mine and he's never spoken to me. I'm not sure he's even looked at me. All I can tell you is he's cute in person, very quiet and shy. He's a great actor and a mystery in every way."

If awards were given for the best story, Knight would have won. When a fan said she had met him one day outside the AMC studio when he was getting on his bike, he asked "is that the day I fell?" Then, he launched into this tale: "One day, I was walking out of the studio. I was feeling really good. Fans were outside yelling 'Tad, Tad we love you on the show.' I felt like a God!  Tan, buffed and ready to get on my mountain bike and ride off into the sunset. I turned to the fans and said (in a superhero voice), 'Yes, mere mortals, I will sign your autographs.  Come, take photos with me.' Then, when we were done, I got on my bike (but) there was no air in my front tire. I got five feet, hit a manhole cover, fell and there was blood all over the place. They felt so bad for me. God sometimes makes you humble." Who knew he was so funny?

All in all it was a really fun event. In between the stories there was an auction, and fans got to bid on fabulous things.  Like a trip to California, including airfare, and a tour of the GH studio with Maurice Benard (Sonny), plus lots of autographed scripts and tickets to the "Rosie O'Donnell Show," all of which helped raise money for NASL. The fans got to see a totally different side of their favorite stars. Even the stars had fun. The only ones who really weren't interested in the festivities were the adorable little puppies that attended. They slept through the entire evening.  

**Stay tuned to Turtle Run's Top of the Week as Michael E. Knight shares his day at the mall for ABC Daytime's "Soap Star on Tour" promotion, where one lucky fan got to play the part of Dixie to his Tad live on stage! Coming Soon**

Jack Scalia Joins All My Children -- Shaggy Guest Stars!

Congratulations to ABC Daytime for their latest casting coup.  Renowned television and film star, Jack Scalia, has landed the contract role of Chris Stamp.  Playing against type, Chris is a janitor at Enchantment, the company owned by Erica Kane (Susan Lucci), who will prove that appearances can be deceiving. 

"I am thrilled and delighted to welcome Jack Scalia to the canvas," says president, ABC Daytime, Angela Shapiro.  "He will be a great addition to the "All My Children" family. 

"Jack Scalia's broad and recognizable appeal is certain to capture audience attention as his character develops, and the storyline unfolds," shared AMC EP, Jean Dadario Burke.  

Scalia's television series credits include "Everything to Gain," Pointman," "Dallas," "Wolf," and "Remington Steele."  His telefilm credits include "Lady Boss," "Casualty of Love:  The Long Island Lolita Story," "I'll Take Manhattan," "Tall, Dark and Deadly, "Torch Song, "With a Vengeance," and "Runaway Father."  His feature films include "Charades," "Trail of Evidence," "Silencers," "Fear City," "Beyond Suspicion," "Shattered Image, "Amore" and the soon to be released "Felons"

So how will Scalia's character, Chris, impact the lives of those around him, especially, the dynamic Ms. Kane?  We will have to tune in and see!   His first airdate is Thursday, June 28, 2001.

And that's not all.  Reggae/pop star Shaggy, along with Boston Bruins Right Winger, Gill Guerin, Florida Panthers Center, Rob Niedermayer, and Tampa Bay Lightning Goaltender, Kevin Weekes will all arrive on the scene in Pine Valley on Tuesday, June 1, 2001. The four guest stars participate in the 300th Celebration of Hayley's fictional talk show, "The Wave."  Shaggy will perform his hit song "Angel," based on the 60's classic, "Angel of the Morning."  Guerin, Niedermayer and Weekes will present gifts to expectant mother, Hayley.

Congratulations Passions!

"Passions" is a nominee in the category of Daytime Drama Series for the 16th Annual Latino Media Image Awards.  Selected from a crowded field of entries by a distinguished panel of entertainment industry and Latino community leaders, these awards are given to encourage and recognize the positive portrayal of Latinos in all media.  Sponsored by the Imagen Foundation, a group dedicated to increasing Latino representation at all levels in the entertainment industry by providing access, education and resources, the awards will be presented at a black-tie dinner on Thursday, June 14th at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. 

Congratulations also go out to Josh Ryan Evans (Timmy) who was named recipient of the 2001 Vision Award. The Vision Awards® are presented annually to organizations and individuals who have exhibited exceptional "sight, foresight and insight" in their creative contributions to the enrichment of humankind.  The 2001 Vision Awards will be held on June 28th, also at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Port Charles Revs Up for a Summer of Tainted Love!

On Monday, June 4, 2001, hold on to your seats as "Port Charles" kicks off it's third book, "Tainted Love," with the culmination of an extreme off-road race sequence that will alter the lives of three teens of the town.  "Tainted Love" skirts the edge of darkness with a timeless tale of true love fighting against the forces of good and evil.  The citizens of Port Charles will be galvanized into action when an unstoppable force enraptures them with sweet promises of the future.  Jack, Livvie, Alison, and Jamal suffer great consequences that propel them to value, as well as to question, what is true and real in their lives.  Dr. Eve and Dr. Ian begin a new life, only to have an accidental discovery threaten to destroy their family. 

Shot on location in early May at Tejon Ranch in Lebec, California, the race sequences required the expertise of off-road racing champions Destry Abbott, Ty Davis, Paul Krause, Oakley Lehman, and Jennifer Caputo.  Motorcycle testing guru, Rich Taylor, and professional watersport competitor, Clay Cullen, portray themselves, as well as acting as stunt doubles in the sequences. 

Look for a brand new marketing campaign promoting the launch of "Tainted Love" that will air during the duration of the "book."  

What's Up with The Sopranos?

Airing this week is episode #39, titled "An Army of One," where Anthony, Jr. faces the prospect of military school.  Later, Tony orders Ralph to deal with Jackie, Jr.  In the meantime, Meadow reflects on the meaning of life and death in the Soprano family.  This is the season finale, so be sure to tune in!

Win a Vacation fit for Stars brought to you by SoapNet

SoapNet announces "An Unforgettable Romantic Getaway Sweepstakes."  Created to support the network's month-long "Unforgettable Weddings" programming, the sweepstakes runs from June 4-July 1, 2001.  One lucky soap fan will be awarded the Grand Prize trip for two to the Bahamas where they will enjoy and unforgettable, romantic vacation.  Roundtrip airfare and first class accommodations are included. To participate, entrants can answer four questions related to the different ceremonies shown during the Unforgettable Weddings special.  Questions will be available on-air, as well as at SoapNet.com.  Entries can be submitted online or snail mailed to SoapNet Presents...An Unforgettable Romantic Getaway Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 5382, Unionville, CT 06087-5382. All mailed entries must be received by July 6, 2001. Winners will be announced on air and online.  In addition to the Grand Prize, one first prize winner will receive a dress of her dreams courtesy of Dresses.com, second prize winner will received a gift certificate for a bridal registry or department store, and third prize is a complete spa treatment for two at a local spa.  For a copy of official rules, send a SASE to SoapNet Presents...An Unforgettable Romantic Getaway Sweepstakes Official Rules, P.O. Box 5988, Unionville, CT 06087-5988 by August 31, 2001.

Premiering On Soap Center Friday, May 25, 2001

Part one of SoapCenter's exclusive two-part Emmy-night coverage

Spotlight: Interview with the Winners --Linda Dano  Returning as a special Emmy Night Correspondent for a second year, the exceptional Linda Dano (ABC Daytime's, Rae) celebrates Emmy-night fashions in an informed, entertaining, and purely "Dano-fashion!"

Cameron Mathison "All My Children" fan-favorite Cameron Mathison (Ryan) meets, greets, chats with, and entertains legions of soap fans who line up outside Radio City Music Hall to support their favorite stars on Emmy night, and then moves to the exciting red carpet for one-on-ones with his friends and fellow daytime stars!

Kevin Spirtas   The talented Craig on "Days of Our Lives"also returns for his second year as a special Emmy Night Correspondent!  Kevin will bring his unique energy, humor and excitement to one-on-ones with the parade of stars walking the red carpet!

Special Contributer Mimi Torchin conducts exclusive one-on-one interviews with the talented actors, writers and producers who take home Emmy gold—all from "SoapCenter's" luxurious V.I.P. lounge.  Plus: Fun-filled interviews with Emmy presenters and other special guests.


All My Children:  Ellen Lancaster plays the recurring role of Mrs. Carter.  Her first airdate is Wednesday, May 30, 2001.   Tim Hopper plays the recurring role of Mr. Carter and will also begin airing on May, 30thCatrina Ganey plays the recurring role of Nurse Zora.  Her first airdate is Tuesday, June 5, 2001.  MargueriteMacIntyre plays the role of Regina Caroll. She airs on Thursday, June 7, 2001.  Alana DeLaGarza has been cast in the contract role of Rosa Santos. Her first airdate is Thursday, June 14, 2001.  JackScalia has been cast in the contract role of Chris Stamp.  His first airdate is Thursday, June 28, 2001.

Bold & the Beautiful:  Tracy Melchior has been cast as Kristen Forrester.  Her first airdate is Monday, June 4, 2001.

Days of Our Lives:  On Wednesday, May 23, 2001 Marcy Kaplan reprises the role of Marlo.

General Hospital:Robert Kelker-Kelly has been cast as Stavros Cassadine. His first airdate is Friday, June 1, 2001.

One Life to Live:  Brandon Routh has been cast in the contract role of Seth Anderson. Routh has appeared in the television series "The Gilmore Girls," "MTV Undressed," and "Odd Man Out."  His first airdate is Wednesday, May 23, 2001.  Also on May 23rd, watch for the first airing of Mariette Hartley who will play Sister Mary Daniel.  Dody Goodman will then play Sister Michael Marie.  Her first airdate is Wednesday, May 30, 2001.

Passions:  Michael McDonald (Stuart, MAD TV), joins the cast in a mystical role. His airdates are Tuesday and Wednesday, July 3 and 4, and Monday, July 9, 2001.  Cristina Saralegui has been cast in the recurring role of Tia Cristina, and Emiliano Diez has been cast in the recurring role of Tio Francisco Lopez. Their first scheduled airdate is Wednesday, July 11, 2001. 

Port Charles:  Kin Shriner