Do Soap Opera Characters Actually Work?

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A new soap launches, the Cybby's are in and a job, what job?

Hard to believe I'm back in LA a week! After all the activities and events covered for the 26th Annual Daytime Emmys in New York, I need a vacation! Not to mention all the mail, work, and just plain stuff that piled up here in my absence. Finally getting out from under. Which brings me to my comments regarding soapdom for this week.

We never see soap characters "getting out from under." Oh, they get out from under each other enough, that's for sure. That's what soaps are all about. Who's slept with who? Who's fathered who's baby? Who's gonna sleep with who? LOL. But they never seem to be swamped with work. In fact, they are all rich, successful, gorgeous people who hardly lift a finger to bring home their bacon.

*On Y&R we see Jack Abbott at his office, or we'll see Jill at her job, but they are soon interrupted by some life's crisis or other, and work seems to fall by the wayside. Even though on today's Y&R, Jack used work as an excuse to avoid Diane. But what work was he doing? He showed up at Jill's!

*On All My Children, Tad is the only top-rated talk show host who is never at the studio! He must tape a year's worth of shows in advance affording the time to do what most compels him -- pursuing Dixie! Or marrying her, or off on yet another honeymoon! Even if that were the case, we still don't see him taping bunches of shows. When does that guy work? LOL

*Fr. Antonio on Sunset Beach was called to the aid of a parishioner today, but we didn't see him counsel that person.

*One Life to Live does show Bo doing his job, and the activities of the newspaper also come into storyline. But not as much as I'd like to see.

Simply put, soaps not being real life, their denizens do not have to work to live the way we would all like to become accustomed! Do you remember a front-burner storyline on your favorite soap that involved the characters jobs as much as their personal lives? Please refresh my memory in the Criticize the Critic folder on the Turtle Run Message Boards.

Bet one place we won't see the denizens working is on NBC's new Passions. Have you seen the new promo for the show? It defines the term "passions" showing clips of all sorts of steamy love scenes. Must admit, it has piqued my interest. How about you? I am also rooting for Liza Huber, Susan Lucci's daughter, who's been cast as a contract player on Passions. TRO's cover story on Susan Lucci includes an "Inside the Bubble" on Ms. Huber with the latest scoop on her new role. Be sure to check it out.

Plus, look for the results of the First Annual Daytime Cybby Awards. How did the actual recipients match up with your favorite stars? Check back later this week to find out.

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