Cybby Time! Got Photos? Leyden on Dragnet!

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Exclusive star photos & Ex ATWT's Simon on Dragnet

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Hi Suds Buds:

Soapdom has been very busy producing over 250 photos of your favorite stars.  Some of my favorites include the most adorable snaps of Melissa Reeves (Jennifer, DOOL from NBC Telemuendo Fan Fest) as she toyed with her long blond locks during a DOOL Talk Show, Erin Hershey Presley (Alison, PC from SOAPnet Presents the SOD Awards) as she goofed around for cameras, and Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus, GL from SOAPnet Presents the SOD Awards) as he blew a kiss right out to Soapdom’s GL fans!   But there are so many others I love as well.  Check them all out.  Print out the page and frame them.  The will make wonderful additions to your collection, and just the right fun pose to take with you for autographs the next time you see your favorite stars in person.  You'll find the photos as part of our coverage of NBC/Telemuendo's Fan Fest and the SOD Awards.  Enjoy!

Did you get to see Paul Leyden (ex Simon, ATWT) on Dragnet last night?  I loved him on this show.  He brought a sense of fun, yet intense, police work to the show and it’s easy to see why producers enjoyed his performance.  A source close to the set told me that he is very, very thin in person.  Almost too skinny.  But on camera?  Wow.  He was always one of my favorites on ATWT and now, it looks like he will be one of my favorites on Dragnet.  There was even a line in the show where Joe Friday (Ed O’Neill) told one of his partners, a female detective named Det. Beltran played by Lauren Velez) to take Det. Langer (Leyden) with her on a trip to question some out-of-town witnesses.  “You like looking at him, anyway,” Friday quipped.  Well, I don’t know if Det. Beltran likes looking at him or not, but I certainly do!  In case you missed the episode, or Soapdom’s Inside the Bubble feature on Leyden on Dragnet, we’ve got ya covered, complete with photos from the episode.  Click here! 

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