Big Week on AMC and OLTL

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Sweeps week & AMC & OLTL make history

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Dear Suds Buds, 

During February Sweeps, ABC’s main push was for the General Hospital fire and its subsequent rescue storyline.   Now, several weeks after sweeps, ABC is pushing All My Children and One Life to Live in what is being touted as a first-ever for the network -- having a storyline unfold on not one, but two soaps!


The ABC promo proclaims:  Two shows, one story, one hot week!


That week is this week!  All My Children and One Life to Live will make history this week when the two shows become one. This groundbreaking story will involve Bianca, Babe, Kelly, and Paul, and an event that's going to change their lives forever. The phrase “stolen at birth” has been bandied about.

According to ABC, Babe goes into labor, Bianca's lost consciousness, and Paul is their only hope. But is he there to help them or does he have a darker motive? All we can say is beware of young men spouting false promises.


Meanwhile, Bianca is in for more devastation when the truth is revealed about her baby. What could that truth be? 


Then, Kendall and Ryan fans rejoice. All is not lost for these two!  This week there will be a spark between them when Ryan comforts her over this latest trauma.  While on another romantic note, Bobby arranges a private dinner for him and Anita to see if he can try to win her back.


At the same time in Llanview, Kelly is desperate for a baby and she turns to her brother, Paul, for help. Well guess what?  Miracles of miracles, Paul has found a child for her!  Question is will she find out where this little newborn came from?

Meanwhile, to uncover the truth, Todd is hot on Paul's trail. 


Across town, Dr. Haver tortures John from the grave when it looks as though he's framed John for murder. Shortly thereafter, Blair starts to wonder if Todd has been telling the truth all along and her feelings for him start to resurface.  But wait!  Blair sees someone blowing her kisses!  Who could it be?


Be sure to tune in Monday and Tuesday to be there from the beginning of this "one story-two soaps" storyline, and watch what happens when Pine Valley and Llanview collide!


Now to the nitty gritty. Whether you're a fan of AMC and OLTL or not, do you think this is a good idea?  Having one story unfold on two soaps?  Let us know your thoughts on the Soapdom Message boards in the Criticize the Critic folder.

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