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Have you read Michael Logan's column in the January 5-11, 2002 issue of "TV Guide?" In it he notes the worst of 2001 (in his opinion.) The question is, what's your opinion? Do you agree with Logan? Tell us your Best and Worst picks for the year 2001 on the Turtle Run Message Boards. 

As the New Year gets well underway, we are proud to share with you the wonderful experiences of "Days of our Lives'" James Reynolds (Abe) when he visited with our armed forces overseas in Kuwait during the holidays. Plus, Winsor Harmon (Thorne, B&B) goes country and SoapNet wants your heartbreak stories! So without further ado, here's what's bubbling over in the world of soapdom.

B&B's Winsor Harmon Goes Country

As announced October 9, 2001, soap hunk Winsor Harmon has added "country singer" to his resume with his new self-titled album, "WINSOR." Harmon, who plays the brash Thorne Forrester on CBS's "The Bold & the Beautiful," has teamed up with legendary country music promoter and producer Ray Ruff and renowned guitar player James Burton to make his much-delayed debut as a recording artist.

Winsor has been interested in music since he was growing up in the town of Rockwall, Texas. It was after one year of playing football on a scholarship to TexasA&MUniversity that Winsor realized that his love for music was stronger than his passion for football and he soon started singing at a bar in Dallas, Texas. Before long his singing career was derailed when his "model looks" and chiseled body led to international modeling campaigns and an acting career that has landed him in the plum role of Thorne on B&B. (He also starred as Del Henry on "All My Children.")

The album's producer, Ray Ruff, has worked with innumerable country icons from Mickey Gillis to Reba McIntire. When he heard Harmon's sexy, craggy voice he knew he had a rare talent that he could mold into a country super star. Add James Burton, the famed rock and roll sideman who has recorded with the likes of Ricky Nelson, Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Randy Newman and Emmylou Harris, and you get a polished gem of an album that Harmon's loyal B & B following around the world and country music fans everywhere are sure to enjoy. 

"WINSOR" will be distributed via EMI Records beginning in March, but for an extended limited time, it remains available exclusively to Winsor Harmon's soap fans on his website: www.WinsorHarmon.com. So, don't wait another minute. If you're a fan of Winsor's, and/or a country music aficionado, get your copy of "WINSOR" today! 

DOOL's James Reynolds Visits Kuwait with the USO and Dishes Abe & Lexie with TRO

As a former Marine, it's not surprising that James Reynolds (Abe, DOOL) would offer a week of his time to make the 23-hour plane trip to the Middle East to visit with our troops in Kuwait. 

"I was called by the USO," said Reynolds over the phone. He was suffering from a bout of laryngitis, but was kind enough to strain his vocal chords a bit in order to share his experience. "The USO is constantly calling celebrities to take these tours. Apparently, not everyone says yes!"

But Reynolds was delighted to oblige. "With U.S. military all over the world, and in some places where there are very few of the comforts of home, a visit from celebrities from back home means quite a lot," he said. "I was amazed at how grateful all these guys and girls were. They were just so fantastically happy that we came to see them. Obviously. that made us feel quite good, even though we were there to make them feel good!"

Reynolds, who was joined on the tour by Hiphop artist, Coolio, commented that Kuwait was an interesting place. "It is pretty much a Fundamentalist Muslim country," he said. "You don't have the freedoms that you have here. Even on a short visit you notice that. No alcohol is served anywhere in the country. Which is a little tough for some of the service people," Reynolds quipped.

The USO tour took Reynolds and Coolio to a number of installations and bases throughout Kuwait. "Going out and seeing the troops was in and of itself, fascinating," said Reynolds. "What strikes you right away is that these kids are amazingly young. You are looking into the faces of young people who look like they should be in middle school. I realize that they are older than that, but they just look so young. It's astounding." The other thing that impressed Reynolds was the dedication the soldiers had to their job. 

Reynolds visited several types of bases. Some were well established with army, marines, and airforce personnel. "They are the rather large bases, and our first night was at the largest post," he said.  "(We were met with) a huge line of soldiers that waited for our autograph and to shake hands. That was a pretty amazing way to kick it off."

Another highlight for Reynolds was going out into the desert and visiting a number of soldiers who were actually dug in and facing Iraq. Reynolds found that to be an exhilarating experience, and was not intimidated by being so close to front lines. "We were surrounded by U.S. military," he said. "We felt quite protected. We didn't feel any danger at any time."

But he did feel a little guilty as he left to spend the night at a fine hotel. "We weren't sleeping out in the sand in the desert like the military was," he said. "I apologized to them that we were going to be comfortable that night." He even enjoyed the cuisine. "The food was really wonderful. I like experimenting with food and one of the things I like about traveling is getting involved in another culture." Not that they had all that much time to get involved in Kuwait. "We were there to visit the service people, and that's what we spent our time doing."

As you can imagine, a great number of those service people were "Days of our Lives" fans. "Everyone from General Officers down to privates and airmen," marveled Reynolds. "It's amazing how popular the show is." Even in Kuwait, where they are without access to television. "Days fans are great!"

Speaking of DOOL, what's in store for Abe and Lexie now that the truth is out? "It's causing a lot of trouble," admitted Reynolds, but he didn't feel it would mean the end of Abe and Lexie. "I think it is going to be the beginning of a very, very, difficult time for them. But there is a strong love and bond between them, and I do think that it would never end."

Reynolds, who sees Abe as the moral conscious of Salem in many ways, believes that his integrity is quite important to him. "Clearly, this has been one of the most difficult things Abe has had to deal with," he said. "What keeps him coming back and staying around is his love for this women. So, these two people in their own way have locked themselves into a coccoon. Lexie is isolating herself from Abe with no one to turn to for solace, except Rolf! She's insured that Abe is now locked away from her and his friends, and his only solace is Fay and to some degree, Roman. " Reynolds anticipates that things will heat up in the near future for Bo and Hope, John and Marlena, and Abe and Lexie. "They are three couples who share a togetherness, not only with their spouses, but with each other, in a very close relationship. It is going to be very interesting to see what happens."

Does Reynolds foresee any changes ahead for the storytelling now that a new headwriting team is in place? "It's clearly going to effect it," he said, then continued, "I am just supposing because I don't know exactly -- although, I have been told some things -- the direction of the stories will probably continue. There is a lot going on. I don't necessarily see that changing in the near future, or even in the distant future." He did feel that with the new writers in place there might be more of a balance between the multi generations on the show.  "Days really exists on its established characters, but in order to ensure the future of the show, you need new and younger characters to come in. You've got to tell the story from each point of view."

As far as visiting our servicemen and women overseas, Reynolds can't wait to return. "I would actually like to do a couple of these tours a year," he said.  "I see what benefits there are and how appreciated it is. What strikes you right away is their dedication to the job they have to do. None of them were particularaly pleased to be away from home for the holidays. A lot of them were very homesick and just counting the days and minutes till they could return, but they were all very dedicated, and very, very focused on their job." Reynolds voice welled with pride. "These are talented, dedicated men and women. They have great pride in themselves and in the job they are doing. They are looking at the larger picture. I think we can all be very proud of them." He plans on touring again this spring and also during the next holiday season.

Valentine's, SoapNet and YOU!

Many people look forward to reaffirming their love in February on Valentine's Day. However, as soap operas often prove, the holiday isn't always hearts and flowers. SoapNet is celebrating the rocky road of romance with a five-hour marathon of some of ABC daytime's most heartbreaking moments on Sunday, February 10th. But get this! The best part is that SoapNet.com wants to hear all about your biggest soap-like heartbreaking moments. From January 8-25th, go to SoapNet.com and in 250 words or less, share your tale of woe. The stories could end up online at SoapNet.com or even on-air! 

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PLEASE NOTE: This special will air for two consecutive weeks (weeks of January 4 and January 11, 2002.)

**TRO Disclaimer: The above SoapCenter segments are scheduled in advance and may be bumped without notice for airing at a later date. The above segments may then be replaced with other segments. Check your local listings.**


As the World Turns: Ayo Haynes plays ADA Evelyn Hart beginning Monday, January 7, 2002. Keenan Shimizo plays a judge beginning Tuesday, January 8, 2002.

Days of our Lives: On Monday, January 7, 2002 Eddie Velez appears as Paul Mendez. "Access Hollywood" host Nancy O'Dell appears as Audrey Simms on Friday, January 11, 2002.

General Hospital: Lara Jill Miller will appear in two episodes playing Kate, a hotel clerk. Miller is familiar to television audiences for her portrayal of Samantha on the hit TV show, "Gimme a Break." She airs on Friday, January 4 and Tuesday, January 8, 2002.

Guiding Light: Bryant Richards plays a palace aide and Catherine MaryStewart plays Naomi, an old friend of Lorelei's beginning Monday, January 7, 2002. Stewart's credits include "Weekend at Bernie's," "The Last Starfighter," and "Days of our Lives."  Mark Gerald Douglas plays Mr. Taylor on Tuesday, January 8, 2002. Joseph Masi plays Santos henchman, Maurice, on Tuesday and/or Wednesday, January 9, 2002.

One Life to Live:  RobertMontano appears as Miguel. His first airdate is Wednesday, January 9, 2002.

Passions:Dwight Hicks returns as TC's father on Tuesday, January 8, 2002. Chea Courtney returns as The Angel Girl on Friday, January 11, 2002. Martin Grey returns as the Tabloid Reporter for five episodes, January 8, 9,10, 11 and 14, 2002. Brandon Savory portrays the Young Antonio in a flashback with Pilar (EvaTamargo Lemus) on Tuesday, January 8, 2002.  A.J. Benza appears as Nick Corelli on Monday, January 21, 2002. Alisa Reyes has been cast in the recurring role of Kelly. Her first airdate is scheduled for January 23, 2002.

Young & the Restless: Michael Neeley appears as New Orleans attorney, Scott on February 1, 2002. Jim A. Howard appears as Paul's client, Doug, on Wednesday, February 6, 2002. Chad Gordon appears as Trop and Marc Santer appears as Jake on Friday, February 8, 2002. MichaelChinyamurindi as Isaac on Thursday, February 14, 2002.

Seeing Stars

AMC: On Saturday, February 9, 2002 Rebecca Budig (Greenlee), Michael E. Knight (Tad)  & Walt Willey (Jackson) appear at the 3rd Annual Valentine's Dinner With The Stars ~ Mote Marine Event. Also attending from One Life to Live are Mark Derwin (Ben), David Fumero (Cristian) and Catherine Hickland (Lindsay) at the beautiful Michael's on East, Sarasota. All proceeds benefit the Dolphin and Whale Hospital. Call 941-388-4441 Ext. 465 for additional information. (Some appearance info provided by SEAHAAS.)

Bold & the Beautiful: On the weekend of February 2 and 3, 2002 Erik Estrada (Eduardo), Joseph Mascolo (Massimo), John McCook (Eric), Sean Kanan (Deacon), Justin Torkildsen (Rick)and Winsor Harmon (Thorne) will be among the soap stars appearing at SoapCity Live in Pasadena, CA. Visit www.soapcitylive.com for info and to register.

As the World Turns: The As The World Turns Fan Club Luncheon will be held on Saturday, April 13, 2002 from 12:00 to 4:00 pm. The luncheon will be held at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, 1535 Broadway, New York, NY. Tickets are $90.00 for non-fan club members and $85.00 for current ATWT Fan Club Members. A $15.00 non-refundable deposit per person will reserve your seat in the order it is received. Checks and money orders are payable to: As The World Turns Fan Club Luncheon Tickets, P.O. Box 647, Merrick, NY 11566-0647.

Days of Our Lives:  On Tuesday, January 8th see Steve Blackwood (Bart) at the Jazz Bakery, 3233 Helms Ave, LA at 8:30 and 10 PM with the legendary John Bolivar. On Sunday, January 13th, from 11 AM-3 PM, Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfosno will be appearing at the NBC-5 Health Fit Expo in Dallas, Texas. Peter and Kristian will sign autographs at the Expo, which will be held at the Dallas Convention Center, located at 650 South Griffin Street in Dallas. Admission is free. On Thursday, January 24th, Matt Cedeno (Brandon) will be hosting "Legendary Bingo" at 8:00 PM at DuPars Restaurant in West Hollywood, CA, located at 8571 Santa Monica Blvd. "Legendary Bingo" benefits Interno's Music Organization which provides music lessons to inner-city youth. On the weekend of February 2and 3, 2002 Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe), Patrika Darbo (Nancy), Jay Johnson (Philip), Matt Cedeno (Brandon) will be among the soap stars appearing at SoapCity Live in Pasadena, CA. Visit www.soapcitylive.com for info and to register.

Guiding Light:  Paul Anthony Stewart (Danny) will star in the exotic and engaging new play, "Pera Palas" by Sinan Unel on the C. Newton Schneck Mainstage at the Long Warf Theatre in New Haven, CT. Previews begin Wednesday, January 16, 2002. The show opens on Wednesday, January 23 at 8 PM and runs through February 17, 2002. The play is directed by "Guiding Light" director Steven Williford. Call the box office at 203 787-4282.

One Life to Live: On Saturday, February 9, 2002  Mark Derwin (Ben), David Fumero (Cristian) and Catherine Hickland (Lindsay) appear at the 3rd Annual Valentine's Dinner With The Stars ~ Mote Marine Event. Also attending from All My Children are Rebecca Budig (Greenlee), Michael E. Knight (Tad) & Walt Willey (Jackson) at the beautiful Michael's on East, Sarasota. All proceeds benefit the Dolphin and Whale Hospital. Call 941-388-4441 Ext. 465 for additional information. (Some appearance info submitted by SEAHAAS.)

Passions: On the weekend of February 2 and 3, 2001, Josh Ryan Evans (Timmy), Ben Masters (Julian), Jesse Metcalfe (Miguel), Juliet Mills (Tabitha) and McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan) will join the stars of other daytime dramas at SOAPCITY LIVE!, the most spectacular Soap Opera convention ever -- at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, CA. The program will include autograph signings, photo opportunities, trivia contests, interactive events, a fashion show and much, much more. For more information visit www.soapcitylive.com Marianne Muellerleile (Norma) has just finished taping a guest star role on "The Hughleys" which will air either February 4 or February 11, 2002 (check your local listings).

Young & the Restless: Shemar Moore is still touring the U.S. in "The Fabric of A Man." Check your local newspapers. On the weekend of Feburary 2 and 3 see David Lago (Raul), Jeanne Cooper (Katherine), Tonya Lee Williams (Olivia), Don Diamont (Brad), Christian LeBlanc (Michael), Kristoff St. John (Neil), Doug Davidson (Paul) and Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) appearing at SoapCity Live in Pasadena, CA. Visit www.soapcitylive.com for info and to register.

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