AMC's Ruth Warrick and Justin Bruenig

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Ruth Warrick's legacy and Clark Kent in PIne Valley?

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Dear Suds Buds,

It was with a very saddened heart that we reported today on the passing of All My Children’s Ruth Warrick.  One of the original cast members, she has been a Pine Valley mainstay, always there to offer words of wisdom or – which was more usually the case – knock some sense into another character with her sharp wit. 

Ever since her accident several years ago, the one that left her wheel-chair bound – if I am not mistaken, it happened as she was exiting from a car – she was never quite the same and her days in Pine Valley got fewer and more far between.

Which is why the recent 35th Anniversary episode that aired on January 5th is even more poignant.  It was her last filmed appearance.  How fitting that Pheobe was there to honor Dr. Joe Martin at his 35th anniversary at the hospital.   

If you take a few moments to read Warrick’s bio, you’ll see that not only was she integral to All My Children, but she was active in working with groups that strive to ensure children’s right to arts in school.  I had no idea she was that vocal and active, working as a consultant for not one, not two, but three presidential administrations.  And that’s just the icing on the cake.  She was a wonderful actor, a great humanitarian and will be sorely missed in Pine Valley. To her family and close friends, our deepest sympathies.  But know that she has left behind a wonderful legacy and she will live on in our hearts.

While I am on the subject of All My Children, is it just me, or did any of you AMC fans get the feeling that Jamie incognito could be dead ringer for Clark Kent?  I swear, if they do another remake of the Superman franchise, they have go to cast Justin Bruenig. 

Do you have fond memories of Phoebe scenes on AMC?  Did Jamie in disguise remind you of Clark Kent, or is it only me?  Tell me on the Criticize the Critic Message Board.

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