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Fans chance of a lifetime & What happened to FANtasy February

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Dear Suds Buds:

ABC’s Fan February – Year Two!

Dear Suds Buds,

Last year, ABC daytime instituted what we thought was one brilliant promotion – Fan February 2003.  It was geared to engage the fans and make them part of their favorite ABC soaps. 

Here’s how it worked.  For a limited time, beginning at Super Soap Weekend at Disney/MGM Studios in Orlando, Florida, fans could submit ideas for the scenes they’d love to see on their soaps. 

On All My Children, the majority wanted to see Tad and Erica marry, but not before Tad “the cad” had his way with all the women in Pine Valley.  Not only that, fans wanted to see Erica and Kendall be close, while Bianca was the outsider.  On General Hospital, Fan February had Sonny and Jason switch places as the Quartermaines hosted their very own reality TV show. On One Life to Live, it was the Buchanans Ride again with the return of Clint Ritchie as Clint, and the Blair, Starr, Todd rendition of the then very popular film “Chicago.”

Not only did this strategy bring the fans right into their favorite soaps, it made these very special stand-alone one day episodes unique and something to truly treasure.

2004 marks the second year of ABC Daytime’s Fan February. But instead of sticking with the original premise (which admittedly must have been rather costly to produce and air), ABC Daytime now had fans enter to win a random drawing contest to appear with their favorite actor on their favorite soap. 

All My Children welcomed Pauline Dwyer, General Hospital shared the stage with Seanna McBride, and Claudia Gibson got the privilege to work in a scene with her Llanview idle, Kassie dePaiva (Blair) on One Life to Live.  The Fan February episodes air this week. Click here to meet the winners

Although I am sure that this was an amazing opportunity for the fans who won the walk-on roles, last year’s “create a new show filled with scenes that you want to see” was far more creative and engaging.  I hope ABC Daytime returns to that format next year.

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