ABC Baby Switching Causing Controversy

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The absurdity of storylines & Divided over the baby switch

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Dear Suds Buds, 

Last week, ABC Daytime took a big risk. They developed a storyline that takes place on not one, but two shows:  All My Children and One Life to Live.  The story involves a baby being snatched at birth, and the birth mother getting a second baby, while the second baby’s mother is told that her baby died.  Confused?  Guess you had to be there.  For those who were, this is simply heart wrenching. 


Meantime, the baby that was stolen is taken from Pine Valley to Llanview where another mother, who recently lost a baby pre-birth, is given a new baby to call her own. 


Soapdom has received input from fans.  There are those who think the crossover between shows is a great idea and they are looking forward to seeing the stories play out. There are others, however, who are speaking out against this storyline, citing that child abduction is on the rise in this country and to have a storyline that is centered around that is grossly irresponsible. 
Maybe.  Or, maybe the perpetrator of the kidnapping will get his, learn his lesson, and be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  Perhaps this storyline will prove to be a deterrent for the would-be child abductor out there to think twice before committing such a horrendous crime.   Soaps have been known to instill positive social values. 


Another thing to keep in mind.  A soap is a soap is a soap. The storyline, although well crafted, is extremely far-fetched. Would any mother really readily accept the gift of a baby from some guy who says that oh, he just happened to know about this baby and that the baby is available for her with – in effect – no questions asked?  In soapdom something like this works because, well, look at the character of the mother in question.  She is trying to dupe her husband into his staying married to her. She will stop at nothing, not even questioning the miraculous appearance of this convenient baby. 


Meanwhile, a mother back in Pine Valley, who was not only impregnated as the result of rape, but who was faced with dealing with a mother who likewise had a child as the result of rape -- and never truly accepted that child as a daughter until only recently -- and now, this same person, has her baby stolen away – and left to believe that the infant died. 


Man oh man. That’s harsh.  The question is, will Bianca be able to overcome this latest test?  Will she rise above her pain and anguish and see clearly enough to get to the bottom of the baby switch?  I sure do hope so. And I hope it doesn’t take that long to play out.  Bianca deserves some happiness.  I am rooting for her to get her baby back.


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