A Death Sentence On DOOL

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Sami's revival, Upheaval at ATWT and more Emmy highlights

What a way to begin the month of June! Days of Our Lives had me gripped to the TV screen. (Which is quite something when you consider the TV in my office is a 3" x 4" black and white that sits on the desk beside the computer!) I was crying right along with Sami and her loved ones up to the minute she was revived. The scenes with Austin and little Will were heart wrenching. Thank goodness, after all that, they were able to bring her back. We at Turtle Run were skeptical. Mothra posted: "It would be very interesting to see what sort of miracle cure they have for the mixture of potassium and chloride that are in her system. This being DOOL, she may revive miraculously." And so she did. Well, almost! The magic of the soaps didn't let us down. I wonder if her near-death experience will change the way she views life. It will be interesting to see this develop. According to Janet Di Lauro in the June 8, 1999 issue of Soap Opera Weekly, Allison Sweeney was happy to wrap up the storyline. "We had been working 15 hours a day to tape the episodes leading up to Sami's execution," Sweeney told Di Lauro. "I was so tired. I didn't dream at all that night. I just slept." Great performances and plenty of hard work by everyone involved in Sami's death row storyline, and it showed on screen. Congratulations to DOOL for taking on such controversial material -- an innocent person on death row, with no hope of a stay of execution. Scary prospect. Whatever our current feelings on the death penalty, Sami's saga on DOOL has certainly given me pause. What about you? Please share your thoughts in the "Criticize the Critic" folder on the Turtle Run Message Boards.

With the recent ousting of Felicia Minei Behr at As The World Turns, and Chris Goutman named new Executive Producer, heads are rolling. Many behind the scenes people will be moving on to other pastures to be replaced by former Another World employees. According to TV Guide's Jonathan Reiner, producers Terry Cacavio, Jennifer Minda and Regina DiMartino have left the show as of June 4th. Production designer Kevin Rupnik, casting director Mikie Heilbrun and music director Sybil Costello were pinked slipped that same day. Still on board, however, is current head writer, Lorraine Broderick. What's of particular interest in this upheaval, is that Chris Goutman directed All My Children for Felicia Minei Behr during her tenure as EP on AMC. Lorraine Broderick likewise worked for Felicia and with Chris at AMC. As did Terry Cacavio. Sometimes what goes on behind the scenes is more soapish than the soaps themselves! Cast changes at ATWT are likewise in the works. Don't know about you, but I am very curious as to how it will all play out.

This week at Turtle Run, we are uploading the last of our Daytime Emmy coverage. The feature on Susan Lucci reveals exactly what happened backstage and in the press room the night she won her first Outstanding Lead Actress Emmy, plus other scoops on the Emmys in our "Inside the Bubble" column. Look for them online later this week. Also, look for the Turtle Run Exclusive on the E! Entertainment PreShow for the Daytime Emmys. I was there as it happened, right on the platform with Soap Opera Weekly's Editor-in-Chief, Mimi Torchin, and E! Entertainment's Todd Newton. Talk about front row seats! We have exclusive stories and photos to share. Which reminds me. Although uncredited, the photo of Mimi Torchin (and Todd Newton) with Susan Lucci that appears on page 4 of the June 15, 1999 issue of Soap Opera Weekly was taken by yours truly. So, pick up your copies of Weekly. You can say you know who took that picture! :o)

Speaking of the Emmys, the results of the First Annual Daytime Cybby Awards will be posted soon. How did the actual recipients match up with your favorite stars? There are a few surprises! Be sure to check back.

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