Turkey Day on ABC Soaps

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Serving up more than the bird.

Soapdom Bonus Thanksgiving Day Soaps Previews!

ABC is the only network airing soaps on Thanksgiving Day.  Either before or after your Turkey Day feast with family and friends, be sure to catch your favorite ABC soap.  Here’s what’s cooking for Thanksgiving on ABC shows…

Jack Scalia (Chris) and Susan Lucci (Erica) of All My ChildrenAll My Children

Erica encounters Rita, a poor woman.  They meet in an unlikely place.  It’s not long before the holiday spirit overtakes Erica as she offers Rita and her family a special Thanksgiving gift.  But wait!  Is that before or after Erica is arrested?  Say what? Yup.  But she is comforted by her family, who place themselves under civil arrest to just to be with her in jail. Meantime, over at Wildwind, Maria arrives for dinner to find the entire Santos family present.  Edmund and Maria hold hands at the table and toast to new beginnings.  Finally, Greenlee is going through an emotional time without Leo, and finds support in her family and friends who prepare a delicious feast.  Someone unlikely reaches out to her in her time of need. 

Alicia Leigh Willis (Courtney, GH)General Hospital

The denizens of Port Charles celebrate the holiday with a unique day-out-of-time episode that revolves around Courtney’s recurring dream and dinner at the Quartermaine Mansion. Think Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day!

One Life to Live

Robert S. Woods (Bo, OLTL)Gabrielle shares a heart-to-heart with her son, Al in hopes of sharing the holiday with her new love, Bo.  Meanwhile, Bo does his best to keep his family safe from Mitch Laurence, Mr. Creepy, himself.  Later, Lindsay longs for the traditional holiday celebration that Nora shares with Troy – or maybe she just longs for Troy?  Then, Blaire is thankful for her family and friends, but will Todd share in the holiday spirit?  Tune in to find out!  Plus, Thanksgiving continues on Monday for the denizens of Llanview.  Stay tuned.

Lynne Herring (Lucy, PC)Port Charles

Family and friends gather at Lucy’s for a Thanksgiving party, but there is one unexpected guest.  Later, Stephen Clay is called away on an urgent matter as Alison receives a shocking call from her long-lost sister.  In the meantime, Livvie joins Joshua for the holiday.  But surprises occur as they drug each other’s drinks and end up in a romantic situation, unaware that Stephen, furious, is watching!  Sounds good. Stay tuned.
As the World Turns, Bold & the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, Guiding Light, Passions and Young & the Restless are pre-empted on Turkey Day! 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!