Soap Turns 25 on TV Land

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70's hit still bubbling.

The Cast of "Soap" circa 1977 (Note: Billy Crystal in lower left!)TV Land Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Groundbreaking Sitcom,Soap,
With A 20-Episode Marathon on Friday, September 13, 2002 

Santa Monica, CA, September 4, 2002 -- TV Land celebrates the groundbreaking
satirical comedy, Soap, on Friday, September 13 with a 10 1/2-hour marathon
(8:00pm-6:30am ET/PT) featuring the unforgettable trials and tribulations of
the irrepressible Campbell and Tate families. Regarded as the ultimate soap
opera parody, Soap spent four seasons in primetime on ABC from 1977-1981. TV
Land will relive some of television's memorable plot twists including the
shortest pregnancy in television history, Jessica Tate's spell-binding
murder trial, Billy's strange religious cult membership, Jodie's alternative
lifestyle, Danny's secretive mob connections and Chester's shocking

"Soap pushed the envelope in terms of topics once deemed off-limits and
subsequently paved the way for many of the ingenious satirical comedies on
television," noted Larry W. Jones, General Manager and Executive Vice
President, TV Land/Nick at Nite. "It is truly one of television's most
notable series and deserves to be lauded once again on its 25th

Soap focused on the wacky lives of two families -- the wealthy, upper-crust
Tates and the blue-collar, hard-working Campbells. The controversial
half-hour series featured constant sexual overtones, salacious plot twists,
and the first openly gay character, Jodie Dallas, portrayed by up-and-coming
actor/comedian, Billy Crystal. The show also starred Katherine Helmond
(Jessica Tate), Cathryn Damon (Mary Gatling Dallas Campbell), Robert Mandan
(Chester Tate), Richard Mulligan (Burt Campbell), Robert Guillaume (Benson),
Jennifer Salt (Eunice Tate), Jimmy Baio (Billy Tate), Arthur Peterson (The
Major), Ted Wass (Danny Dallas), Detective Donahue (John Byner), Gordon Jump
(Chief of Police Tinkler), Rebecca Balding (Carol David), and Joe Mantegna
(Juan One).    

The episodes in TV Land's Soap marathon include:

Jodie's friendship with Carol takes a confusing turn, while Jessica awaits
the jury's verdict in her trial for the murder of tennis pro Peter Campbell.

Lefkowitz threatens to kill the entire Campbell clan and startling
announcements by Father Tim and Mr. Mallu are temporarily overshadowed by
the return of a verdict in Jessica Tate's murder trial.

9:00pm (one-hour episode)
The real murderer of tennis pro Peter Campbell is revealed after Jessica is
sentenced to prison; Burt is unprepared for the shock of meeting Jodie's
boyfriend; Corinne meets Tim's mother, and Chester tries to end it all.

Dutch drags Chester along when he escapes from prison; Elaine drags Danny to
the altar; Jodie achieves something rare for a drag queen, and a mysterious
intruder is about to make life miserable at the Tate house.

Romance blossoms between Eunice and the gangster who holds her family
hostage. Jodie has troubling news to tell Mary, and an unexpected guest
attends the wedding of Tim and Corinne.

Mary and Jessica are bored, but for different reasons. Corinne and Tim
refuse to let his mother spoil their honeymoon; Chester spoils his birthday
party by dropping unconscious

Danny tries to Kill Elaine with kindness. Tim and Corinne visit Mrs.
Flotsky. Burt and Danny's secretary is up to no good. Chester's doctor has
some good news and some bad news for Jessica.

The Flotskys bring their luggage and possibly a curse to the Tate home. Jody
discusses his marriage plans with Dennis while Mary brings her professor
home for coffee. Dutch and Eunice are briefly reunited, and Chester snaps
out of his coma with a few things missing.

Elaine explains the reason behind her nastiness to Danny and begs him for a
second chance. Carol makes an important decision by agreeing to marry Jodie.
Burt and Mary face a new problem and Jessica discussed sex with her
daughters and sister over an apple walnut coffee ring.

Chester comes home minus his memory. Jodie leaves Dennis with bitter
feelings. Corinne tells Jessica she's pregnant. Burt mistakenly thinks Mary
is in love with her professor.

Burt has suspicions about Mary and her professor. Mary has suspicions about
Burt and his secretary. Tim has a tough first day at work and Chester has a
new identity.

Eunice elopes with Dutch, Chester disappears, Sally continues manipulating
Burt; a doctor has shocking news for Corinne and Elaine is kidnapped.

Eunice elopes with Dutch, Chester disappears, Sally continues manipulating
Burt; a doctor has shocking news for Corinne and Elaine is kidnapped.

While Danny prepares to free Elaine and Jody prepares to marry Carol,
Detective Donahue makes a shocking confession to Jessica.

The Campbells pay Elaine's ransom, not knowing she has escaped. Burt
apologies for his act of adultery, not knowing if he really did it. Jessica
has a startling reason for firing Detective Donahue.

Burt agrees to help Danny find Elaine's killers. Benson helps Dutch elude
the police. A Train wreck helps Chester in an unexpected way.

The Campbells and the Tates gather at a party in memory of Chester. Sally
tells Mary she's been having an affair with Burt. Carol tells Jodie that he
should never see the baby she is expecting. Chester has a sudden, but
imperfect, restoration of memory.

Tim leaved Corinne to live in a cave. Dutch is caught by the police. Jodie
befriends Alice, who is also gay. Mary leaves Burt and moves in with the
Tates. Eunice returns home and Corinne  begins to go into labor.

Corinne has the baby. Jody and Alice decide to live together. Burt tells
Mary that Sally lied to her. Jessica has dinner with Detective Donahue and
Chester starts for home.

Mary Campbell is shocked by the sudden change in Burt. Burt meets another
human in space a 4,000 year old man and the Tate men set out to rescue Billy
from the Sunnies cult.

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