Roger Howarth (ex Todd, OLTL) to ATWT

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From Llanview to Oakdale.

Roger Howarth (ex Todd, OLTL) on his way to ATWT

From Llanview to Oakdale, Roger Howarth to Star on As the World Turns

A report surfaced on the internet that Roger Howarth was on his way to ATWT.  Die hard One Life to Live fans (and even Roger's Fan Club VP), immediately contacted for confirmation. 

We immediately contacted our friends at ATWT, who confirmed that indeed, Howarth has been signed.  But that is all that they would share at this time.  They are keeping his character and when he will arrive in Oakdale under wraps for now.

Howarth made headlines as bad boy Todd Manning on One Life to Live. Errant brother of Viki Lord Davidson, and manipulative on-again-off-again husband to Blair, he racked up a host of loyal and dedicated OLTL fans who will undoubtedly miss him in Llanview.

Cady McClain as Dixie with Michael E. Knight as Tad  during Cady's All My Children days.Howarth was not available for comment and we are waiting to hear back from ABC.  This is the second time in the last year or so that ATWT has stolen an ABC Daytime actor.  Cady McClain (Rosanna) played the extremely popular role of Dixie Cooney Martin on All My Children for many years and as such was one half of the super couple Tad and Dixie.  Now, ATWT is getting Howarth.  Executive  Producer of ATWT, Chris Gautman, used to be a director for AMC.  Methinks therein lies the tie in!

One thing is for certain, ATWT fans. With Roger Howarth on the canvas things will definitely be heating up in Oakdale!   Stay tuned.