Reality TV Comes to All My Children!

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Are you sexy?

Rebecca Budig (Greenlee, AMC)Reality TV Meets Soapdom as AMC Searches for the Sexiest Man in America!

ABC Daytime will launch the first reality show integrated within a soap opera storyline this spring on the popular drama, All My Children; it was announced today by Brian Fronz, ABC Daytime president.

In this ground-breaking storyline, two of AMC's hottest young women, Greenlee Smythe (Rebecca Budig) and Kendall Hart (Alicia Minshew), join forces to create Fusion, a hip young cosmetics company.  Their first big marketing challenge is to find the sexiest men in America to promote their new line of cosmetics, and the girls take off to find these sexy men in key locations across the country!

"This contest is a perfect blend of fantasy and reality that is completely innovative for this medium," said Frons in making the announcement.  "It is a wonderfully modern story that will showcase our very talented cast members in a fun and different way.”

Alicia Minshew (Kendall, AMC)Kendall and Greenlee’s first stop will be to hit the beach during spring break 2003 in Panama City, Florida, with camera crew in tow, to find eligible contestants, with additional events in other cities to be named.  In addition to on-site submissions, viewers can send in videotapes and photographs of their friends and family for consideration.

Based on entries received from viewers and men selected from the market searches, the entries will be narrowed down to 25 finalists.  Over a five-week period, viewers will get the chance to vote via cellular phone messaging or go to to select one sexy man per week. From the five weeks of voting, the field will be narrowed down to five finalists.  During the final week, viewers will vote on the five finalists and select one man to be “All My Children’s Sexiest Man in America.”  The winner will appear on All My Children in September.

All My Children’s sexiest man search will be heavily supported throughout the spring and summer months with paid media (advertising), including print, radio, and on-air.  Supporting on-air promotion will instruct viewers on how to submit video tapes and photographs.  More info to come!  Stay tuned.