Passions February 2003 Previews!

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Passions gives a sneek peek.

Soapdom Special Passions February 2003 Previews!

Ben Masters (Julian, PAS)Poor Julian...   He’s surrounded!  Let’s see... on a daily basis he’s dealing with three screaming “wives," a sarcastic and suspicious son, a brutally efficient father, a yowling infant... even the servants don’t listen to him!  Oh, and trying to run a zillion dollar corporation.  No wonder “Little Julian” doesn’t want to come out and play...  but a month which begins with such a Viagra-less whimper may go out with a bang as Rebecca’s plan to oust Theresa from the Crane family starts to come together...  there’s nothin’ like lovin’ atop a million dollars to add a little spice to your life!

McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan, PAS)Luis and Sheridan are struggling with an unbearable situation;  if Antonio lives, Sheridan will be saddled with a blind hulk in a vegetative state for life.  If he dies, Luis and Sheridan may be free to celebrate their love - but can they, knowing his death is what makes it possible?  Sheridan is close to cracking and she is the only one who can decide Antonio’s fate - but her fate seems to promise only heartbreak.

Deanna Wright (Kay, PAS)Risking her life and that of her unborn baby, Kay has run out of her parents ’ house into a raging blizzard - one false move in the terrible storm and she’ll be lost...  Grace is terrified - especially when Charity’s visions show her a bleeding body in the snow...  Enemies David and Sam are allied temporarily in the race to find her... or will they?  Not to worry - if they don’t, her body will no doubt turn up during the spring thaw...

Juliet Mills (Tabitha, PAS)Pregnancy doesn’t come easily to a witch who is thousands of years... beg your pardon, who ADMITS to being three hundred years old...  no ice cream and pickles for Tabitha - maybe a little mayhem will help her keep her breakfast down.  Bringing a child of Julian Crane and the Dark Side to term won’t be easy but never fear - the friends in the basement have promised her a little help around the house - move over Harry Potter!

Charles Divins (Chad, PAS)Just one word in anyone’s ear could bring down the house of Russell...  Liz is lying to TC and the girls, Whitney and Simone are lying to their parents, Simone is lying to Whitney, Whitney and Chad are lying to Simone - and Eve is lying to everyone...  Trust Liz to stir up the fire with a little midnight rendezvous with TC.