PAS' Josh Ryan Evans Passes Away

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Harmony looses a great one.

Josh Ryan Evans (Timmy, PAS)It is with great saddness in our hearts that we report on the death of Passions' Josh Ryan Evans, the diminutive actor who played Tabitha's Living Doll, Timmy, since the show went on the air in July of 1999. 

Broadcasts of Evans death hit the airwaves, broken by KABC news in Los Angeles on Monday night, August 5.  It was reported that the young actor was in San Diego undergoing an evaluation for heart surgery and passed away during the evaluation. Plagued with heart problems his entire life, Ryan was no stranger to doctors and hospitals. 

A spokesperson for the show confirmed this morning that Evans did indeed pass away last night.  As we await the official announcement from Passions and the NBC Network, we hold Evans, his family and his co-workers in our thoughts and prayers. He may be gone, but he will not be forgotten.