OLTL's Babes Behind Bars

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Blast from the past: Imprisoned Lindsay finds herself in a Broadway musical...

Is it a nightmare? Is it a fantasy? Or is it a musical...The only thing for sure is that it's ABC Daytime's "One Life to Live's" new tradition - the Fourth of July Show. "Babes Behind Bars" will air on July 4, 2002, when Lindsay Rappaport (Catherine Hickland), who is currently serving a 28-year sentence for reckless endangerment, the drugging of Nora Buchanan (Hillary B. Smith) and the unlawful imprisonment of Dr. Troy MacIver (Ty Treadway), experiences her most unusual day to date since beginning her sentence at Statesville Prison on April 9, 2002.

The stylized production will begin on what seems like another unbearable day for the imprisoned Lindsay, but when her cell door is curiously left unlocked, she knows that she is in for something unexpected. Confused, Lindsay wanders into the mess hall where she is confronted by other prisoners -- who belt out a rousing rendition of "Bad Girls!" And these inmates aren't the only ones with a song to sing: Most of the ladies of Llanview find themselves behind bars and with something to sing about. Among the cast of characters in the lock-up are Allison Perkins (Barbara Garrick), Roxy Holden (Ilene Kristen), Blair Cramer Manning (Kassie DePaiva), Starr Manning (Kristen Alderson), Jessica Buchanan (Erin Torpey) and Tillie (Heather MacRae). Lindsay even gets a visit from Nora (Hillary B. Smith).

The cast members performing in the show have numerous musical credits to their names. Catherine Hickland performed as Fantine in "Les Miserables" on Broadway and has recorded her own CD, "Sincerely Broadway"; Ilene Kristen appeared as Patty Simcox in the original Broadway production of "Grease" and performs her own music in various New York City venues; Kassie DePaiva released her own CD, "Naked," in March of 2001, which includes some of her own original songs; Kristen Alderson was discovered by OLTL when she was playing Molly in Broadway's "Annie"; and the supporting cast includes Heather MacRae, who starred as Dr. Charlotte in Broadway's "Falsettos," as well as a prison-full of talented Broadway performers.

On May 17, 2002, OLTL was honored with its first Outstanding Drama Series Daytime Emmy Award. The Fourth of July Show 2001, "Trading Places," was one of two shows that helped win the award. "Babes Behind Bars" is the second annual Fourth of July Show. Over the last year, OLTL has made some exciting moves: It made television history when it aired live the week of May 13-17, 2002, ending the week with its Emmy win, and the following week the show left for Maui to shoot on location for two separate storylines that will air throughout the summer. OLTL will celebrate its 34th anniversary on July 15, 2002.

Emmy Award-winning "One Life to Live," created by Agnes Nixon, was launched July 15, 1968. Gary Tomlin executive-produces and Lorraine Broderick and Chris Whitesell are the headwriters. The popular drama consistently ranks among the top three in the key demographic of Women 18-49. "One Life to Live" airs MONDAY-FRIDAY (2:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.