Linda Dano Hosts Second Season of Lifetime Now

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Dano goes another round.

Linda Dano (Rae, OLTL; Host Lifetime Now)...The Engaging Show that Highlights Topical Women's Issues

Guests on the LIFETIME Television Series Include Leeza Gibbons, Wendie Malick, Phylicia Rashad and Jamie Lee Curtis

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 17 -- Well known to viewers for her ground-breaking crossover role on all four ABC daytime dramas, as well as her successful six-year run as host of LIFETIME Television's "Attitudes," Linda Dano returns to LIFETIME Television as the host of the weekly talk magazine show "Lifetime Now," premiering Saturday, October 5 at 11 AM (ET/PT) on LIFETIME Television.

"Lifetime Now" is a fast-paced magazine talk show that discusses subjects that are topical, enlightening and entertaining, ranging from fashion trends and makeovers to child safety on the Internet and caring for our pets. Focusing on all aspects of well-being, the show strives to help viewers be informed and empowered.

"LIFETIME Television is very excited about the topics the show will discuss this season and the celebrities who want to share the issues that are so important to them," commented Bill Brand, Senior Vice President of Reality Programming. "I'm also pleased about continuing our great relationship with Linda Dano. Linda is such a fun and dynamic personality ... and she has a great ability to connect to women."

Emmy Award-winning actress, talk show host, designer and author, Dano brings her matchless energy to the show as she discusses the latest trends and issues for women today. "'Lifetime Now' is fun, informative and a place to hang out with other women," said Dano. "Each of the stories give us insight into the lives of a lot of fascinating people."

This season, Linda interviews celebrities as they share issues and stories from their own lives with women of all ages. In the season premiere, Dano talks one-on-one with star Jamie Lee Curtis about the importance of reading to raise children's self-esteem. Recently, Curtis took a break from acting to write her latest children's book, "I'm Gonna Like Me -- Letting Off a Little Self-Esteem." As a mother of two, Curtis feels that it's very important for parents to foster a love of reading in children.

The following week, viewers will hear from Leeza Gibbons, who, as a mother, is very concerned about alcohol and drugs and their effects on teens. Gibbons will share with Dano the importance of teaching kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol addiction.

In a future episode, Dano will sit down with world-renowned psychic John Edward as he teaches viewers to hone their instincts. Knowing early in life that he had paranormal skills, Edward believes that others have this power and that it can be developed as people become more aware and intuitive. Viewers will also get a glimpse into the private life of "Just Shoot Me" star Wendie Malick as she talks about her yearly travels to Mexico with her husband to build shelters and homes for the needy. Other celebrity interviews include Phylicia Rashad, Jenifer Lewis, Kathy Griffin, Sharon Lawrence, Kim Fields, Taraji Henson, Debbi Morgan, Catherine Hicks and Loretta Lynn.