DOOL's nu Abigail Does Scout in Hollywood

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Jillian Clare takes on touchy theatre role.

Days of Our Lives's Jillian Clare (Abigail) isn't just balancing her daytime scripts and sixth grade assignments. The show's newest import is returning to the stage. She'll star as Scout in the theatrical production of To Kill a Mockingbird, opening at the West Coast Ensemble Theatre in Hollywood, Calif. on Sept. 19.

"Scout's sort of tough," says the young actress. "She doesn't like wearing dresses or camisoles. And she doesn't like going to school."

Clare dove into the story, which follows the court room trial of a black man accused of raping a white woman. "I watched the movie and read the Cliffs Notes, so it made more sense to me," she shares. "The hardest scene to do is when Scout asks her dad, 'What is rape?' and it starts all these different questions. She just doesn't understand the black and white part. She sees everyone as regular."

While Clare appreciates the history lesson, she could do without Scout's wardrobe. "I wear these raggedy overalls with a green checkered shirt that's all dusted up," she exclaims. "By the time the show ends, I just want to get into my own clothes."