B&B's Most Shocking Storyline Ever

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What happened when Hunter Tylo's "Taylor" took a star turn?

Hunter Tylo (ex Taylor, B&B)Late last summer, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, America’s top-ranked half-hour soap opera, created a spectacular story for lead actress Hunter Tylo, which set the industry and fans abuzz with speculation about storyline developments and the contract status of some of the key characters on the show.  Fans were in turmoil over effect of B&B's gripping plot twist on their beloved heroine.  How did it really go down?
During the summer months of 2002, B&B plots were boiling with the evildoings of bad girl Sheila Carter, played by Kimberlin Brown.Kimberlin Brown (Sheila, B&B) Tylo’s character, Dr. Taylor Hayes, who for twelve years had epitomized the virtues of love and compassion for the show’s millions of fans worldwide, was the ideal contrast to the murder and mayhem caused by Carter.
“It’s a clash of the titans,” promised Bradley Bell, B&B’s executive producer and head writer as news of the developing storyline first broke. “Hunter’s fans won’t want to miss her sterling performances battling the forces of evil determined to exact revenge on the House of Forrester.”
Bradley Bell (Creator, HeadWriter, B&B)Bell, in his usual fashion, asked everyone involved not to talk about the storyline before the fans had a chance to see it unfold for themselves on the series.  However, while the complex plot was being developed and taped by the show, Internet rumors were rife with speculation on the storyline and Tylo’s contract status.
For weeks prior to the story airing, Internet message boards buzzed with wild speculations by fans, who imagined off-screen rivalries, lawsuits and temper tantrums by various members of the show’s close-knit cast.  But those rumors were just that – rumors.  There was not an ounce of truth to any of it.

Hunter Tylo (Taylor) and Ronn Moss (Ridge) of B&B“Contrary to published rumors, all of our actors handled those scenes with the utmost professionalism and civility,” said Rhonda Friedman, Supervising Producer of B&B, adding “Hunter’s scenes represented ‘B&B’ at its finest.” 

Squashing a specific rumor, Senior Producer Ron Weaver, who handles the business matters for the show, emphatically denies the allegations that Hunter Tylo ever “threatened litigation.”  Cindy Popp, another B&B producer and the director of some of the pivotal episodes added:  “We were also very careful to address everyone’s safety concerns in the process of taping these scenes.”
THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, one of the jewels in CBS’s #1 daytime lineup for fifteen years, is the most-watched dramatic television series in the world, now airing in over 100 countries around the globe.  The show airs in Los Angeles every weekday at 12:30 PM immediately following THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS on CBS 2.  The drama reveals the lives and loves of two glamorous Beverly Hills families who battle to control the fashion industry.