Cybby Fun Categories Adds New Section

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How could we? We left out an important category. Not any more!

The Cybby Award Fun Category We Forgot!

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Oh no. How could this have happened?  We covered all the villians and vixens. Those who cried, those who loved, those who cared for the sick, those who did a real good job acting sick.

But we forgot one very special category.  Those who protect all soap characters from the evil twins, the malicious sperm switches, the debauchery.  Those who always get their man, er woman, er whatever.  Why of course!  We forgot to add a category for the police!  The detectives.  The investigators.  The Coppers!

The good news is, there is still time!   Please submit your nominations for the Most Clever Copper by clicking below. Then, stay tuned for the official 4th Annual Soapdom Cybby Awards Ballot coming soon!     Click to launch

Nominations for Most Clever Copper accepted through and including Sunday, March 16, 2003.