4th Annual Soapdom Cybby Awards

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The scoop on the Soapdom Cybby Voting

The voting is over. The tally is in. The fans at Soapdom.com have spoken!

The 4th Annual Soapdom Cybby Awards are based in part on the 30th Annual Daytime Emmy Nominations for Daytime Emmy 2003.  We take the Emmy Categories and ask YOU to vote in your choices as if you were on the Emmy Committee. Sometimes you pick the same winners.  A lot of the time you don't!  With the 31st Annual Daytime Emmys right around the corner, take a look at how your choices compared to last year's results.  Then, stay tuned to Soapdom.com for the 5th Annual Cybby Awards -- Preliminary Round: Your Nominations for the Fun -- categories coming  the week of February 23, 2004!

For the 4th Annual Soapdom Cybby Awards there are surprises in the Emmy Categories, and in the Fun Categories.  One fan favorite won not once, not twice, but three times! 

We had a tie in another Fun Category.  All the networks and shows are represented, except for two shows that got completely shut out, even though they faired well in the nomination process.   For the 2nd and 3rd Annual Cybby Awards, Passions and All My Children were the hands down overall winners. In the 4th Annual Cybby Awards, Passions did not garner one vote, and another soap monopolized the wins.

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The 4th Annual Soapdom Cybby Awards Results

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