4th Annual Soapdom Cybby Awards - Winners Comments

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Soapdom Cybby Winners thank the fans

The Winners Circle -- The Winners Thank the Fans!

You nominated your favorites for the Fun Categories.  You voted in the winners of the Emmy categories and the Fun Categories.  And the winners are all delighted and grateful to be your top choice in the various categories.

Soapdom caught up with some of the winners and here’s what they had to say back to you!

Emmy Categories – A few Comments

Cybby for Outstanding Younger Actor: 

“I am honored and thrilled to receive the award. It’s so nice to know I have the support of the fans.  I work my hardest for them.  They are the votes I value the most!”  Kyle Lowder (Brady, DOOL)


General Hospital won in both the Emmy and the Cybby for Outstanding Writing. 

“The writing on the show right now is great. There has been an improvement since Guza took over.  There is no question.  The show has been elevated.  In terms of Alan and Monica, the only way you can answer that is if you have a primary or secondary storyline, and that certainly isn’t (the case) for Leslie (Charleson) and myself, because we do not.  But, I certainly think that the show has improved.”  Stuart Damon (Alan, GH)

“The writing is great right now.”  Chad Brannon (Zander)

Port Charles was nominated for Outstanding Daytime Drama in the Emmys for 2003, but lost to As the World Turns.  You didn’t agree with the Emmy voters. You chose Port Charles as the Outstanding Daytime Drama for 2003.

“Thank you very much, everyone. I personally thought it was going to win the Emmy, too!  And I was very disappointed when it didn’t.  The people for ATWT were even a little surprised that they’d won!  Most people walked up to us wishing us good luck and saying it looks like you’re going to take it.  I am just really proud of the show.  The fact that the Soapdom members voted Port Charles most Outstanding Drama says a lot.  I don’t know what the demographics are in terms of what show’s fans are users of Soapdom.com, but for a show that’s in last place (in the ratings) to get that many votes against the other shows, that does say a lot. Thank you.”  Brian Gaskill (ex Rafe, PC; Oscar, B&B).

“Wow. That’s so nice. Thank you to all the fans. We appreciate the support.” Brian Presley (Jack, PC)

The Fun Categories – A few Comments


“Really? Thanks to the fans for their support. We can’t do it without you!”  Jason Cook (Shawn, DOOL) for Fun Categories Cutest Smile, Best Kisser, and Character You’d Most Want to Bring Home to Meet Your Parents.

“I won?  Wow.  Kemar de los Reyes (Antonio, OLTL) should have won that one!  Thank you so much.”  David Fumero (Cristian, OLTL) for Fun Category: Most Chiseled.



Wow!  Thank you. Mimi is a great character and I love playing her.”  Farah Fath (Mimi, DOOL) for Fun Category:  Most Endearing Imp.


“Thank you.  I love General Hospital. It’s family. I can always go back!”  Vanessa Marcil (ex Brenda, GH) for Fun Category:  Best Return of a Character.


“An evil twin for Belle?  That would be fun to play. Think of all the things I could get away with saying!”  Kristen Storms (Belle, DOOL) for Fun Catetory: Seeing Double Award – Character Most Likely to have an Evil Twin!

“We have the best fans and very talented writers. Thank you!” Michael E. Knight (Tad, AMC) for Fun Category:  Most Outstanding Sense of Humor.

“Thank you so much for this great honor and for always being loyal and supportive of ‘Bo and Hope.’  We love you for always being there for us!”  Kristian Alfonso (Hope, DOOL) for Fun Category:  Super Couple of All Time.

“This is so awesome; I love these awards where the viewers get to vote. You guys are the best! There is more excitement on DAYS so keep watching!”  Peter Reckell (Bo, DOOL) for Fun Category:  Super Couple of All Time.



Here’s how the networks and the shows stacked up in the results of the 4th Annual Soapdom Cybby Awards. 

ABC = 15 overall wins
NBC = 13 overall wins
CBS =   7 overall wins

All My Children = 6 overall wins
As the World Turns = 3 overall wins
Bold and the Beautiful = 3 overall wins
Days of our Lives = 13 overall wins
General Hospital = 7 overall wins
Guiding Light = 0 wins
One Life to Live = 1 overall win
Passions = 0 wins
Port Charles = 1 win
Young and the Restless = 1 win

Not happy with the way your favorite show or network scored? Be sure to participate in the 5th Annual Soapdom Cybby Awards to vote for your favorites.  Coming February 2004 to Soapdom.com!

The 4th Annual Soapdom Cybby Awards