Passions' Lindsay Korman Gets Decked Out

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Actress gets her make-up done at the studio before awards show

Cinderella in the Making

Passions tapes in a CBS studio facility in the San Fernando Valley. The dressing rooms, along with the hair and makeup departments, occupy a two-story stucco structure adjacent to the sound stages. Props from former sets sprinkle the landscape. Look! Over there. The snow sets from the ice-skating rink! Tables and chairs dot the lot, where actors, crew and executives mingle outdoors in the warmth of the sun. Ah yes. The pleasures working in southern California in early March!

The atmosphere is casual and the camaraderie obvious. The show cancelled taping for today, but NBC has graciously hired the hair and make-up departments for the day as many of the actors, their dates, spouses and or parents, are getting ready for the awards show at the studio.

Lindsay's first stop. Her dressing room to drop off her stuff. She is due in hair, and hurries downstairs. Taylor Anne Mountz (Kay) is already in the hair department. Marie, one of Passions hair stylists, has been painstakingly curling Taylor Anne's hair with a curling iron since 9:30 that morning, and it's still only 1/3 the way curled! There's lots of hustle, bustle and light-hearted banter in the hair department, as Gina, another hair stylist, rolls Lindsay's hair in large curlers.

Next stop -- makeup! It's a little less bustling in this department. Lindsay arrives eating a carrot. Wendy, Lindsay's mom has just gotten her makeup done by Marina Torpin, Passions self-proclaimed "makeup person to the stars." "Marina is amazing," says Lindsay. "Yes," Marina says with a laugh. "Take a look at Lindsay now, and then you will see her after!"

Other Passions actors mill around the hair and makeup departments. McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan) arrives, fighting a horrible cold. McKenzie and Ben Masters (Julian) find a few moments to chat with us, as does Josh Ryan Evans (Timmy), Eva Tamargo Lemus (Pilar), Molly Stanton (Charity), Tracey Ross (Eve), Galen Gering (Luis) and James Hyde (Sam).

Time for Lunch. Lindsay, Wendy and a few friends from the studio planned to go to a restaurant, but wanting to save time, Lindsay decides it's best if they eat in the nearby studio commissary. (We opted to give her a little space -- and peace -- so we did not to join her for lunch. Something for which she was grateful! :o)

After lunch, Lindsay applies her own finishing touches to the make up. Dana Sparks (Grace) in another makeup chair, jokes with us all: "Lindsay wouldn't be here if it weren't for me! Right Lindsay?" Giggles around as Lindsay responds in the affirmative. "I completely inspire her," Dana continues as an aside to me with a wink in her eye. "She gets all her acting technique from me. I taught her how to cry! Isn't that right, Art?" Dana asks the make up artist. "Right!" he replies with a giggle.

Back in the hair department for those rollers to come out. But Lindsay must wait for Linle White to style her hair. So she hangs around in her robe, chatting with castmembers and waiting her turn in Linle's chair.

Linle is ready for Lindsay. As another hair stylist assists, Linle painstaking applies little ornanents to the front of Lindsay's hair. McKenzey Westmore looks on.

When her hair is finished, Lindsay retreats to her dressing room to don her gown, which was created especially for tonight by Passions Costume Designer, Julie Rae Englesman.

"She designed the dress and the shawl that goes with it," explains Lindsay. "It a crème-colored polished satin, with panels over a sheer mirrored fabric. I had a little bit of imput, but it was Julie's design and creation. I just got lucky enough to wear it," says Lindsay in appreciation. "It's really pretty."

As the afternoon disappears into the early evening, a breathtaking Lindsay emerges from her dressing room. She is indeed the fairytale princess on her way to the enchanted ball.

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