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Mark Edward Wilows
There's always something brewing in soapdom. Who's seeing who?  Who's getting the ax? Who's having who's baby? And we're not talking as part of a storyline. This is in real life! 

Soapdom's "King of Buzz," Mark Edward Wilows, along with Soapdom contributors and QueenRuler herself, LMS, shares the latest dish on your favorite soaps and stars!  We print it as it as it breaks. Check Buzz often! 

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April 28, 2006

 hspace=10 src=As The World Turns confirms that Paul Leyden as Simon Frasier (Katie's, played by Terri Colombino, hottie ex-husband) will indeed return to the show on Friday, June 16.  Wowza!  Soapdom told you that he was coming and the golden god has arrived!  And get this --Soapdom ran into Leyden at the official SOAPnet NATAS/ATAS Daytime Emmy Party in Hollywood last night.  He starts taping May 17.  He's sure Simon's gonna return to shake things up between Katie and Mike, and he's heading back to Oakdale with quite the bankroll. No more scrimping and scamming. Simon's the man with the buckaroos now and we'll see him as the dashing charmer once again!  Leyden was surprised to learn that there are fans out in soapdom who are still mourning the death of Simon and Lily.  Would Leyden like to work with Martha Byrne again?  You betcha.  However, according to the good lookin’ Aussie, the gig is only for six months, but who knows what can happen in Oakdale. Keep watchin’.  Contributed by LDB & LMS

In some AMC/DOOL crossover Buzz, James Scott, the tall, dark, handsome Brit who played the recently dearly departed (thanks to Janet's explosion at the Mardi Gras Ball) Ethan Ramsey Cambias on All My Children, was spotted in LA on the set of Days of our Lives.  Could Scott be on his way to Salem?  Stay tuned.  Contributed by LMS

In more AMC Buzz, Alec Musser (Del) has a new website and fan club. We haven't seen much of him in Pine Valley lately, so be sure to write the powers that be over at AMC if you want to see more.  He confided to Soapdom that he'd love the feud between Tad and Del to be reconciled, and we think that since his half-sister Dixie has returned, he could certainly play a bigger role in the lives of both Di and Dix. Find the snail mail address here.  Visit Musser on the web at    Contributed by LMS

April 27, 2006

Congrats to ATWT.  The book, Oakdale Confidential by Annoymous, has reached number three on the New York Times Best Seller List!  Contributed by CL

 hspace=10 src=What’s with these gas prices??!!  Peter Reckell, who stars as ‘Bo Brady’ on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, will arrive in eco-friendly style to Friday’s Daytime Emmy Awards.  Reckell will arrive at the Daytime Emmys in a green (literally!) “Bio-Beetle” provided by Eco Limousine Service. The veteran daytime star has also shown his commitment to living green by building an environmentally conscious home here in LA, complete with insulation made of recycled denim.  More info on Eco Limo is available at by LMS

April 26, 2006

In some real-life General Hospital Buzz, it was only a few weeks ago that Kari Wuhrer (ex-Reese) celebrated a most blessed event:  the birth of her second child, a daughter, named Evangeline.  Life can sometimes be such a roller coaster ride.  According to the former GH starlet's official website, Wuhrer is now mourning the loss of her mother, Karen Noble Wuhrer.  There was no official date as to when Wuhrer's mother passed, but it is encouraged that fans of the actress make a donation in memory of Noble Wuhrer to The American Cancer Society. The entire Soapdom family wishes Wuhrer and her family strength during this sad time. Contributed by LDB

 hspace=10 src=ATWT's Annie Parisse, who most recently played the Assistant District Attorney on Law & Order, has quit the show, sources report.  It appears there are rumblings that Law & Order may be cancelled, and Parisse wanted out before that occurs.  The two Law & Order spin offs, Law & Order SVU and Law & Order Criminal Intent are still riding high in the ratings and are assured pick ups.  With Parisse again available, could this mean a return to Oakdale? Stay tuned.  Contributed by CL

Top recording artist Jewel will appear in an emotional episode of Y&R on Wednesday, May 31.   The singer/songwriter will perform two new songs, “Again and Again” and “Good Day,”...




... at a special benefit at the coffeehouse on the anniversary of Cassie’s tragic death.  Jewel’s greatly anticipated album, “Goodbye Alice in Wonderland,” is being released May 2.  Contributed by LMS

April 25, 2006

 hspace=10 src=As far as Buzz on the ATWT luncheon held April 22, 2006, I haven't heard anything that exciting so far. Although, as usual, the lines to get to the actors were very, very long.  The event was a complete sell-out and the fans did enjoy whatever, but were surprised that there really wasn't that much to-do about the 50th anniversary.  I did hear that Helen Wagner was there as sweet as could be in spite of the fact she had fallen a week before the luncheon and did have a bruised face and black eye.  Fans are sending good wishes to her.  Plus, I heard that that Jordan Woolley (Nick) that just got the boot,  was very nice and also tall dark and handsome and fans are now sorry he is leaving.  They've even started a petition/snail/email campaign to ask TPTB to reconsider.  Additionally, Ellen Dollan (Margo) told her fans to keep writing for Margo to be a detective as well as Margo and Tom scenes and she was very disappointed that Margo did not get to sleep with Doc!  Oh and the new Lucy, Spenser Grammer (daugher of Kelsey Grammer), was in attendance. Contributed by CL

April 24, 2006

Open Casting Call!  Taking the lead from SOAPnet and it's groundbreaking reality show, I Wanna Be a Soap Star, CBS is now offering a 13-week contract to join the cast of As The World Turns. A nationwide search is being conducted for new talent to take part in a reality program that chronicles actors striving for a contract role on the beloved daytime drama As The World Turns. The ten actors selected as finalists move into a loft in Brooklyn where for two weeks their lives will be recorded. Three actors will qualify to appear on As The World Turns and the winner will be awarded a 13-week contract. The casting call is open to men and women, ages 18 -25. Go to and download the application for the " Reality Show" (the link is on the left side of the page).  Contributed by LMS & CL

 hspace=10 src=In some scandalous AMC Buzz, Aiden Turner (Aidan) and Jeff Branson (Jonathan) appeared at the Brokerage Comedy Club on Long Island over this past weekend.  Evidently, things got dicey with Turner because he was repeatedly asked about John Callahan. Some fan kept telling him how much his character was like Edmund. After a few times of politely replying "ok," she kept it up and he finally came clean saying he didn't like the character of Edmund or the actor that played him. Turner admitted that John Callahan (ex Edmund) would purposely be on set when he and Eva La Rue (ex Maria) had love scenes per the script.  Apparently, Callahan gave him problems.  Turner went on to say that what they did was scripted, but what John Callahan did with his (real life) girlfriend wasn't!  Whoa. Both Callahan and La Rue, who met and were married while working on AMC are no longer on the show. Their marriage is likewise history.  La Rue can now be seen in primetime on CSI: Miami.  Contributed by LMS

 hspace=5 src=In more AMC Buzz, looks like Colin Egglesfield (Josh) and Connie Fletcher (Erin) are a new real-life couple.  They were quite chummy at the Daytime Emmy Creative Craft Achievement Awards in NYC last Saturday night.  Apparently, she was his guest for the evening and they were seen lip locked on the escalators going up to the ballroom.  Contributed by LMS

 hspace=10 src=While over at DOOL, Kristian Alfonso (Hope ) and Peter Reckell (Bo) will represent Avon’s Blue Rush for Women in a new promotion and catalogue campaign.  The campaign was shot with world renowned photographer Raphael Mazzucco on location in Miami, FL on Saturday, April 8th.  Creative for the brand will feature Hope and Bo in a passionate embrace, surrounded by a powerful rush of ocean waves.  You'll get to see the new catalogue, featuring Alfonso, Reckell and Blue Rush for Women, this July.  Contributed by LMS

This week on Guiding Light's Inside The Light: With Harley by his side, Gus takes matters into his own hands and heads to the cabin where he was held prisoner to tackle his addiction head on. Alan-Michael takes full advantage of their absence however, and uses the opportunity to fill Dinah's head with thoughts of anger and revenge towards Harley and Gus.  Contributed by LMS

April 18, 2006

Reports have surfaced in SOD that Jordan Woolley (Nick, ATWT) has been let go for storyline purposes.  Good old "storyline purposes."  The fans were heard.  They did nothing but bash the kid from the start, actor and character. They never appreciated the Nick/Carly thing, and I guess this will mean more cases for poor neglected Margo.  Ohhh...Life in the soap world -- on and off the screen.  Contributed by CL

April 17, 2006

 hspace=10 src=Passions Kim Johnston Ulrich has been cast for a guest-starring role on Primary, a new FOX series starring Ron Livingston. Contributed by LMS

In ATWT Buzz, Van Hansis (Luke) has signed a 3-year contract with the soap. While castmate, Zach Roerig (Casey) left the boundaries of Oakdale for the pastures of a prime time pilot for the new CW network. The pilot is called Split Decision and is an hour drama. Roerig was in Los Angeles in early April filming the episode.  To fill in back in Oakdale, ATWT hired Scott Porter to play the role of Casey. So look for a new face to air on screen from April 27 to May 3.  But don't...




...worry.  A pilot is as a pilot does.  Networks order tons of pilots, but pick up very few as season series.  It won't be known if Split Decision gets a season pick up until mid May.  Contributed by CL and LMS

This week on Guiding Light's Inside The Light: At a surprise birthday party for Coop, Lizzie and Ava have it out once and for all over Coop but Lizzie is the one who ends up with her face in the birthday cake. Defeated, Lizzie heads home only to receive an even bigger blow when a stomach pain causes her to take a pregnancy test and the results come back positive.  Contributed by LMS

While over at Y&R, Darcy Rose Byrnes was awarded the Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Television Series (comedy or drama), Guest Starring Young Actress, for her portrayal of Abby Carlton on "The Young and the Restless."  The 27th annual awards took place in Los Angeles on March 25.  The Young Artist Foundation is a non-profit organization that awards scholarships to financially and/or physically challenged young people seeking a future in the entertainment industry.  Contributed by LMS

April 11, 2006

In GL Buzz, the character of Leah Bauer, Rick and Mel's daughter, returns home from boarding school to shake things up in Springfield. Watch for her to hit town sometime in mid May. Contributed by LMS

Casting Call: Season three of SOAPnet's I Wanna Be A Soap Star Live! is looking for potential soap actors in six markets, inviting them to compete for a chance to win a walk-on role on an ABC soap, meet their favorite stars, have headshots taken and receive a makeover. SOAPnet and local cable operators are teaming up for this tour beginning April 28 in Austin; followed by San Antonio, May 5; Kansas City, May 12; Louisville, May 20; Raleigh, May 26; and Philadelphia, June 2.  Find out moreContributed by LMS

 hspace=5 src=Here's some Where Are They Now Buzz, Larry Bryggman (ATWT), Michael Hayden, Ali MacGraw and Julianna Margulies star in the Almeida Theatre production of Festen, the hugely successful London play about a family with a dark secret at The Music Box Theagre, 239 West 45th Street, NYC. Rufus Norris directs this dramatization by David Eldridge from the Danish 1998 film. Here's the set up: A beloved patriarch, surrounded by his wife, his daughter, his two sons, and a host of family and friends, is celebrating his 60th birthday at his country home. This promises to be a very special occasion, but as the evening progresses, the man's eldest son, Christian, feels compelled to break the silence surrounding a family secret. Standing to propose a toast, he offers his father -- much to the delight of the guests -- an amusing yet simple choice. And so the games begin. Revelations and accusations tumble across the dinner table, paving the way for a celebration that no one will ever forget. Show times are Mondays at 8 PM, Tuesdays at 7 PM, Wednesdays through Saturdays at 8 PM, with matinees on Wednesdays & Saturdays at 2 PM. Tix are $30-$95.  Call 212 239-6200 or 800 423-7250. Contributed by LMS & CL

 hspace=10 src=In more Where Are They Now Buzz, Nadia Bjorlin (ex Chloe, DOOL) Revs up in "Redline" Auto Thriller. Bjorlin has been cast as one of the leads in Chicago Pictures auto thriller, Redline.  In January, she completed principal photography in the comedy, "If I Had Known I Was A Genius," with Sharon Stone and Whoopie Goldberg.  Bjorlin was most recently seen in “Out of Practice” and “Jake In Progress.” Also starring in "Redline" is Eddie Griffin (Date Movie and Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, and Nathan Phillips (Snakes on a Plane) and will feature a cameo from Wyclef Jean, who is scoring the movie. The film is being directed by Andy Cheng, who has worked as a stunt coordinator on such films as The New World, Collateral, The Rundown and the Rush Hour movies. Bjorlin is also one of the actresses being considered for the role of Wonder Woman. Contributed by LMS

April 10, 2006

It's Official! Lisa and Eric Martsolf (Ethan, PAS) are proud to announce the births of their fraternal twin boys on Friday, April 7th, 2006. Chase Evan weighed in at 5 pounds 6 ounces and is 19 inches. His brother, Mason Alan is 6 pounds 5 ounces and 19.5 inches.  Soapdom congratulates the Martsolf's on their two new bouncing baby boys. Contributed by LMS

 hspace=10 src=This week on Guiding Light's Inside The Light: Reva and Josh keep their true feelings hidden from each other and decide to go through with their divorce, despite Cassie's best attempts to push them together. They sign the papers but just when all hope seems lost, the star-crossed lovers are given one last chance to see all that they would be giving up.  Contributed by LMS

Soapsongs has gotten a lot of soap fan emails about the song played on Young and Restless' March 31 episode. Sharon lured Nick to the same hotel room where he and Phyllis had made love, and played  "their favorite song" as they danced in their room. All this before she revealed to him that she knew about his affair with Phyllis. The song was "True Love" by Alvin Smith, a beautiful neo-soul ballad of true love....and because of the fan response, Soapsongs be making it available as a free CD single with the purchase of any Soapsongs CD from The song is EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE at Soapsongs. Contributed by LMS

In DOOL Buzz, watch for a "party on the pier" this Monday and Tuesday in Salem.  The event was sponsored by 102.7 KIIS-FM radio in Los Angeles. Contributed by LMS

In ATWT Buzz, Alex Chandro (Maddie) and Terri Colombino (Katie) were not able to make their public appearance in Luterville, MD just outside of Baltimore this past weekend. Saturday's appearance was cancelled because bad weather kept Terri and Alex's plane from taking off. The appearance will be rescheduled.  Contributed by CL

April 7, 2006

 hspace=10 src=Once Tamblyn said good-bye to her role as Emily Quartermian on General Hospital back in 2001, she's nary taken a second to rest.  After earning raves for her work in television's Joan of Arcadia and the big screen's "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants," comes word that Tamblyn, who's already in the midst of filming "Grudge 2,"  is thisclose to signing on to the flick, "Normal Adolescent Behavior."  It is described as a dark comic film that looks at sexual relations among privileged teens.  We can't help but wonder ...




...though if Tamblyn isn't a bit disappointed that while during her turn as Emily she didn't nab the opportunity to kiss a nearly-naked Sonny (Maurice Benard) as her predecessor, Natalia Livingston does... and quite often! Contributed by LDB
 hspace=5 src=According to, it's official!  Ingo Rademacher (Jax), who arrived in Port Charles back in 1996 as a venture capitalist and wooed Lois (Rena Sofer), but ultimately became a huge roadblock in Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Brenda's (Vanessa Marcil) torrid romance, is leaving General Hospital and the role will be recast.  Our advice to any aspiring repacement: Start perfecting those Aussie accents now.  Contributed by LDB

Tons of stuff in the April 18 issue of SOD. The Cover Reads:  Days Lie Exposed, Guiding Light's Josh & Reva  Reuntied AT LAST! All My Children:  Bianca's Back and Tad Finds Dixie.  Young and the Restless:  "Surprise Twist" with a picture of Tracey Bregman and Christian J. LeBlanc. General Hospital:  It's War!  (between Sonny and Jason)
1) Days Saga:  Apparently a faux press release had been leaked onto the internet which read that Days Of Our Lives would be moving to ABC after a series of stalemates between NBC and Sony over failing to agree on production costs.  The "big: story was credited to an AP freelance writer.  DAYS negotiated a few years back with NBC in 2003 to keep the soap on the air (DAYS contract with NBC doesn't expire until 2007). Not surprisingly, a DAYS reprsentative told Digest:  "We do not comment on contracts in any way, shape or form."  Read Soapdom's story on this rumor...
 hspace=10 src=2) Eden Riegel (Bianca) will make another brif return to Pine Valley in May, but this time around, the character will offer a shoulder to lean on to support Kendall (Alichia Minshew) during a difficlut time.  The actress last visited All My Children in January.  So why all the return engagements in such close succession of one another? "We just adore the actress and the character is very central," praises Head Writer Megan McTavish to Digest.  "Eden has so many other things going, but if she chose us, we'd only be honored and thrilled to have her back."

3) As previously reported in Buzz, the persistent word on the street continues to be that Paul Leyden (Simon) is returning to As The World Turns; he originally departed the show in 2003, only to make a brief return in 2004.  As many will remember, the actor enjoyed a huge following with fellow leading lady Terry Colombino (Katie). Keep your fingers crossed.  There was no official world from the people at Proctor & Gamble.
 hspace=5 src=4) Other Internet chatrooms are abuzz with other As the World Turns news:  Emmy-nominated Jennifer Ferrin (Jennifer) will leave the show once her contract expires shortly. According to Digest, an ATWT official spokesperson says, "Jen's focus righ now is on enjoying the show's numerous Emmy nominations, so she has not yet made a decision."
5) Again in As The World Turns news, the recasting of Lucy (last played by the ethereal Peyton List) will not DIE.
6) Stay strong, General Hospital followers!  Word that Robin Christopher (Skye) will jump ship and abandon Port Charles for Pine Valley following the birth of her second baby in the spring (with hubby Matt Crane; Another World's Matthew Cory) are premature at best.

7) The Bold And The Beautiful: Tracy Melchior makes a return appearance as Kristen on April 11 and April 14 for an important family sitaution.
 hspace=10 src=8) General Hospital: Hiya, mate!  Everyone's favorite Aussie, Robert Scorpio, as played by Tristan Rogers, will again show his face in Port Charles beginning the week of April 13th
9) All My Children: Natalia Cigliuti (Anita) last airs on April 12th.  Digest relays that Cigliuti had actually asked to be released from her contract in order to take a role in the CBS pilot Waterfront.   No word yet on whether the former actress' gamble will sink or swim.  Cigliuti, an alumni of Saved By The Bell: The New Class, joined AMC in 2004.

10) Steve Burton is a proud papa! Burton (Jason, GH), along with wife, Sherre welcomed Jack Marshall Burton on March 26th.  The cute tot weighed in at 8 pounds and 1 ounce.  The couple already has a daughter named Makena Grace.
11) Kari Wuhrer (this is from Kari's Official Site!) delivered a baby girl on March 27th.  Wuhrer (ex-Reese, General Hospital) and hubby James decided on the name Evangeline Lotus Scura for their new darling.  Brother Enzo, born in January 2004, is super proud!
12) Dark Shadows creator Dan Curtis died on March 27 from a brain tumor at the age of 78.
13) Features are Rick Springfield (Noah, General Hospital) and Nicole Forester (Cassie, Guiding Light)
14) In the polls:
ATWT Favorite Actor:  Roger Howarth (Paul)
GH Favorite Actor:  Maurice Benard (Sonny)
OLTL Favorite Actor:  Michael Easton (John)
ATWT Favortie Actress:  Jennifer Landon (Gwen)
GH Favorite Actress:  Kelly Monaco (Sam)
OLTL Favorite Actress:  Melissa Archer (Natalie)
Favorite Couples
ATWT:  Mike and Jennifer
GH:  Sonny and Emily
OLTL:  John and Natalie

(All SOD Buzz Contributed by LDB)

April 4, 2006

 hspace=10 src=Congratulations to Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio, OLTL), Melissa Gallo (Adriana, OLTL) and Eva La Rue (ex Maria, AMC) who have been nominated in the 2006 ALMA Awards.  The nominations were announced at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA on Tuesday, April 4.  The ALMA Awards was created by the National Council of La Raza, the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the US in 1995 as part of NCLA's strategy to promote fair, accurate and balanced portrayals of Latinos in the media, and the enhancement of the Latino image in the entertainment industry.  The Award was named ALMA (Spanish for spirt or soul) to honor the determined spirit of the Latino community.  Hosted by Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives) the Awards Show will taped May 7 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, and air as a primetime special Monday, June 5 from 9:30 to 11 PM on ABC.  (Contributed by LMS)

B&B's Ronn Moss will premiere his new cd in a special private concert in Hollywood on April 27.  To find out how you can get on the guest list, see Soapdom's Seeing Stars(Contributed by LMS)

April 3, 2006

 hspace=5 src=In Passions Buzz, Brook Kerr (Whitney) has been cast in a co-starring role for the Hallmark Channel’s TV movie, McBRIDE, “Dogged.”  The movie stars John Laroquette, who will also be the director.  Shooting begins this month. (Contributed by LMS)

As previously reported in Buzz, Paul Leyden is "thisclose" to returning to Oakdale our spies tell Soapdom.  Stay tuned... (Contributed by LDB)

 hspace=10 src=Speaking of ATWT, congratulations to Helen Wagner has been inscribed in the Guinness Book of World Records for "Longest Time in the Same Television Role."  ATWT celebrated it's 50th anniversary on April 2, 2006 and Wagner celebrated 50 years as Nancy Hughes. (Contributed by LDB)

This week on Guiding Light's Inside The Light: As Blake prepares for Ross's homecoming, Jeffrey delivers the shocking blow that his plane crashed leaving no survivors. As Blake, Dinah and all of Springfield mourn the death of one of their finest, mysterious information surfaces about Ross's dealings and Alan-Michael seems to be the only one who knows something about it.  (Contributed by LMS)

While over at Y&R, Darcy Rose Byrnes was awarded the Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Television Series (comedy or drama), Guest Starring Young Actress, for her portrayal of Abby Carlton on "The Young and the Restless."  The 27th annual awards took place in Los Angeles on March 25. The Young Artist Foundation is a non-profit organization that awards scholarships to financially and/or physically challenged young people seeking a future in the entertainment industry. (Contributed by LMS)

April 2, 2006

Sad was how I felt at the passing of Gloria Monty. She was a treasure. In 1984, I had the opportunity when moi was an extra in "The Imposter," a movie shot in Chicago starring Anthony Geary (Luke) of General Hospital. Gloria Monty came into the windy city to visit Geary. I still can recall her sitting in the director's chair. She was just a gracious human being. Daytime lost another jewel. (Contributed by MEW)