Soapdom Soap Opera Buzz - August 2008

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As the summer continues to sizzle, don't forget your daily dose of soap opera buzz.


August 27, 2008

Nicole Forester (Cassie, Guiding Light)Guiding Light Tops Soap Honors in 15th Annual Travolta Family Golden Icon Awards.  CBS daytime drama Guiding Light wins top honors in the 2007-2008 Golden Icon Awards presented by Travolta Family Entertainment, earning Best Soap Opera, Best Actress, and Best Writing accolades. Guiding Light, produced by Ellen Wheeler for CBS television, earned its first Golden Icon for Best Soap Opera in the 2007-2008 awards presented by Travolta Family Entertainment. In acting categories Peter Bergman won Best Actor for his role as Jack Abbott on CBS’s The Young and the Restless, while Guiding Light’s Nicole Forester picked up the win for Best Actress for her role as Cassie Layne Winslow.  Guiding Light also earned awards for Best Writing for the team headed by David Kreizman.  Soapdom congratulates the winners. Contributed by LMS

August 25, 2008

Susan Lucci (Erica, All My Children)The new and seventh season of contestants of Dancing with the Stars was announced this AM on Good Morning America.  Each season there has usually been a soap opera star as a contestant. Well, for season seven, we've got the biggest soap opera star ever competing -- none other than Susan Lucci (Erica, All My Children).  Soapdom has learned that at first, she shied away from the idea of doing Dancing with the Stars because of the cross country commute. But after talking with AMC co-star, Cameron Mathison (Ryan), who competed on Dancing with the Stars in season 5, he assured her that the commute wasn't all that bad and that doing Dancing with the Stars was just so much fun, she decided that yup -- she was going to do season seven!  For more on the Dancing with the Stars season seven contestants, check this out. Contributed by LMS

Vincent Irizarry (Dr. Dave, AMC)Speaking of All My Children stars, Vincent Irizarry (ex David Chow, Y&R; es and soon to be current Dr. David, AMC) has made a very lengthy and explanatory statement on his website about the demise of David Chow and the return of Dr. David Hayward.  It's very interesting reading. Soapdom jsut adores Irizarry, and can't wait to see him back in Pine Valley. Contributed by LMS

Michael Logan of  has an insightful interview with ousted Days of our Lives executive producer, Ed Scott.  Good reading.  Check out the official announcement of Scott's departure and the hiring of his replacement, Gary Tomlin here. 

Justin and Lindsay Hartley (Passions)Justin Hartley (ex Fox Crane, Passions and husband of Lindsay Hartley, ex Theresa, Passions), most recently known for his role as billionaire ‘Oliver Queen‘(a.k.a. the ‘Green Arrow‘) on the CW’s Smallville, is currently starring with Rosario Dawson in NBC’s groundbreaking original web only series Gemini Division. Despite his recent success, Hartley does miss one aspect of his previous gig as a soap star. “When I was on Passions my skin was never so soft,” Hartley tells Dr. Blogstein’s Radio Happy Hour on Tuesday night's show,  “Every other day was a Calgon bath with a random hot girl and that stuff really works!” From what Soapdom hears, Dr. Blogstein’s Radio Happy Hour ( ) is the #1 most listened to comedy talk show on BlogTalkRadio. Contributed by LMS

August 22, 2008

Julie Marie Berman (Lulu, General Hospital)Soapdom would like to congratulate General Hospital's Julie Marie Berman (LuLu) on her recent marriage to beau Michael Grady, a real estate broker. The nuptials took place on August 15th at the Sacred Heart Chapel at the Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. GH family members in attendance included: Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth), Jane Eliot (Tracy), Greg Vaughan (Lucky) and Kirsten Storms (Maxie).  The duo are set to honeymoon in Hawaii later next month. Contributed by LDB

The Hollywood Reporter is announcing a new film called, "Kick-Ass," a comic book adaption starring Nicholas Cage, Aaron Johnson and Lyndsy Fonseca.  Soap fans will remember Fonseca as Colleen Carlton from The Young and the Restless. She played Colleen from 2002-2005.  She has also appeared in TV's "Big Love" as well as "Desperate Housewives" and "How I Met Your Mother."  Soapdom congratulates Fonseca on landing this plumb feature film role. Contributed by LMS

August 21, 2008

Genie Francis (Laura, General Hospital)General Hospital Fans set your VCRs, DVRs and TiVos. Genie Francis, who started on GH in 1977  as a mere teen of 14 years of age, returns again August 25th as Laura to help Lulu overcome her latest challenge.   How does Francis feel being back on the GH set?  "It is  like coming home again. It's like groundhog day. It's always the same here," she told KABC entertainment reporter, George Pennacchio on Thursday, August 21st.  She doesn't know much about the storyline arc and according to Francis that's best.  "They are totally keeping me in the dark and it's a good thing," she revealed.  "I have a big mouth!"  This time around, Francis will be working mostly with Julie Marie Berman, who plays her daughter Lulu on the soap.  Francis' favorite thing to do is act. She has other creative outlets when she's not acting, like painting, but she loves to be acting.  Last time we saw her in Port Charles she won a Daytime Emmy and started on a weight loss program.  "I feel sad that I let that weight stay on for so long," she said.  As a spokesperson for Medi-fast, she has lost 40 pounds.  After living in London and most recently in Maine, Francis and her family have now just relocated to Los Angeles.  "We hope it will be okay for our children. I am cautiously optimistic that we will stay here." Her kids are a little older now and both she and her husband, an actor/producer/director are both interested in working more in the industry. Soapdom welcomes Francis back to General Hospital and can't wait to see the storyline unfold. Contributed by LMS

August 18, 2008

Austin Peck (Brad, As the World Turns)A couple of stars from As the World Turns take on the President's and their first Ladies in this cool event.  Check out the story from The Washington Post.  Contributed by CL

August 11, 2008

E! television network hit the jackpot when it was able to sign the Lohans to a reality series.  Yes, the whole gang would be there:  Mom Dina, brothers Michael and Cody (Dakota), and, of course, Ali.  Wait, did I miss a beat?  Lindsay - the only true star in the family -- would not participate in "Living Lohan," she would only be mentioned by name.  With "Living Lohan" saying its good-bye a few weeks ago, the network needs another dysfunctional family to fill its time slot with another heads-on, in-your-face family.  What family could be out-of-control enough to fit the bill? Well, we have a suggestion given this weekend's actions by Hayden Panettiere's (ex-Lizzie, Guiding Light; Claire Bennet, Heroes) father Alan Panettiere after allegedly throwing two blows to his wife Lesley's face, reports TMZ .  The head of the Panettiere clan allegedly had been arrested today on one felony count of spousal abuse and held on $50,000 bail, according to  Let's not forget the 18-year-old's own wild streak. There is a warrant out for her arrest in Japan of commerce after she attempted to block a pod of dolphins from being led into a nearby cove for massacre by fishermen.  And what pray tell was the start of the melee between the adults?  Well, Alan's excuse involved Lesley "disrespecting" him and "hanging" with someone," claim officers at the scene.  For her part, Lesley's speech was so slow that she could only contribute small portions of a statement thanks to the recent jabs inflicted on her by her hubby. With two Panettieres already being charged with felonies, this is one family who knows how to court a network! Even better?  Hayden has a younger brother Jansen whose presence would allow Hayden some breathing room and allow for entire episodes to focus on Jansen' s dirty work. There have been no reports from Panettiere's publicist.  And despite the jail time he might serve, Alan has to keep his eye on the prize and that involves living the dream of killing off "Lohan" and "Living Panettiere." Contributed by LDB

August 8, 2008

Has Editor of Soap Opera Digest/Soap Opera Weekly, Carolyn Hinsey, been fired?  According to the site , she has.  To wit:  "Breaking: Carolyn Hinsey, editor of Soap Opera Weekly and Soap Opera Digest, was just fired, we're told. Hinsey is described to us as 'a truly malicious, horrible human being.' If true, then more of you must have stories!  Update: 'Budgetary'reasons is one excuse being thrown around, which would mean SOW would have to replace Hinsey with somebody less experienced (read: cheaper) for that to pan out. Other possibilties for her removal? Numerous HR problems and complaints about Hinsey, who’s said to be 'a yeller and screamer' and a 'bully.' 'Anger management classes were mentioned several years ago,' says one well-informed source."  Soapdom cannot confirm Hinsey's removal, but can say in Hinsey's defense, that with the onset of the internet, print publications are loosing advertisers by leaps and bounds.  Less advertisements means less space for editorial, as the ads pay for the articles.  Hinsey is/was under a lot of pressure to keep the publications viable.  If some of these above quotes are true, perhaps all that pressure is just too much for her to handle.  Although even some of Soapdom's contributors, who have also contributed to Digest and Weekly, "have had many incidents with 'the beast,'" Soapdom wishes Hinsey the best.  It would appear she is going to need it. Hinsey is not very well liked . Contributed by LDB & LMS 

August 5, 2008

ABC Daytime has announced the dates for this year's Super Soap Weekend. Mark your calendars, make your reservations, and get ready for a FANtastic time.  November 15 and 16, 2008. More on Super Soap 2008 as it becomes available. Contributed by LMS

Here's something interesting.  Did you know that soap opera patients who fall into comas are more likely to recover, and recover completely, than real people who become comatose?  Kinda makes sense, though, doesn't it?  I mean, a soap opera is, afterall, fantasy.  It's conjured from someone's imagination. If that imagination wants to bring a character out of a coma for a complete recovery, it will do it -- no questions asked. But several years ago, some scientists actually conducted a study on this subject.  Yup.  A short article in the February 14, 2006 issue of quick & simple magazine titled "Are Soap Opera Doctors Better?" cites a study from the British Medical Journal.  "While more than 50 percent of of real patients die during a coma,"notes this article, "only eight percent died in soap story lines tracked over ten years.  And all those surviving soap characters recovered fully, while only ten percent of real people do -- and that's after months of rehabillitation."  Contributed by LMS

August 1, 2008

Lindsay Hartley, Eric Martsolf (Theresa, Ethan, Passions)Passions will conclude its run on DIRECTV on Thursday, August 7, 2008, meaning you will be treated to one extra show. Instead of the usual 3 shows per week, you will get four.  Then, DIRECTV’s The 101 Network will re-broadcast the last four episodes in a marathon on Friday 8/8/08.  Contributed by LMS

Visit the video vault on to see a behind-the-scenes interview with Scott Holmes and Ellen Dolan on their character’s 25 year anniversary. Contributed by LMS