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Did you ever wonder what spurred on the the webmasters of some of your favorite fan sites to spend hours on end in front of the computer bringing you a fun site to visit? In Soapdom's Site of the Month, you'll have the opportunity to find out! 

Suzanne LanoueSite of the Month
October 2003 

TV Megasite
Suzanne Lanoue, Webmaster

Boosting the motto, "TV Is Our Life,'  The TV MegaSite is the place to go for information on your daytime as well as nighttime shows. On this one site you will find: articles, recaps, lists, summaries, pictures, links, transcripts and much more...and the site owner, Suzanne Lanoue tells us that new content is added every day!  

In a recent interview, Suzanne told us that originally The TV MegaSite was part of her personal site at which she started because she was doing tape trading.  When the site got too big, she split it off into its own site. Suzanne partnered up with a woman named Amanda, who had a good Y&R site, and they decided to get volunteers to help make the site bigger/better (and to write soap updates).

While running the site is basically a full-time job, Suzanne confides that it's also a labor of love. Although she would like to make money, she allows that is pretty hard to do when you give away all of the content for free! She doesn't believe in charging for content, however she does get a little money from advertisers. Allowing that it probably would cover the costs of hosting the site, instead she takes the money and uses it to buy Christmas presents and cards for her volunteers every year. Anything extra beyond that is divided up among them.

One of the longer running domains, up since 1997, The TV MegaSite has graphics, puzzles, articles as well as daily summaries and transcripts, and episode guides for prime-time and daytime shows.

When asked what she least liked about running the site, Suzanne confided that would be '....not having enough hours in the day to get everything done!   Also having volunteers who quit all the time or don't do what they say they will do.   The worst are people who just never answer my emails so they quit in a cowardly way.'  She goes on to say that, 'In a perfect world, the site would make lots of money and I could afford to pay all of the volunteers, plus get more volunteers, plus have someone run the whole thing for me so I can just do the fun stuff.'

Allowing that may never happen, she decided that what she would really like is to eventually get every show page up-to-date, have a manager for each section, and get the new design up so that the site is "ready" and is a great resource.

When asked for any last comments, Suzanne replied, 'I'm just happy to have a huge number of visitors and a great team of volunteers.   And also happy that we host the Official Site for Anna Lee (Lila on General Hospital).  I would like to get more of those. Come visit our site and make sure to check out the fun stuff like articles, puzzles, trivia quizzes and top ten lists!"

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