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November 2003

The World of The Bold and the Beautiful
Scott Novick, Webmaster

Back in 1996, Scott Novick's job paid for his CompuServe membership in order for him to use it doing online research. Then, in the beginning of the year, CompuServe announced they were giving each member 2 MB of free web space to use as they see fit. Scott's boss wanted to look into the possibility of doing web design work, and told him to take the free space and create any site he wanted, just to learn.

At the time, Scott was a moderator in CompuServe's Soap Forum for their B&B section, and had a friend who moderated Y&R. His friend took his free space and do a small Y&R page so Scott did the same for B&B.  The two friends looked at it as a challenge, where they'd each borrow each other's ideas, etc. As time went on, what started as a small mini-spoiler and commentary site evolved to become: The World of The Bold and the Beautiful.

and include detailed spoilers and news, weekly summaries of the show and finally (in August 1996) daily updates. Then Scott added the message board, a chat room, photos and screen captures -- and each one of those brought the site to what it is today.

When asked about the name, Scott replied... 'back when I started, I came up with the very first version of the site logo that you still see today on the site. When I put it at the top of the main page, something still was missing, so I added the tag line on top of the logo, "Welcome to The World of..."

Over time, word of the site started getting out there. Soap Opera Digest back then was strictly on AOL (they didn't have their web site yet), and "Scott Novick's B&B Site" soon showed up on their list of soap links. As word got around, the number of links grew, including one on the CBS B&B Web Site (which was then also in its earliest incarnation). “As thrilled as I was to be recognized by CBS, I was even more thrilled when I saw how they had listed me.” said Scott.  “They took the tag line I had added and listed the site as ‘The World of The Bold and The Beautiful.’ From the first time I saw it, I liked it, so that became the ‘official’ name of the site from thereon in.”

An average day on the board for Scott is about an hour to an hour and a half spent adding that day's update, sneak peek and any spoiler/news info he might come across. On weekends, he spends a little more time -- about an extra hour or two through the whole weekend -- gathering news info, preparing new graphics and putting that week's Bulletins page to bed.

Scott has watched soaps since the early 70's and B&B in particular for as long as it's been on the air.  He guesses it's his devotion to the show that drives him. But of course, we all know that love and devotion don't pay for web space, so he is looking into small revenue sources (click through ads and affiliate programs) that will bring in some revenue to help cover some of those costs.

He continues, “I'd like to find some small sources of revenue to help cover some of the costs of the site. I'm not looking to get rich off the site, nor do I expect to, especially since doing that might take away from the atmosphere that in my opinion has attracted people to the site. So I really wouldn't want to change much about the site itself. At the same time, though, I'd like to see the site become a jumping off point for other ventures. The original site started in part for me to learn about web design and site creation, so I'd like to see that go to the next level, where recognition of what I've done with the B&B site might extend to an opportunity to use that ability in new ways."

Novick is amazed and gratified to have the ability to reach so many fellow fans of the show. He has gotten emails from people all over the world, telling him what they like about the site, and about the show. Confiding how amazed he is by that he goes on to say that, 'It doesn't matter what exactly draws them there in particular, since everyone has their own favorite feature -- previews, spoilers, news, daily updates, etc. But no matter what their favorite is, it boils down to a shared feeling for a show watched by millions. And even though I've been doing this for over 7 years, I think it still amazes me as much as it did when I first started. I've gotten to converse with lots of people through this site, people who I probably wouldn't ever know without it -- and in some cases, that goes even beyond the show.'

But with all the good mail comes, also, those emails that take the fun out of what he does. Even knowing that nothing is going to please everyone all the time, and receiving and reacting to criticisms comes with the territory. But some of the emails he gets seem to forget that The World of The Bold and The Beautiful
is a fan site, run by just another fan, someone just like the people who visit. And some of those emails just get so far over the top.

Scott continues, "I've been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to actually express comments, either in person or by correspondence, to people associated with the show itself. I've gotten emails from actors, their fan representatives and even people associated with the show itself, in the 7 years I've been running this site. In that respect, I think the site speaks for itself: the fact that those people have chosen to contact me, to talk with me, to share information, indicates to me that my feelings about the show come through loud and clear in my work, so I don't think I'd have much to add in that regard.

“I have also been fortunate to have online friendships forged as a result of the site. I remember back when I used to get a lot of responses to the ‘B&B Around The World’ section of the site. One guy in particular sent me a lot of information about the show in Israel, and in our replying back and forth to each other, we got to talking about a lot of things other than B&B. He also sent me some compilations of B&B episodes from around the world -- seeing the Hebrew, French and German versions were quite interesting, I must say -- and he even wrote detailed summaries of the shows he was seeing (which were from 1992-93 in the US) for the site."

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