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The Marvelous Millennium

The Dillons leave town...

With the year 2000 upon Pine Valley, the Dillon family saw heartache, heartbreak and murder. After saying a tearful goodbye to Harold "the wonder dog" who died of doggie cancer, the Dillons were left saddened and little Amanda had a difficult time adjusting to her newly rescued cocker spaniel. Shortly thereafter, Janet was stalked by ex-cellmate Sophie who demanded blackmail money. Afraid for her family and scared for herself, Janet killed ex-cell mate Sophie in self-defense. Trevor confessed to the crime and went on the run! Janet and Amanda eventually joined him.

The trials of Ryan, Gillian, Greenlee and Jake, and Dimitri's alive...

Although Ryan was in love with Gillian, she married Jake. However, Jake left both Pine Valley and Gillian when he discovered that he wasn't Colby's father. In the meantime, believing Stuart was killed in an accident, Adam sunk into a deep depression and pushed his family away. Although her father was going through his own tough time, Hayley and Mateo finally reunited and married again. Adam also married Arlene to continue making people despise him. He wanted to be treated that way since he felt guilty for Stuart's "death."

In a stunning turn of events, Dimitri was really alive and reunited with Alex. Edmund was heartbroken that his hope of a life together with Alex was now dashed. Later that year, vixen Greenlee Smythe fell hard for Ryan, but he didn't feel the same way. Speaking of Ryan, he and Gillian reunited, but kept quiet when Jake returned to town after being severely injured by a sniper's bullet in Chechnya.

Brooke and Elliot, David drugs PV, Bianca's gay...

Back in Pine Valley, Brooke began a romance with Eliot Freeman, but quickly ended their relationship when she discovered that he was really the driver of the car that killed her daughter years ago. As the leaves changed colors and the temperature dropped, David's conscience hit the skids when he drugged the residents of Pine Valley at Ryan's party, resulting in Tad sleeping with the obsessive Leslie Coulson. David was overjoyed when Dixie sought comfort in his bed. At the party, Hayley also believed she killed her mother Arlene when she found her trying to seduce a drugged Mateo. Closing out the year, Bianca returned to town and admitted to Erica that she was gay.

Turmoil for Tad and Dixie, Hayley and Mateo as Ryan and Gillian remarry...

As 2001 began, it was not a good start for Dixie and Tad as they continued to grow further apart. Thankfully they realized that their love was too strong to be ignored and reunited. In the meantime, David was convicted of his crimes, but later set free after he bribed Adam.

Elsewhere, the stress of thinking she killed Arlene drove Hayley nuts. She lost her grip on reality and started impersonating Arlene. Mateo figured out what Hayley was up to and tracked down Arlene on a tropical island. He made her return to Pine Valley and admit the truth. Soon after, Hayley and Mateo were overjoyed to discover they were going to have a baby. Lorenzo Santos was born in August. At the same time, Mateo became involved with his younger sister Rosa's problems. To protect her life, Mateo forced Rosa to return to Texas when a drug lord threatened to kill her.

Ryan and Gillian were free to marry after coming clean with Jake about their relationship. Speaking of Gillian, Ryan's princess discovered she was pregnant and Jake assumed the baby was his. Before he could find out, Gillian miscarried. Although Gillian was heartbroken over the loss of her baby, Ryan and Gillian later married in a lavish ceremony.

Gillian dies, Leo/Greenlee/Jake/Laura...

Sadly, Ryan and Gillian's happiness didn't last long when she was killed by a bullet to the head meant for someone else. In other complicated matters, Greenlee remained torn between Leo and Jake. She chose Leo, but his ex-wife crashed their engagement party and Greenlee decided to dump Leo after her father revealed that Leo likes women with trust funds. Leo stressed that he used to be like that, but he is now a changed man.

At the same time, Laura English became infatuated with Leo. In a life-altering moment, Laura realized she needed a heart transplant. Brooke paid Leo to marry Laura out of pity in her last days alive. However, Laura received Gillian's heart and survived. As a gift for longtime "All My Children" viewers, Jesse, Natalie, Travis, and Cindy returned to take Gillian to heaven.

Gillian in the afterlife, Leo and Laura divorce...

Not wanting to believe that her time on earth had expired, Gillian inhabited Opal's body to contact Ryan and say good-bye to him one last time.

At the same time, upon Laura's full recovery, Leo admitted his true reasons for marrying Laura and they divorced. Unfortunately, so much time had passed that Greenlee began having serious feelings for Jake even though she accepted Leo's marriage proposal. In addition, the stress of the situation caused Laura to go mentally insane.

Dimitri and Alex leave town...

Across Pine Valley, Alex disappeared and Edmund and Dimitri went off to find her. They got more than they bargained for when they encountered not only Alex, but her twin sister, Anna, as well. Eventually, the four returned to town, but not before Alex and Dimitri decided to leave Pine Valley and relocate to Budapest. In the meantime, Edmund and Anna became friends, but Anna eventually became lovers with David. This was actually a good omen for Edmund, as he later embarked on a romance with Brooke.

JR on drugs, Tad arrested, Chris Stamp and Erica...

Meanwhile, Dixie and Adam's son, JR, began experimenting with drugs. As things go in Pine Valley, it wasn't long before JR's dealer was found dead and stepdad Tad was the suspect. He was arrested. Although Dixie stood by Tad's side, and vouched for his innocence, another run-in with deranged Leslie Coulson, who kidnapped Tad before being "sent away," caused her to question Tad's fidelity and their marriage once again.

In other news, Greenlee tried to take over Erica's company, Enchantment, but failed in her attempt and became Erica's lowly gopher instead. New arrival Chris Stamp came to town and claimed to be Erica's new janitor. In reality, he was an undercover FBI agent with a mission to expose the evil "Proteus." It wasn't long before he likewise had designs on Erica's heart. Not surprising that she ultimately fell for his charm and rugged good looks.

Ryan beds two women, and Frankie arrives...

Speaking of newfound identities, the character of Mia arrived in Pine Valley and claimed to be Liza's half-sister. Struggling to get on with his life after Gillian's death, Ryan bedded both Liza and Mia! Shortly thereafter, Liza discovered she was pregnant with Ryan's child. Tragically, Liza would eventually lose the baby.

Later in the year, runaway Frankie arrived in Pine Valley and Bianca befriended the troubled girl. Erica noticed a budding relationship between the two young women and expressed her doubts to Bianca. When Bianca chose to dismiss her mother's concerns, Erica was caught holding a gun over Frankie's dead body. Erica later would stand trial for Frankie's murder, even though it was doubtful that she was the real culprit.

In another stunning admission, Chris revealed to Ryan that he killed Ryan's dad years ago. As the year came to a close at the Crystal Ball, Vanessa was revealed as Proteus--the drug lord who wrecked havoc among Pine Valley's teens and adults, and Tad reluctantly agreed to Dixie's desire for a divorce.

As 2002 gets underway, stay tuned to more exciting events to come on All My Children!

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